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"sons of the empire, rally around the flag"

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  1. Chernon

    I like your profile 🙂

  2. groovy clarence


    welcome back
  3. groovy clarence

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Kordruga

    A very valuable community member, about time we got this very requested interview
  5. JorrdanVC

    Welcome back to Humanity. God Bless

  6. "Quis Separabit" James born in Belfast, grew up during the later stages of the Troubles, his father Oliver was a member of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). James was taught from an early age by his Protestant father not to trust Catholics with his fathers involvement in the ongoing sectarian violence, his fathers harsh and hard-line teaching sticked with James into his adult life. With the ceasefire in 94' and the decline of the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, James joined the UDA when he came of age, with it not being as violent as it was during the earlier years of the Troubles, James stuck with the UDA into the 2000's then with the eventual end of the Troubles, he left to work a normal job. With the infection hitting the Isles and the eventual gas bombing of Great Britain by Irish militants in Chernarus, James saw a opportunity to once again defend his homeland from the Fenians.
  7. Mademoiselle

    • Mademoiselle
    • groovy clarence

    Yikes. The weeb looks good on you.

    1. groovy willsky

      groovy willsky

      young Pvt vaclac protecting himself from advances made by older women - colourized , Ca 2019

  8. Ducky

    Furry and a weeb, yikes man


    We've lost a brother



  9. Harlow

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    • groovy clarence


  10. groovy grimm

    Goodbye groovy brother... I'm sad to see you fall too...

  11. groovy xavier

    • groovy xavier
    • groovy clarence

    @Roland is this a new donation tier?

    1. Roland


      This is a special recognition tier, for owning a real katana replica as well as in depth knowledge about waifus and husbandos.

    2. groovy xavier

      groovy xavier

      @Roland oh shit i better invest then, hit me up with a good recommendation 

  12. groovy clarence

    God Bless The United States of America

    Traitors to the Crown
  13. groovy clarence

    Compilation of Cali's Clips

    some great clips and edits stes!
  14. groovy clarence

    Tackling the Shoes Problem

    Please remove this feature completely, all my boots are ruined and I have to wear NBC pillow shoes to make sure I don't die from cutting my feet all the time
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