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  1. rafking

    Well... time to go finally.

    I never met you bro but I really hope that one day I will see you in the field of DayzRP we share our stories and create one great friendship. Until then take care!
  2. As far as I see it is one new game and from now on they will start to build on it and maybe we see the things (most of us ) we all want all these years. So from now on it is one new era of Dayz one completely new game. A little bit sad after 4 years but still hopefull. IN BETAS DELAYZ WE TRUST. Kind regards Raphael
  3. So what you believe we are about to see in todays livestream. Are the changes we are about watch will make this game even more realistic and bring more new survivors in this community ??? And even so more people they have gone back. ??? What is your opinion survivors ??? Kind regards Raphael
  4. Hi everyone ! My name is Raphael I'm from Greece and I am 25 years old. I'm the fresh blood to the DayzRP server and I have just been accepted few hours ago. I finished my character introduction few mimutes ago named (John Scott), so now I hope to see most of you in our favorite apocaliptic land creating stories and friendships. Kind regards Raphael.
  5. On July 12, 2017, I was fishing the southeastern coast of Chernarus with his long-time sidekick, Brick, a black Labrador. At 12:23 p.m., I received a distress call, saying that my wife had send immediately to a hospital somewhere near Skalisty Island. I was try go to my brother Tom in Solnichniy his house was few meters out from this small town and ask him if he knows where they took her but, when I arrived I've found him cover with blood all over his body and his stomach beaten. Then I called instantly the emergency services to come and take him to hospital. I was try to keep him in life but by the time help didn't arrived and after one hour there was no sign of life in his brother pulse... Tom was dead... I was upset didn't know what to and three minutes after I grab Tom's car keys and start for Elektrozavodsk to find my wife after all, this was a place with big potentials for her to be there since there is a big town with one hospital. I open the car's door takes also Brick and start's for the town. In the road while I was driving I start to see some people screaming and the police running like hell. Gun shots hearing from some spots up in the hill, I started to scared and seconds after began to drive faster in order to reach my destination, after eight minutes I see one bus burning with corpses in it. I really going crazy... "What is going on everything is going to hell" ... Later on I reach Kamyshovo. My path was blocked and three dead bodies laying down the road all dead by one man also killed from the police they shoot him in the head. One woman two older man an one middle age man, all dead. I cannot continue with Tom's car now and must start try to get there by foot. When I arrived there one hour later with my dog I found the city in chaos with the army try closing the area and manage the in situation. Many people screaming, other running in the streets and the police not knowing from where to begin, barely me and my dog Brick manage to get in the hospital. There we found the real chaos with people bleeding from their mouth, other asking for help and doctors goes crazy "catastrophe" I said. Then after I gone straight to the information and ask if they know anything about my wife, the nurse told me she is in the second floor room 32 "finally I found her" I said and run up between all these people. When I got there I've opened the door,Ellie was unconcious in the hospitals bed, I was panting. I was get close to get her touch her hand and said... "I'm here Ellie don't worry I'm here now.." July 15, 2017 three days later the army shut the hole place down and set army base in the city try to control the "virus" like they said. Helicopters and soldiers fill now the place they've told us that we must be careful and lock all the doors and windows. Me, Ellie and Brick now we are inside the school they took us from the hospital because many people died there and after 16 hours they turned to something else so the army had to end them and after burned their corpses. Only three doctors left in the city for us, hundred of us... July 15, night the army invade inside the school and take us down aim in our heads and tell us not to move they take many of the injured people some of them will be transfer with a trucks and some others with helicopters. They take also Ellie, I stoond up and fight them, I was shouting at them saying "WHERE YOU ARE TAKING MY WIFE ??? TELL ME !!!" "SHUT UP AND STAY DOWN !!!" then my dog attacks the soldier and one of them saying "SHOOT THE GOD DAMN DOG NOW!" I was scream "NOO PLEASE NO!" the dog is getting shot by one soldier and one other hit me with his rifle and leave me unconscious. After some hours Iwoke up some time in the morning near the beach not knowing where I am but knowing only one thing that I must find where Ellie is, what they did to her and survive the apocalypse.
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