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  1. 1062003226_kindahotngl.JPG.3cca7758c6d13e900919b77e990a1091.JPG

    This kinda hot ngl.

    except SNP ofc

  2. uh oh, ming tou is back 

  3. could be abused very easily for easy loot gain rather than less running. Here's a tip, don't die so often....
  4. shit's about to get real groovy

    1. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      God be with ye Mr. Killstreak

    2. LumenRP


      The Return of the Ultimate 25 man scrapper. ❤️ WB MY G!!!!! MISSED U

  5. POV: We are patrolling Upper Berezino when we bump into OP and his friend, we tell them to take off their masks off, they refuse so we escort them out of the town. About 5 minutes later they return and we hear lots of gunfire near the Watchmen base, @groovy stannis and I go and chat with The Watch, who told us that it was OP and his friend shooting as the rest of the CDF question OP and his friend. @groovy stannis and I return to the conversation and tell @Ducky who is questioning OP that it was infact the OP who was shooting. @Ducky decides that he is going to detain the OP and his friend in order to question them further, as this is the 2nd time within 5 minutes they have been kicked out of town. Several times the OP and his friend were told to drop their weapons and to put their hands behind their backs to be tied up. They continue to argue to the point where @groovy tander screams "drop the fucking weapons on the floor" and @Harlow approaches OP from behind with tape to restrain him. At this point, OP pulls out his weapon and shuffles backwards so I shoot him. Why did you think it was a good idea to pull out your gun when you are surrounded by 7 of us?
  6. I have gotten into plenty of proper firefights on 200 ping and it is fine. If servers were EU however i would be on 400 ping, and that would be unplayable
  7. US is in the middle of EU and AU so it is fair for everyone. Having an EU server would be unplayable for Asia and AU players.
  8. Bye Bye monkey bois, o7 Had a good 6 months
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