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  1. Tyler was born in Michigan, US. His grandparents immigrated to the US from Chernarus in 1947. His Grandpa and great grandpa were both communist. His grandpa having served in the old Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. Tyler was a member of a communist movement in the United States. He felt and obligation to serve the country he was born and grew up and joined the US Army attending West Point. He was a 2nd LT in the 10th Mountain Division in the US Army. He served 2 combat deployments to Afghanistan. Feeling an obligation to his ethnic country and communism, he later defected taking his military training and leadership with him. He went to Chernasus to help the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, joining with the PCC. Continuing his grandfathers legacy and fighting for communism in his ethnic country.
  2. He grew up in the small town of Nagornoe in Northern Chernarus. His family was killed in the chaos of all of the riots, while he was at home. He is very concerned about the future to his country and wants to make a change. He was promoted shortly after he joined to Private First Class. He proved himself in battle to his unit when they were surrounded in a warehouse by a rogue Russian private military group and he lead the way out killing 5 of them. He is a very patriotic person. He hopes that they can restore his country. Later on in his life he left the CDF as they pulled out of South Zagoria, so he could stay and fight for his home area. He later found himself aligned with the Svoboda Brigada. They shared many of his same political views, made up of CDF veterans, and ethnic patriotic Chernarussian citizens. For all of his experiences and CDF background he entered the Brigada as a Corporal. Update: Svoboda is wiped out, Reznov woke up from coma and soon found that out. Rolls with the Kamenici now. Now separated from both the CDF and Svoboda, he may have more of a rouge militia type look but still sticking to eastern military equipment.
  3. His name is James Racine. He is a U.S Marine that was left behide in the chaos of the retreating U.S Forces when the Chernogorsk riots and infected attacks. His military information is he was apart of the 1st Battalion, 24th Marines a reserve infantry battalion from Michigan activated to support the emergency in Chernarus. His MOS was 0317 Scout Sniper and his rank was E-3 Lance Corporal. With no way to get home he now roams through this infected land, surviving because of his training. Most of the time, you will find James with his Marine MARPAT camouflage on. He has the Marines core principles of honor, courage, and commitment. He treats everyone who deserves it with honor and helps the people in need, in a way continuing his mission his battalion was assigned of assisting the civilians, eliminating zombies and the kill or capture enemy combatants. He usually rolls with other US Military veterans and current, also other NATO country military members. A place he commonly goes to his US helicopter crashes to check for survivors. In his childhood he grew up in a middle class family in Michigan. Played football and enjoyed hanging out with his friends. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and graduated high school early to go to bootcamp earlier. Still remains loyal to US and the core. Update: Came across a community in a small town north of the NWAF. In the community he meet a small group of US veterans, one was Captain Jack Castle a Army 18A Special Forces Officer. Established a line of communication and agreed to have each others back, living in an area wear people dislike the US and its military. Update: James knocked out a man wearing USMC camo who wasn't a Marine. After he knocked him out he continued to hit him.. he was then pulled off by watchers. James got kicked out of Lopatino for a short time after. Update: James joined the group Res Publica. Beforehand became friends with the leader Alex Riley, and found out that someone he meet before (Jack Castle) was also apart of the group. Update: Res Publica is gone, he is hiding out for now. Looking for a new military group he would fit into.
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