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  1. California pretty has it down pat here, the entire point of this group is to break down the malicious and manipulative groups in the country, while not taking a hard turn to a nationalistic view. @PCJames Apologies for causing any confusion with the entire change To solve the difference here, Kamenici is xenophobic with a hate against foreigners, the Chernarus Insurgent Brigade doesn't hate foreigners and looks to actively recruit them in an attempt to aid them in their fight against the 'malicious and manipulative groups' I'll notify @Ming to add that into the thread, just for clarification reasons. Cheers Eddie
  2. If you look at the radio announcement we made, we achieved over 500 views on the thread, we also got many responses also. So I think we made our footing, even though the act was small :p We appreciate your feedback greatly :), we’ll fix up everything you mentioned. Thanks! We’ll discuss this soon enough! I’m sure having @Ming the leader would be fine. We’ll fix it up! Will be expanded upon when we fix up the backstory :)
  3. The “Our Stories” part includes some insight of our lore also. I’ll be sure to fix up the points you bring soon!
  4. If you have any queries or doubtful points, please PM me or feel free to pop it down below and I'll be sure to clear it up for you!
  5. *The Slavic man responds in a light matter* "By the way you try and talk shit, I will take a wild stab in the dark and say that you're apart of Anarchy. All of you are the same, you want big competition, someone to fight and brawl with. It's pathetic, that such a small group like ourselves are causing you to shit your pants and scramble to the radio to respond, I'm astonished to know that you care for us THAT much." "And thanks for the new name, I'll keep that one in mind 'The Big Bad Wolf', has a good ring to it." "You'll be hearing of us more frequently from now on, Ahoj." *Silence falls upon the radio frequency after the man speaks.*
  6. *A masked Slavic male approached the radio tower's microphone, he flicked all the knobs to the max and pressed down on the peddle, shouting into the microphone.* "Attention, to whoever owns Lopatino or better known as that 'Sin City' shit hole." "Your truck and sedan has been... Commandeered for better purposes. You've made new enemies you filthy wops, this might teach you to piss off back to Italy." "Sincerely, The Red Wolf Company." *He releases the peddle*
  7. I’m just using basic business logic. Was that a made up on the spot rule? Since that’s not specifically stated in the terms and conditions of the purchase when they really should be. Not trying to have a dig, but instead I’m just trying to clear it all up for future people asking questions and such.
  8. Ryan (Stannis), purchased the product with his own money in exchange for the product, there are no statements suggesting that the product purchased still is owned/in control of by the DayzRP Staff team. The product being a separate and 'virtual' entity. (Suggesting that the entity is separate from the staff team, and that Ryan controls the product he purchased (donated for) from the staff team.)
  9. The User was perm banned, so you just remove the rank from him and give it to me? There are no rules saying that this cannot be done.
  10. Hi All, I was just wondering, after scouring the rules and terms and conditions of donating to the server about a banned player who has donated, and I was wondering that if a banned player loses their privileges? and if it is also transferable with the consent of both parties? Please answer relatively soon, Cheers. If possible, here is written consent of @Stannis giving me permission to take his rank.
  11. - User was Warned for this Post. -
  12. Charles

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    " die anarchist" goerigy dvorka also another one of m favourites "u give a man a fish, you fee himd for the deay, teach aman how 2 fish and u hhhhhhhh, and you give him and you give him and you give him *sahkes head* give a poor man a fish" bantu holomisa
  13. Charles

    Svoboda Movement

    The whole idea of Ruleplay seems absolutely bizarre to me, so, you’re expected to cater for everyone’s RP without placing the rules in front of that aspect of RP. This is a bannable offense from what I’ve seen. But when you try and not stick to the rules or slightly deviate from them so you’re not done for ruleplay, there’s a massive minefield in front of you which are the rules, and if you step on one or slip up in the slightest of ways, you cop a hardy punishment. How is a server going to provide RP if every aspect of RP is covered by rules? And if you try and stick with those rules in RP, you get done for Ruleplay. I aint saying rules are bad, but I’m just saying it’s a bit nonsensical that a RP server restricts RP by giving a group a warning (specially made svboda warning) which then strikes fear into them from even RPing on the server because they’re scared that if they RP the way their group is supposed to, they’ll get thrown into the trash can which is also known as the ban list.
  14. My POV: (If needed as I was apart of the attacking force) Considering I was apart of the whole attack, but on the inside, we planned it that I take down a few guards every few moments I had, which didn't end up happening. We all logged in together and I proceeded to the Summit alone, disguised as a Kamenka Farmer's Union Leader who was seeking protection from the Anarchist forces. I remove all face wear and line up for processing, where my photo was taken and my name was taken also - @Major's BPR Commander recognized me I think? Or knew of my name since he reacted to it and asked for it again? Not too sure. After processing I proceed to the wall where everyone else was, @LouieRP addresses everyone present at the Summit and lets everyone know that they're more than welcome to wander around the compound, but not to go into any of the buildings for security reasons, which was fair. Everyone breaks off and has their own little conversations, while they did that, I broke off and went to the compound's fence, contacted @Stannis by radio for him to throw my weapon over the fence, as we assumed that people weren't allowed any weapons to the Summit at all - after the weapon was thrown over, I made my way back to the central area where @LouieRP asked for all group leaders to follow him into the jail/office building - I signal to commence the attack by pressing the PTT of my radio five times, causing the initiation to commence; all those there were able to hear @Stannis clear as day and most complied. We were herded into the barracks, where I hung around the outside, pretending I was scared by having a mental breakdown outside to count the amount of people going inside of the building. Once I was forced inside, I marked my position inside of the barracks and readied my attack from the inside out. I was positioned in between @KyleRPand @Gallo (I believe), I take my gun off my back, shouted "SLAVA CHERNARUSSIA" and emptied half a clip into @KyleRP's back as I had kill rights from the initiation (Being apart of the group). I turned around to force people to the ground, but was met by @Gallo with a raised weapon, a bloody fight ensued where I emptied the remaining clip into the hallway (Where I may have struck a bystander? Not too sure, some people say I did) I landed one hit on @Gallo but he ultimately killed me with several shots to the chest.
  15. Charles

    Praise Anarchy and all affiliates

    Yet another Chernarussian accent pitched into the existing radio conversation, clearly speaking to Robbie Jackson. His voice is almost drowned out by the booming sounds of men cheering and laughing, singing praises of Hosek. "Heh, look at this little kurva shitting over the radio. Get your foreigner parents to tuck you into bed little dítě, it is clearly too late for you foreigner scum. Also, don't shit your diaper when we tell you to leave our homeland." Through the radio, multiple hardy Chernarussian men began to laugh before the PTT was harshly released.