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  1. "If you don't want your hands dirty, my men are willing to dirty theirs, they haven't washed themselves for months!" Captain Stormalong didn't like what he saw when he came ashore to Chernarus, he spat the saltwater from his mouth and looked at the land. He needed a new crew, a crew of the most villainous and conniving buccaneers the country had to offer. The Corsairs were born, and with it came the return of mischievous pirates, looking to make a name in the foreign land. Anyone under the command of the Captain is expected to live and die for the crew, to have a love for the sea, and to NEVER, EVER, call the Captain by his first name. A legendary crew was in the making, and thus, a legendary location was needed to call home. The crew would do what they wanted, whenever they wanted, so long as the Captain was okay with it. Pillaging, robbery, and troublemaking was the game they would play, and lords knows they would play it well.
  2. Thomas Ramsey’s ready!
  3. Hello are we posting pictures of ourselves lol
  4. I’ll redownload the game! Haven’t played in a while and was always relatively amateur but I love playing team-oriented games.
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