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  1. Pre-Outbreak, Jakub was a high school English teacher, living in Prague, Czech Republic. He was born in Brno, but he went to a university in Prague, where he studied education and english and decided to stay in Prague after graduating. His parents always told him of the communist age, and how terrible it was and wanted him to study english, more as a somewhat late personal protest against the communist regime than anything, as Jakub's grandfather was a political prisoner back in the day. Although Jakub was against the idea at first, wanting to study philosophy instead, he became content. His older sister, Eva Chytil, studied medicine. Since childhood, they had always been not just siblings, but very good friends. Although they had a period during their teenage years where they hated each other for two years, they eventually made up. Neither one ever married, having been too busy with their studies and later, work, to date. Eva always wanted to "travel the world and help people" as she put it, so she became a doctor and joined a government programme that sent doctors to aid in war-torn countries, much like Chernarus. Jakub on the other hand was more of a "homebody" when it came to travelling. He never travelled much and was fine with his everyday schedule. He enjoyed teaching his students, often being creative with his classes and coming up with new ways to teach them English. Of course, it was often hard due to his students not really taking him too seriously and because of the many sleepless nights he spent on preparing for his classes, but he didn't mind. He found his life's calling, and that was that. The pandemic reached the Czech Republic borders slowly. Due to it being a small country in the heart of Europe, the flu showed it's presence through a few isolated incidents at first. It quickly became clear to the government however, that they needed to start taking things seriously. The cities had it the worst. The countryside was left mostly untouched by the flu. The government put up many restrictions and set up "no-go" zones in some of the cities, but people, wether for profit or a loved one, crossed those zones regularly and spread the infection further. And so, one by one, the cities fell. On the day the infection took over Prague, the government moved itself into a safe-zone in the countryside, withdrawing it's remaining military as well. Jakub was in the school as it happened. The school had been closed prior to the major infection spread in the city, so none of his students were present. He was there to do paperwork when one of the other teachers turned. The rest of the staff reacted quickly and managed to lock the infected teacher in a supply closet. The principal called the police, but the line was dead. Having no idea what else to do, the principal volunteered to stay behind with the infected teacher, believing it to be his responsibility. The staff left to find their family and loved ones and Jakub was no exception in this matter. He saw it wiser to wait until things calm down outside a bit before going though, and so he spent the night in his office. Once the sun came up, he looked outside through the window. The streets were much calmer now, though he could hear the moans and shrieks of the infected around. He left his office and started making his way to the entrance of the school, when he passed by the supply closet. The door was busted open with a trail of blood leading to the nearby classroom. He slowly made his way over to it, finding the door slightly ajar. He opened the door further, peeking inside. He saw the infected teacher hunched over the principal's body. Shocked, he covered his mouth. He watched for a bit longer and noticed that the woman was eating the principal. This shocked him even more and he stepped back, the door creaking open. The woman turned around and shrieked, getting up quickly and running towards Jakub. He began sprinting towards the entrance, but the woman grabbed him right before he reached it. Jakub grabbed the woman by the shoulder, keeping her away from him. The woman slammed him into the glass entrance behind him, making him fall on the ground. He grew weaker because of the hit, having a cut on his head from the impact. The woman was getting closer and he knew he would have to do something quickly, or he would end up like the principal. His eyes darted around his surroundings. He could feel his heart pumping, his breath getting quicker and then, he could finally see the solution. A piece of glass on the side. He looked at the woman and grunted, using his remaining strength to keep her away with one arm while he reached for the piece of glass with the other. He gripped it and stabbed the woman in her eye. The woman slumped over and he stared at the ceiling for a moment, his breathing slowing down, now that the imminent threat on his life had been taken care of. As he pulled the woman off of him, he slowly got up and started realising what he had just done. He checked the woman's pulse. She was dead, just as he suspected. He could feel his stomach turning, his breathing once again getting quicker and he stayed there for a while, thinking about it. This wouldn't be the last time he would have to kill someone however. Once he calmed down and started focusing on his goal again, he made his way back home, avoiding the infected in the streets by going through alleys and less frequented streets. He needed a way to get to Brno next to find his parents. Surprisingly, his neighbor, Daniel, had still been around. Jakub visited Daniel. Daniel was going towards Ostrava, another city in the eastern part of the country, to find his daughter. He bandaged Daniel's wounds and the next day, they would get in the car and leave after packing up important supplies. The journey there took them a full day. The countryside had mostly been quiet and they met a few people on the road who told them news about the cities in the east. Brno was in ruins. It was the first city to fall to the outbreak, and the military attempted to stop further spread by bombing it. It didn't work, and those still stuck inside would be dead. Upon consideration, Jakub still wanted to go, even if all he would find were his parents' bodies. Once they reached Brno, Jakub parted ways with Daniel, who continued towards Ostrava. Jakub entered the ruins of the city. Most buildings were destroyed, but some managed to withstand the bombing. The city was a ghost town for the most part, apart from the occassional infected. When he reached his parents' apartment complex, he found it razed to the ground. He could see something sticking out of the ruins however. A set of stairs leading down. The basement. He made his way inside. The residents of the apartment complex had all hidden away inside the basement, but it's ceiling had collapsed. The bodies were burried in rubble. He began clearing the rubble, the dust making him cough. Eventually, he found them. There they were, holding hands, their eyes closed. Jakub spent a good while mourning them there, in that basement. Once he had gathered enough strength, he left them, not having a shovel to bury them. After this event, he would spend the next month or so travelling the country. He met many people, some good, and some bad. The one that affected him the most however, was Jana. She had travelled with her group for a good few weeks, and one night, the topic of loss came up. He told her about the principal, the teacher and his parents. She asked him if he had anyone else and that's when he realised. Eva was still out there. In the last email he recieved from her, she said she was transferred to Chernarus, to the city of Kirovograd, with her group of doctors. He told Jana and the group the next day that he would be leaving them. They tried to convince him not to go, but understood after he explained himself. He set off towards Chernarus. Months passed. Most nights, he would wonder whether or not the journey is even worth it. What if she's dead? What if he doesn't find her? Still, he was determined to continue, not really knowing what else he could do or if he could even do it with the knowledge of his sister still being somewhere out there. The people he met, the relationships he formed, all that didn't matter to him. The only question that remained on his mind - "What happened to Eva?"
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