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  1. June 13th 1998- A beautiful blue eyed child was born to a young couple. The child was a very happy and joyful blonde haired boy. The couple were completely infatuated with their newborn child. This being said, they took the time to generously consider a befitting name for this child. After this careful consideration they came to a conclusion- Kai! Now before I get into the details of the young child, I think I should address his true origin. Kai’s parents come from the eastern part of the world. Coming from the same ethnic region. His parents are both of German descent. These two are very caring for one another and decided to make the venture to America as young 18-year olds in 1993 before having Kai. In America they finally make the jump to become an official family. The two were married, becoming Mr. and Mrs. Muller. The two worked normal jobs as Kai’s father attended college to become a Motorcycle Engineer. Kai’s father had a passion for motorcycles that Kai would inherit. During the year of 1997, Kai’s father graduated college and managed to land a job quickly due to his aptitude for building and designing motorcycles. Mr. Muller worked extremely hard and acquired a very generous salary from his employer. When this occurred, Mr. and Mrs. Muller had actually learned of something amazing… Mrs. Muller was with child and expecting to be due in June. This definitely doesn’t surprise you- does it? Now that you know how Kai came to be, let’s move on. Kai grew up with motorcycles as a child. His father worked very diligantly to provide for his family and quite frequently Kai was able to come along with him to work. There- at work, Kai saw and learned a lot about his dad’s trade. This just so happened to spark a passion for Kai. At the age of 16 he acquired his first liter bike! This was a in 2014. He got a Honda CBR300. This was a somewhat fast bike and he sure did have fun on it. With this bike, Kai built up his interest and joy of bikes. So much so he wanted to go on a cross country ride in Russia when he turned 19 in 2017. This dream came true and became fully real when Kai stepped foot on Russian shores in early July. Kai almost instantly rented out a 1000cc liter bike and began his 2 WEEK long expedition throughout the country. He rode for days upon days until finally completing his ride on the eastern shore (he started on the west). After doing so he decided to ride down to the South Zagoria area to rest and relax. He heard of old castle attractions there that interested him. Unfortunately, Kai made a bad choice by going there. He arrived on the 6th… The next day it all went to hell! The panic shocked Kai and he was dumbfounded about being stuck in Gorka. As the days passed and thing spiraled out of control. Wars waged, zombie rampages occurred, and more unspeakable things. Kai realized- he was stuck! As people began trashing stores and trying to escape, Kai ran on his liter bike. He fled to a lone gas station and gathered his thoughts. He knew what had been seen in movies was upon him. He was stuck in South Zagoria… From there, Kai has kept his bike and fun loving habits but, he’s acquired a new attribute and set of skills. He’s learned when to become extremely attribute and capable of handling combat situations through his life or death experiences while in South Zagoria. And well, general survival skills. This will allow for him to- SURVIVE! From there his story has been left, but there will be more chapters to come...