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  1. Začátky Hugo was born in a traditional and militaristic family in the South Zagorian City of Berezino. His father who was apart of a Mechanized Division located at the Northern base of Tisy, was the main inspiration for Hugo's nationalist ideals. In 1999 a group called the Working Man's Defence Alliance or WMDA started riots at the Solnichniy Quarry demanding better work and pay conditions, Hugo's father was called in to blockade the rioters. The rioters tried to fight the military and Police force with rocks and molotovs. Hugo's father had a rock thrown at his head putting him in a critical condition and was sent to the local Berizino Hosptial. Upon arrival to his father, Hugo was told that he had passed away due to blunt force trauma from the rock. Due to this event Hugo gained a hatred for Communists. In 2009 at the start of the civil war, Hugo just like his father joined a Mechanized Unit to fight in the civil war, he was involved in protecting Chernogorsk from the Chedaki militia storming into the city, however failed which caused the Prime Minister at the time to be executed. Hugo retreated with his fellow soldiers towards a small pocket near Zelenogorsk. Boží země In 2010 after the end of the civil war, Hugo heard of a newly forming nationalist party called Strana Vzkříšení in Miroslavl, Hugo jumped to the opportunity to get involved in Nationalist politics. On a cold spring morning Hugo joined an assembly outside the headquaters in downtown Miroslavl, which was aimed to start the newly formed Svoboda Brigada, being an ex-CDF member, He decided to join the military wing. After the outbreak had started, the BPR had a foothold in South Zagoria. Due to the CDF already having an intense front to deal with, President Kozlov sent the Svoboda Brigada to secure a flank in South Zagoria. Hugo was sent with the first units into South Zagoria, losing many comrades and barely surviving himself. -TBA- Nový začátek -TBA-
  2. POV: @Stannis, @Clarence and I initiate and what we thought was Pamyati driving past, they make no attempt to stop and try swerving away, they are then gunned down. (i will add more to the POV in a few hours, just don’t have the time atm)
  3. Ming

    Swapping to Namalsk

    I don't see anything wrong with Chernarus, and im pretty sure the reason for getting rid of the second server is because there wasn't enough people playing.
  4. Already was blinded enough by the winter map, kinda don't wanna be blinded again pls stick to autumn map
  5. Night time is way too dark, and when it was on the server everyone just waited and didn't rp until it turned day time again.
  6. Ming

    Free Territory

    o7 rip dogbrain
  7. About 1-2 days after this event
  8. This is a video game though not real life. Realistic doesn't always mean better. Well Bailey still wanted it in the game, but I removed the poll as it was pretty stupid
  9. Even if items show up in the vicinity you can't pick them up unless you are directly standing on top of it. This has made it very glitchy, because you can't grab items that you can't get to, for example bullets being on the opposite side of a bunk bed in a barracks. I don't know if this is meant to be a feature or a glitch, but I think it really needs to be fixed because many others and I have been finding it very annoying.
  10. The only person I knew who was there was @Thrash, I was with a few district people but I have no idea who they were.
  11. The old names made no sense whatsoever, no reason to change again...
  12. Server and location: S1 Lopatino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-21, 03:58 Your in game name: Yasha Mirovich Names of allies involved: Kamenici (They came afterwards) Name of suspect/s: PAMYATI Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: PAMYATI take me hostage in Lopatino because I supposedly told people wrong information about them, they then take me into the church and barely say anything but just scream at me and call me a liar, one then starts punching me so I insulted him for beating me by saying "are you mad that I beat you earlier" (They took me hostage earlier and I got out of it by having a fist fight and winning) and then he just pulls out his gun and sprays me down. They didn't tell me I couldn't speak or anything and also I did not initiate/attack them in the past 2 hours making it an invalid execution.
  13. I prefer having group discords, because then you can also post photo's and also text chat. Teamspeak is outdated.
  14. Factions fighting and trying to take control is what would happen in real life. The whole entire history of mankind has been factions trying to kill other factions and take control, small or large. Human nature is to conquer and be better than everyone else. That has been shown throughout the whole of history and that is what is happening on the server. I see no problem with it.
  15. I don't believe anyone has a recording of the situation.
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