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  1. I actually fixed it using the VPN thing and I was posting this so that if other people find them in the same situation they can try the same thing. But thanks for the helping
  2. So I spent the last 3.5 hours trying to change my Character model but I couldn't find the server to connect and end up with a random model. I would only see about 0-400 servers but never the same number of servers So why can't I find the server? It's because I live in Iceland and the server is in Canada. So what if I was in Canada? that would be a lot better. So I just used VPN service to change my location to Canada (I used NordVPN) and I FUCKIN FOUND IT, and 2400+ servers with it. For the character model you have to have it ready and never respawn, if you die just exit (Do not respawn) and change the character model.
  3. 15. August. 1997. I, Halldór Magnússon was born 14. March. 2000. My brother, Ragnar Magnússon was born 16. November. 2001. Our mother, Anna Ísfold Kobeinsdóttir Dies in a car accident and our father does his best to keep us off the streets. 3. September. 2003. - 19. December. 2013. School isn't easy when you're always moving from town to town, being the new kid and all. especially in christian schools, kids there despised Heathens (If there were any other reasons I didn't know) so there were always fights. The other kid often had a knife. I was never afraid of going bare fist in a knife fight, though I always ended up with a new scar, my hands were usually covered in bandages, the same goes for Ragnar as he always had my back and I his. 20. December. 2013. Our father ended up in a gang-related accident. He was shot a few times in front of us and told us to get the fuck out of here. So we ran out of there and into the city, Reykjavík. 21. December. 2013 - 16. July. 2017. The first few months weren't easy and we barely managed. We survive the winter and got our selfs involved in some bounty hunting. we were very successful, we had enough to buy food pay for shelter and make extra just in case. We started to make some reputation for ourselves and finally got a trustworthy contractor. He becomes our contractor for the next few years. 17. July. 2017. - 24. Januar. 2018 Our contractor gets a bit stressed, so I ask what's wrong, he says that his source is starting to lose a lot of control. Says he lost contact with his men and might need our help soon. A few months pass and he calls us to meet him. When we get there we see him sweating profusely and says that he lost all communication with his source then asks us to go east and check what happened and help if able, says we would be rewarded enough to retire. We accept, but of course, we needed to prepare for anything. A month passes as we pack our stuff and take the next plane to Sweden. It was very hard to find someone to fly us. Everyone seemed scared of going just about anywhere. No idea why. 25. Januar. 2018. - 1. February. 2018 Everything is in chaos in Sweden, so we go to the next auto shop to see everything was closed off, so we knocked on his door and a man peaks "What do you want!" we ask him if he has any cars for sale, he says a few but they are all very expensive, we buy the car anyway and head north through Finnland. The whole way back felt wrong in so many ways, empty cars on the road a lot of them crashed some of them off-road, smoke coming from everywhere, etc. and this goes on forever. We pass Finnland are already in Russia, When we finally arrive in Moscow we stare in awe as whole buildings have fallen, people walking like they had the longest workday and some of them eating the others of the ground, a lot of them start running after our car. "What the actual fuck just happened here". We find our destination and take a look around. The building is empty and looks like there was a big fight between a lot of people here. out of nowhere, I feel a huge pain at the back of my neck and everything going black. Date unknown. I manage to open my eyes a few times but each time I'm in a different place. I end up waking up in a fishing boat with small housing over the wheel in the middle of the ocean, covered in blood and a dead man lying there. What I can make out I think this guy is the one we were supposed to help, Guess it's too late now. Now to get to shore somehow, I try to start the engine but it seems to be out of juice. I look around to find some gasoline, I do find a jerry can but there's hardly any left. I put the last drops into the engine and start it up, I drive the boat to what looks like the closest shore until it's out. "Damn, there must be at least 6 km to shore" I look around the boat for some food, I don't find anything except for half-eaten apple, I eat what's left and say: "Fuck it, I always wanted to do the Grettissund anyway" I jump in to the ocean and start swimming to shore. it takes me 5 hours to get there but got there none the less. "Now let's find my brother."
