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  1. Charles

    Final version of Mad Rin

    excuse me my lady, your zipper is undone...... just thought i'd let you know *fedora tip*
  2. snip as just found out its cancelled fuck
  3. *The Slavic man returns, but more reassuring this time* "Ah! Not a problem at all my friend, see you there! We'll have food on the camp fire ready!" *The Slav releases the PTT*
  4. *A Slavic voice blurs over the radio quite quickly after Reginald had finished talking. The crackling of a fire murmured in the background of the radio* "Zdrastuyte! Me and my brother were wood cutters before the outbreak and are willing to help you out Reginald! The cold winter of Russia isn't the friendliest to everyone!" "If you know what town you're going to be at my friend, we will come along and help you cut some trees down." "Best of luck druh!" *The short and sharp chirp of the radio sounded off in the frequency after the Slavic male stopped talking.*
  5. beginning to outnumber the zombies holy shit lol
  6. imo keep limping for when you're health drops make it an animation in the emote wheel to further roleplay.
  7. I'm from Australia and this lag sends me back so fucking far. pls fix admins xxx
  8. Can't wait! The RP so far has been fantastic and can't wait till this becomes a proper thing!
  9. California pretty has it down pat here, the entire point of this group is to break down the malicious and manipulative groups in the country, while not taking a hard turn to a nationalistic view. @PCJames Apologies for causing any confusion with the entire change To solve the difference here, Kamenici is xenophobic with a hate against foreigners, the Chernarus Insurgent Brigade doesn't hate foreigners and looks to actively recruit them in an attempt to aid them in their fight against the 'malicious and manipulative groups' I'll notify @Ming to add that into the thread, just for clarification reasons. Cheers Eddie
  10. If you look at the radio announcement we made, we achieved over 500 views on the thread, we also got many responses also. So I think we made our footing, even though the act was small :p We appreciate your feedback greatly :), we’ll fix up everything you mentioned. Thanks! We’ll discuss this soon enough! I’m sure having @Ming the leader would be fine. We’ll fix it up! Will be expanded upon when we fix up the backstory :)
  11. The “Our Stories” part includes some insight of our lore also. I’ll be sure to fix up the points you bring soon!
  12. If you have any queries or doubtful points, please PM me or feel free to pop it down below and I'll be sure to clear it up for you!
  13. *The Slavic man responds in a light matter* "By the way you try and talk shit, I will take a wild stab in the dark and say that you're apart of Anarchy. All of you are the same, you want big competition, someone to fight and brawl with. It's pathetic, that such a small group like ourselves are causing you to shit your pants and scramble to the radio to respond, I'm astonished to know that you care for us THAT much." "And thanks for the new name, I'll keep that one in mind 'The Big Bad Wolf', has a good ring to it." "You'll be hearing of us more frequently from now on, Ahoj." *Silence falls upon the radio frequency after the man speaks.*
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