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  1. based thread im a guy who likes ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato slapped in between two pieces of white bread
  2. Congratulations guys! I've enjoyed your RP a lot recently, definitely deserved the approval.
  3. looking cool guys! good luck with the group! hope to bump into you!
  4. That's not the point, those spawns will eventually be filled up with SCARs again. Having common automatic .308 weapon spawns is very unbalanced especially with the addition of 50 round drummies, now PVP is just filled with RPG spam and dudes sprinting around with 2-3 tap drum SCARs and FALs.
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------- Simon Antonovich was a Russian born Chernarussian, his family moving from Russia in the late post-Soviet 90's to a post-Soviet country barely recovering from its communist past. As his parents moved to then Novigrad, Simon was born in the urban sprawling city, living in an apartment in the heart of the city barely up to standards and his parents both working jobs to barely pass by. As Simon grew older and attended school he faced some racial hatred from the ethnic Chernarussian kids for his Russian blood, continuing on and ignor
  6. yo whats 

  8. Dragomir Shuvalov was born in Sochi, Russia in 1994 to two working class post-soviet parents. Living an ordinary Russian child-hood for the most part, going to school whilst both of his parents worked. As time moved on and a civil war erupted over the close border in Chernarus, refugees poured over the border into Southern Russia as the civil war raged on. Dragomir didn't think much of it as this wasn't the first time a war erupted close to his home. When the civil war ended shortly after and the subsequent Socialist Republic was established Dragomir befriended Chernarussian teenagers who had
  9. Antonin born in the heart of Chernogorsk to two working class parents. Instilled with nationalistic values and pride at a young age by his father, who himself was apart of an independence nationalist movement during the Soviet era of the 70's and 80's. Antonin during his teenage years signed up for a youth organisation tied to NAPA and other nationalist parties just before the civil war. As the 2009 civil war rolled around and the subsequent victory of the Chedaki, his father left Antonin and his mother in Novgorod (Lopotevgrad) for a few years whilst his father continued his insurgency in the
  10. Thomas born in Townsville at the end of the 80s. He lived a normal average Australian boy childhood, admiring the ANZAC legend and spirit like all Aussie boys do. After reaching the age requirement to serve, he joined the ADF in 2006. After completing his basic he was deployed to Iraq for 1 year and returned where he was then stationed for 2 years in East Timor. He returned home in early 2010 where he left the ADF and lived a normal life for a couple months until he was approached by Australian transporting companies to protect their ships passing through South East Asia due to the growing pre
  11. POV: I was in Novaya looking for nails and other building supplies, after a long journey through Novaya and finding nothing, myself and PatZ are picked up by Blisna and Cultist. On our way out of town another car comes speeding around the corner, my frames were acting up in Novaya for a while so most of what I saw was OPs car then us slammed into the bonnet of their's. myself and the driver were stuck inside the car for about 10-15 seconds not being able to get out, all 3 of them hopped out of their car only said one thing and spread out. Once I was able to get out I helped Blisna remove
  12. I initiated behind the shed but it wasn't on yell voip, I was on whisper voip I had to panic arrow up and drop it as quick as I could on normal level voip due to us being discovered and compromised.
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