  4. Life in London was a bit harsh for me didn't have many friends and was bullied in school. At the age of 18 and my after the death of my mother me and my father moved to his home country Russia and joining the army like I've always wanted ever since I knew my father was a war hero as far as I knew. Age 23 I come to the conclusion that my father was a liar and a betrayer. I abandon him upon discovery and serve my country like I've dreamed. For many years I fought in wars and gained my best and most trusted friend I could find. Alexandrov Erik and I always had each others back in all fights. We were fighting in a civil war in chernarus when we were sent on a scouting mission to get intel on our enemies, so we decided to scout from up high on a mountain nearby, we reach the top and take a breather. I noticed that our back packs fell off the edge so we ran back down to get them but they had disappeared, nowhere to be seen. We did not memorize our way so we were lost. Equipped with only ak's and very limited ammunition to hunt with for a few years. So we when we decided to go to the next town. All was so silent no one around except very dull looking people. We went into the next local store and picked some food or what ever was left of it and went up to the cashier and told him "I don't have any money and we are kind of desperate so can we trade in for this gun instead? I don't have any bullets left but it should still prove useful." the cashier looked me dead in the eyes and said "eehhh". So we took that as a yes and walked out, we hear a loud "donk" noise but ignore it. We walk outside of town and hide in the next barn we see and proceed to fill up on food then sleep in the barn for the night. Morning after I noticed Alexandrov had fallen of the ledge I went down to check on him and it looked like he landed face first, in shock I start to shake him trying to wake him up on the verge of crying "Alexandrov, wake up! Alexandrov!" I was starting to lose my mind but just I couldn't lose my only friend, few moments later he turns around and says "Goddamn it! why did you wake me up?" "I thought you were dead" "Well, I'm still here" He stands up slowly but his head was kinda hanging on the side, and started moving in for a hug, I hug him back and pat him on the back "Well lets move on." We went south for a few weeks trying to find some stable place to settle down, Alexandrov seemed very talkative lately but at least he kept my spirit up. Walking on the road near the coast we see a man walk towards us he waves at us and I wave back. He seemed panicked and yelled "Shit! Watch out!" As he reaches for his hand gun and shoots. I froze for a moment thinking he shot me, I looked for a bullet wound and found none, then I realized, he wasn't shooting at me, I turn around and I see Alexandrov lying there with a bleeding hole on his forehead "ALEXANDROV!" I thought my lungs would pop out. I shook him trying to wake him up, nothing happened. I black out in seer anger and wake up lying besides a pool of blood and meat chunks I stand up and look at Alexandrov's corpse, I find a shovel and start digging a grave for him. Then I head onwards. TOO BE CONTINUED! Loves: Alcohol Russia His mother Likes: Ak's All things Russian Friendly people People who understand Dislikes: Nothing yet Hates: His father Betrayers People who kill his friends
  5. Sorry for a late reply but yes I had some help by the admins thanks to @Brayces The problem was exactly what you suspected @Whitename. I just made a copy of the character changing the ó to an o and my 48 hour waiting time reset to 0 And thanks a again Best regards: Nonnster
  6. Last edited (23/03/2018) Edit = Yellow Update = Blue I don't remember much when we lived in Vestmannaeyjar but I do remember that when my mother died by her last stroke attack when I was 6 years old (11/02/1995). Shortly after my father wanted to move to the main land for some unexplained reason, but after a few days we had moved to Hafnafjörð, it wasn't easy to settle down there but we managed. As years passed father had a hard time keeping up with the payment. I decided to help without him knowing. I didn't know I was going down such a dark path but survival is survival and try to do what ever I had to do to help keeping us alive. I started searching for bounties at the age of 15 (16/06/2005) and I managed to be successful at it. So at this point I was a bounty hunter not the easiest job but still a job within my talents. By the age of 17 my father died when he got involved in my bounties. I was devastated and moved of the island and changed my identity in Sweden continuing my bounty hunting. I started to get into more serious bounties which where mostly hit man bounties, I always preferred the sniper but sometimes you have to do it up close and personal and one of them ended up in knife fight which I almost lost my left eye to, I got mad and finished him off with a nice throat cut. I was lucky to keep my left eyesight after that. Fucking up my way of Sweden I was wanted by both police and group of gangs and had to move, so I moved to Norway which didn't last long due to my my reckless ways. So I went my way up north to Finland, but when I was walking in the woods on my way there I come across a bear, without knowing provoked a bear north of Norway. I started running and the bear followed, quickly the bear was catching up to me so I made a sharp left pulling up my knife and grabbing a tree to swing myself on to the bear and stabbing in in the back leaving a deep wound which bled like a fountain, he reaches out for his back and throws me to the ground and started tearing up I tried stabbing in but didn't get a lethal hit, only got a few gashes, but at least i managed to kill it due to high blood loss. I crawl back on my feet in a desperate need of medical attention. I pass out on the side of the road and wake up in a hospital in Finland. I get up find whats left of my clothing and sneak my way out. Next stop, America(16/05/2012). After I bought my self some new clothing I went to the nearest airport to get a flight to the USA. I noticed a suspicious man following me, I wasn't worried I just kept a mental note on what he was doing. Wasn't too hard to get pass the guards (since I was wanted in nearby countries) all I needed was 500$, a volunteer of the staff and a big luggage case and I was in the cargo hold. lucky for me there was a shaft to get to the seating area so I casually go to the toilet and wait til the plane was in the air I make my way to a seat like nothing happened. When I arrived I found out I was in Virginia, as I was looking around a group of unsettling yet formal looking men approaching me and say "Nice to meet you, we have been waiting for your arrival, you have made quite a word for yourself in a few countries and we like your style so how about we hiring you for some work of your talents, what do you say?" Fenrir: "First of all I need some space to