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  1. "If you don't want your hands dirty, my men are willing to dirty theirs, they haven't washed themselves for months!" Captain Stormalong didn't like what he saw when he came ashore to Chernarus, he spat the saltwater from his mouth and looked at the land. He needed a new crew, a crew of the most villainous and conniving buccaneers the country had to offer. The Corsairs were born, and with it came the return of mischievous pirates, looking to make a name in the foreign land. Anyone under the command of the Captain is expected to live and die for the crew, to have a love for the sea, and to NEVER, EVER, call the Captain by his first name. A legendary crew was in the making, and thus, a legendary location was needed to call home. The crew would do what they wanted, whenever they wanted, so long as the Captain was okay with it. Pillaging, robbery, and troublemaking was the game they would play, and lords knows they would play it well.
  2. Renowned for a fiery temper, and an even more fierce bravado, Johannes "The Captain" Stormalong considers himself the finest sailor to roam the oceans of the world. His crew loved and feared him equally, and they obeyed every word. Stormalong told countless tall tales to whoever would listen, listing his many slayings of beasts and men. He wasn't a pirate, but he had the attitude of one. One of his shipments required his crew to take a delivery to Svetlojarsk, a Chernorussian port city. Stormalong obliged, knowing his shipment of medical equipment and medicine would surely boost his name. After dropping off all the cargo, the Captain truly saw the issue plaguing Chernarus. He saw men, women, and children all suffering from harsh environments, sickness, and exhaustion. For the first time he truly felt fear in his heart, fear and pain. He took aboard any and all people, sick and healthy alike, striving to somehow save them. His crew supported his decision and assisted the elderly onto the ship. After a time they loaded a few dozen citizens and took them offshore. Stormalong wasn't sure whether it was a torpedo or the storm that sunk his ship, all he remembered was the massive hole that appeared on the starboard side of his prized possession. He remembered the cold rush of water flooding the interior, then nothing. He awoke on the shores with nothing to his name, and nobody that remembered it. He struggled to get to his feet, he wasn't about to die on the beach like some weak guppy. He would survive.
  3. SpaceManTim

    The Syndicate

    Thomas Ramsey’s ready!
  4. Hello are we posting pictures of ourselves lol
  5. SpaceManTim

    Planetside 2 | Why now is the time to play | DayZRP Outfit

    I’ll redownload the game! Haven’t played in a while and was always relatively amateur but I love playing team-oriented games.
  6. Thomas Ramsey is a young man who traveled to Chernarus in early 2017. The American filmmaker was studying abroad was the infection hit, forcing him to flee from Berezino to the shores of Chernogorsk. He documented everything he saw, from men and women looting burned buildings, to sick and infected attacking the refugees. Thomas gathered as much footage as he could to report back home, then his camera broke. He no longer felt like a bystander watching horrors, he realized how delicate life was and that he was in danger. By the time Chernogorsk fell, Thomas was far down the coast away from it. Desperate to survive and return home, Thomas hid under a flipped fishing boat, he stuck to the beaches and tried to learn how to fish, learning from other survivors how to hunt and stay hidden. He had much experience when it came to camping, so that was easy, but he could never get used to killing things, living or somewhat dead. He tried once or twice to sail to the NATO fleet, and every time he would be forced ashore by the tides.
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