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  1. POV: We finish up with some roleplay at Komarova, we begin to head north to exfil. A truck full of people speed past us and begin to stop. Myself and @Mexi run north through the fields into the woods whilst being chased by 2-3 of the truck passengers. They ended up catching up with @groovy pips and initiating on her. I end up losing them in the woods and meetup with @Ducky, we decide to proceed towards Bor and meetup with @groovy chernon and @Mexi. After most of us met up at Bor, we move to Pavlovo military to setup on the road to ambush the truck. We waited a while until the blue truck arrived, once the truck had arrived I sprung up from the barrier shouted "Dobry Den motherfuckers." and sprayed the front of the truck down. After the truck had stopped from the bullet storm, myself and @groovy tony push the truck from both sides and I kill the last guy who got out. We took the two people left hostage, we moved them away from the bodies and proceeded to roleplay with them. I was in the woods to the west when someone logged in on the back of the truck and proceed to spray @Ducky down without saying or typing anything. We saw this as an attempted rescue by the opposing party, which led to the deaths of the hostages.
  2. really enjoyed the chernorussian roleplay from you today also!
  3. A very valuable community member, about time we got this very requested interview
  5. Welcome back to Humanity. God Bless

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