breathe and settle, second of all I need a lot more briefing first to even consider it so use that spy of yours and find me tomorrow" I walked away and found myself a motel to rent for the night and take a breather and fall asleep. Morning after my wounds where still sore so I won't be able to do much work to day so I just go out to get myself a nice meal first, and as expected the shady man still follows me, again I keep a mental note on what he does. I take the day easy so I won't tare the seams, the whole day I was wondering when the men would show up but they didn't until I was opening my motel room door. "So what do you say take a little ride for some briefing" Fenrir: "Sure, but I can't promise you my full work capability in my condition" "Don't worry we won't do any work today it will happen in 2 years from now" I follow them into the car. The car was a nice black Mercedes limo, as we where driving they briefed me on the job. After that I am driven back to the motel and I end my day there. I find bounties to keep myself busy. 2 years pass by and I meet them as discussed. There was a meeting to remind what to do and if everything goes accordingly we'll be back in the USA in no time, we gear up and get on the plane. After we land we position our self's along the plane, there where quite a lot of people here all in a different groups. all more intimidating than the next and on the left there was a man in front of caged wolfs. Everything completely silent, everyone looking at each other, I had a feeling there was something wrong, then the man with the cages yelled in Russian at me and my group, the pilot yells back in Russian, this goes back and fourth getting louder and angrier, until the pilot orders me to get the crates with the others, as we lay down the crates the man with the wolfs opens up all the cages and the wolfs dash out for us and the others groups. I reach for my pistol and start shooting at the wolfs, two of them charged at me I got one but the other jumped me, as a reflex I swing my right hand from my left to right punching the wolf but he bites my forearm I lose my pistol and try to bash it and end up breaking it's neck, unable to shoot my rifle I grab back the pistol and try to shoot the rest while backing into the plane losing a lot of blood very fast I pass out. The next thing I knew I was in a dark room, my arms felt restless like they've been hanging for a while, I try to bring them down until I realize they where stuck, felt like thick cuffs stuck to a wall. As I came to my senses I realized I was stuck to a wooden X, I try to brake it but it wouldn't budge. Few hours pass and the man who released the wolf on us walks inn with a tool box, he opens the tool box and there is a car battery, leather roll full of torture tools and something more I couldn't see. He opens up a roll and starts speaking calmly in Russian, having no idea the fuck he's saying, I tell him I can't understand him, he picks up one of the knifes and starts cutting me and yelling in Russian, I scream in pain yelling "What the fuck do you want from me!", he looks me dead in the eye, grins and puts the knife away reaches into one of the shelf's and grabs a whip. 50 lashes across my back and yelling like he was gonna yell his lungs out, places his whip down and picks up a wood carving knife, slowly walks up to me wide grin on his face. Then a bomb hits the building, the man runs out in a hurry, then another bomb hit this time a stone come flying into the middle of the cross behind me, enough to brake it apart. Exhausted from the pain I try and search the tool box for a key or a saw, found nothing but a single blade for a saw. I take it and cover myself behind the toolbox and a corner then start to saw myself out of the broken wood. It took along time cutting me out of this and the blade ruined in the process, I try to sneak my way out side but the building was a fucking maze I found some clothing to close the wounds and found a hatch to the sewers, I didn't go too far in the sewers when I went back to the surface then found myself in an alley to sit down to take a breather which ended in a nap. waking up in the same spot was a relief. Living on theft for a week to heal whatever is left of mel. During the night I sneak my way into an airport and onto a plane which was being loaded. Amazingly it was going to the USA just outside of Virginia, I head back to the motel where I had already paid for the next 2 month beforehand. Changing my identity and moving to another motel to hide myself. After a year I started to take only subtle bounties, nothing too risky just to keep my ass of the ground. (05/12/2016) Year later I come across the same mafia by accident, they walk directly towards me and where astonished seeing me. "Whoa so you are still alive, we thought you where dead for sure, why don't you come with us for a moment?" Fenrir: "After what happened last time? No thanks" "But we do have a heist coming and we need you again, we offer 3 million dollars if we are successful" Fenrir: "3 million huh? I'll think about it" So I started thinking to myself, there are only 2 outcomes from this Death or living the rest of my life in peace. I said to myself fuck it I'll do it. few months later I had prepared myself for the heist and headed down. After briefing which was oddly similar like the last just a bit tweaked. I didn't bother thinking about it and went on board the helicopter. flying across the black sea one of the man with me started talking to me. "After all the things you have been through and how much you have suffered, it's just sad to see you die now" I swiftly turn my head and look at him saying "wait what?" He tries to push me out of the open door, I noticed my safety line was cut so I grab his vest trying to bring him with me, but he was stuck to the safety line, he manages to raise himself, enough to get his hand gun out. I let lose and yell Fenrir "You fucking son of a bitch I will hunt you down and kill you!" I fall into the green sea and wash ashore, I gain my consciousness and look around.... Fenrir: "Where the fuck am I?" The tattoo example: I know some of it is a bit out of the blue but it's still a WIPPlease do point out flaws and I'll try and fix them
  7. Again there must be something I'm doing wrong
  8. So I still have a problem after changing my dayz name to "Fenrir" am I missing something?
  9. Thanks for the fast response. So it was my fault for leaving my name to Nonnster
  10. The problem: I have finally made my character and from my perspective he is active, yet I get kicked for not having an active character or something like such. Question: Is there something I am supposed to do more or is there something else off?
  11. Nonnster

    Wedding Ceremony of Eddie Sorella & Alexa Valentine


    I would pay a visit if I wasn't fresh from the factory. But cheers! May your marriage last as long as it lasts
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