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"In hoc signo taurus vinces."

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  1. Clarence

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    uh oh
  2. Clarence

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    this gorilla is sad for the good foreigners to be leaving
  3. Clarence

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    you can try stanis
  4. Clarence

    current political stances?

    What is your Political stance (I.E: Republican, Democrat, left, right, etc)? Confederacy of Independent Systems Has this changed at all in recent years? No, I was built to always be loyal to the C.I.S. If it has, what changed it for you? Destruction of the Galactic Republic
  5. Clarence


    not enough chernarussian stars to be cool in my books
  6. Clarence

    May the 4th be with you

    may the 4th be with you too chernon
  7. Clarence

    Rate the Above Song

  8. Clarence

    S1: Invalid Initiation / Attempted KOS/ Rule Violation 2.3

    I only witnessed the 4th initiation even then I didn't participate in the firefight. POV: I pull up to Kab barn, I have a quick chat with Kase and his boys, do some quick roleplay. I see some southern hill billy come out of the woods, I already knew it was Jackals, I loop out into the field and see more. I begin to loop around the back towards Grishino way to get behind them and to initiate on them. They drop an initiation on Kase's group during their roleplay in the barn. Most of them die within the first two minutes so I decide to pull out and head north. I wait a few to make sure no one is following me and then log out. No video.
  9. California

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    1. Ming



  10. Clarence

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    +1 to this
  11. Clarence

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

  12. Shouldn't you guys be hiding in the black mountains? Best of luck boys.
  13. Chernon

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  14. Your profile looks fine to me.
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