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  1. GX-22


    Also, if i am baiting flaming, then why is the person flaming ( Since in your logic, he took the bait) not being warned?
  2. GX-22


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Interpretations made do not always reflect the intentions of the person making the statement. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It regrets me, and passes me at the same time how this could be seen as bullying. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Insight as to what i did wrong, and who's feelings i hurt. What could you have done better?: Give him a hug afterwards? I mean i would if i could.
  3. GX-22

    County Lines

  4. GX-22

    County Lines

  5. GX-22

    County Lines

  6. Drago Zorik was born to Serbian family in Belgrade on 22-06-1986. At that time Serbia was republic within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He lived peacefully until outbreak of Yugoslav civil war, he wanted to fight for his country so he joined Volunteer Core. During the war, his unit was involved with Srebrenica massacre, where more than 8,000 Bosniaks, mainly men and boys were killed. After the war, United Nations has started to take interest in him. He realized, that he needs to escape. He fled to Russia and became war volunteer in service for Russian Government. Missing in action.
  7. GX-22


    As a new player joining the community, (Account was made in 2018 but i never went through with whitelisting) i agree with the noises that can be heard concerning the map change etc not increasing the player base. I have been here for a few days now and already have had to consider staying. There is a difference between getting people to play on the server, and keeping them there. I'd focus on the latter. Wipe the Lore, and don't force a certain style of RP. For me personally the RP is the main drive in my decision making. I care little about what said map is being used. If the RP / Story is good in itself, a map matters very little. All maps offer the same tools and options for RP in its core.
  8. Good to know i'm not the only one! Thanks buddy, likewise. And thanks everyone else Appreciate it.
  9. *Shakes his head as he presses his PTT* "So how many of these factories do you have running buddy? And are the infected the oompa loompa's in this story, Charlie?" *Laughter can be heard in the background before it makes room for static again*
  10. Thanks buddy, likewise for sure! And Bogdan to, you two are cool!
  11. Thanks bro! Likewise! Looking forward to the sessions to come.
  12. Thank you to buddy! I had a blast. Solid RP, well done!
  13. Hi all! In my enthusiasm and quick whitelist process i kinda forgot all about this! I'm G, 34 years of age and born and raised in The Netherlands where i live with my dog. I love to RP, never really tried it in DayZ though sadly.. So I'm here in an effort to change that. I do have allot of experience from other games and communities. So i hope i can apply that here in an enjoyable fashion! I think i met a few of you already but i have no clue as to who is who. So ehm.. Hi! Sup people.
  14. GX-22


    *The static fades and a voice can be heard* Why i want to find her you say? ... Well, to be fair... I need a reason to keep going. And she's worth it. I guess.. *Static*
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