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  1. Im using the custom launcher so that the mods work but when it starts my DayZ i just get a black screen and nothing happens. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Came from a normal family, has a brother and sister. Joined the army aged 16 and was sent on deployment to assist and support all other NATO forces in Chernarus. He is quite unpredictable and tries not to make friends or enemies as he prefers to be left to his own devices to do as he pleases. He can be sometimes seen as very rude and inconsiderate as he will tell people the truth and not really care about how the other person feels. He has never had any serious issues through life and this has helped him stay on a good path and follow the law without getting into any trouble. Through basic training he learned how to be disciplined and how to follow orders from superiors which helped him go through his career so far. He excelled during his physical training and swimming and was always finishing first in a race or a march due to his fitness and competitive side which was encouraged by the staff during his training and it also helped him form bonds of respect with the others in his platoon because he would work alongside them to help them the best he could so that they were able to achieve more and push themselves further. During inspections his kit was always perfectly folded, ironed, cleaned and laid out in his locker, this reflected how everything needed to be perfect for him to be happy, if he wasn’t cleaned up after a long day or if stuff was out of place for him, it really got to him mentally and this didn’t happen often, but when it did, he couldn’t perform to the best of his abilities. He wasn’t the best on the shooting range, he was above average however the rest of his platoon were all better, which balanced them all out as they could help Jordan with the shooting, and he could help them with the physical testing. His map reading was also outstanding and his geographical knowledge during his training really helped him as he could learn routes and roads to follow to get to the next checkpoint or objective so that he wouldn’t get lost and so far in Chernarus this has helped him travel from checkpoint to checkpoint doing his patrols. He has learned to work alone much more effectively. Learning survival tips so that he doesn’t starve or dehydrate to death whilst he is on field or exercise drills. Due to his young age he can sometimes be hot headed because he has not had many life experiences that have shaped him to be better in irate situations which can put both himself and others in danger if he believes that whoever is a threat, isn’t too dangerous or a higher ranking than himself. But if the other person is seen as a respected figure or a dangerous person then Jordan will understand his place and be able to respect their authority and their power. He also has recently learned to drive so sometimes his driving ability can be questionable.
  3. Came from a troubled family, with an unorthodox upbringing consisting of harsh punishments and rules from his father. He never knew his mother as she died giving birth to Jay. He moved out aged 18 and went straight to the British Army. He joined as a regular soldier, but after 2 years he chose a different role and changed to become a combat specialist. He got the nickname of "Voodoo" because he worked like he wasn't in his own mind, like he was being controlled by someone else who didn't care about his physical capabilities. This was because of how hard he pushed himself After he spent 3 years as a combat specialist, his senior officers recommended Jay to be put into SAS selection, he passed with flying colours and the training staff had said "He's no soldier, that man is a machine". Jay found out about this and ever since has taken the mindset that being human will get him killed, so he must be "programmed" to be something much harder, much more dangerous, so he often refers to himself as being a machine. During his time in the Army/SAS, he decided to lose all ties to his family, he also struggled to make friends which was due to his silence. He rarely spoke but when he did, anything he said was meaningful. He knew that words could get people into trouble. The SAS training he went through made Jay extremely difficult to crack, and it also made him a hardened soldier. This did benefit Jay for Chernarus because his training taught him to stay silent, or not give away information during interrogation and tactical questioning, however the torture he was sent to in training, was much different to how it is in Chernarus. He is very good at combat, whether it be guns or hand to hand combat because of his extensive training that he has recieved, so having him on your side in a fight is always an added bonus. However because in Chernarus, he doesn't have any ties to the people he meets, he does not tend to join teams or groups of people and works as a lone wolf, secretly hoping that he will find another member of the SAS.
  4. Joined the British Army as a paratrooper and was sent on 1 tour before being sent to Chernarus to help out. Came from a family that was fairly average, but he no longer has contact with any of them at all. He left his girlfriend back home in England so no longer has communication as of yet with her due to the outbreak. Jordan misses England and is very patriotic, he is easily angered if he he was to hear anyone talking about England in a negative way. Jordan has rarely made friends with people and prefers to be on his own unless he is part of a tightly knit team such as the paratroopers, he finds it hard to trust others that he doesn't know simply because he doesn't know them. Jordan is very smart with his words and has being from a young age, he doesn't tend to be drawn in to arguments and instead just sits back and listens to the people talk and if he does get involved he is very clever with what he says. Was ironically given the nickname "Preacher" whilst in the Army because of his lack of interest in religion, but also because he hardly speaks to people at all, so the nickname was given as a joke due to his lack of communication and lack of interest in any religions. The nickname stuck and no one calls him by his first name now, he responds to "Preacher" or "Voyse" as he was commonly referred to by his second name before his nickname was given to him. As a paratrooper, he completed his basic training and his Phase 2 training so is very adequite with familiar guns, however he strongly dislikes sniper rifles due to his lack of experience with them. Jordan's home life wasn't too bad, he had everything he needed but not everything he wanted, so he tried to find ways to make it work so he was able to afford or gain possession of things he really wanted. He also got his driving licence however due to his army training once he passed his test he never got chance to do much driving because he was always doing extra training or on his tour. During his tour that was cut short, he saw 1 of his friends die, they were on a mission where they needed to parachute behind enemy lines to infiltrate a small enemy compound, however during the parachute, they were spotted around 75ft above ground level by the enemies, when they landed they had little cover, a large rock with some smaller rocks around it, that was all that was between the two sides. During their fight Jordan lost one of his friends who was shot direct in the head, his friend fell face first into the ground. This really affected him because he never saw his friends face again after when they dived from the plane. Jordan now has to deal with the memory of this incident, mentally he is tough, however remembering this can sometimes cause him to become irate.