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  1. Ahmad was born into a well know and respected family in his village. He grew up like every other Muslim kid in the village did, practising the Quran and practising all Sunni customs. When the 2009 Civil War rolled around Ahmad's village was bombed very badly to the point that it was unrecognisable, losing a lot of the villagers to the ensuing fires, rubble and general destruction. Ahmad and his two sisters managed to escape with some other villagers. Over the first few days they managed to find a way to a refugee camp and stayed there until the war was over. A few years after being displaced, Ahmad and his villagers returned home once the Imam came to a decision, they started to migrate back towards the village they all had once lived in, hoping to live a once again peaceful life under the new Chernarussian Republic which sowed its yolk under the Russian Federation. Once the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu began and Ahmad and his people were back in South Zargoria they had once again been thrown into chaos. When the Russian Federation pulled its armed forces out of South Zargoria, Ahmad and his people headed straight for their home village and decided to bunker down, deciding to no longer run away.
  2. POV: I was in Novaya looking for nails and other building supplies, after a long journey through Novaya and finding nothing, myself and PatZ are picked up by Blisna and Cultist. On our way out of town another car comes speeding around the corner, my frames were acting up in Novaya for a while so most of what I saw was OPs car then us slammed into the bonnet of their's. myself and the driver were stuck inside the car for about 10-15 seconds not being able to get out, all 3 of them hopped out of their car only said one thing and spread out. Once I was able to get out I helped Blisna remove car parts, fix the car and speak a few words to OP. About after 30 seconds we get told to holster our weapons by OP and they're all staring at us saying practically nothing. PatZ disappears from sight tells us he's gonna initiate on them about 5-10 seconds later we hear an initiation, whilst this is happening I'm still fixing the car and Cultist initiates on them beside me, the guy fixing their car complies, the other two decide to non-comply. After Cultist kills the first one near the car I manage to put the car parts away and initiate on the last two. Cultist at this point chased the last non-complying bloke into a ditch, gets shot at by him and drops him. We bandage the complying hostages wounds, take him up into the house, give him RP and start fixing the car. After about 5-10 minutes of speaking to the hostage, we leave in a car and head back towards home.
  3. I initiated behind the shed but it wasn't on yell voip, I was on whisper voip I had to panic arrow up and drop it as quick as I could on normal level voip due to us being discovered and compromised.
  4. nah no video evidence from me cobba
  5. c POV: We finish up some roleplay in Londonberry and got told that there was some CLF supporters in Olsha, so we head over to the town and come across some purple armband blokes at the radio tower. @groovy patz talks to them and stalls them so our boys can get into position and drop the initiation, myself and the fellas head up the side of the mountain, once we were in position we dropped it, we kill the first couple of guys, I flank around the side of the rock and give OP a good few pings before he drops. After about a minute or two another purple armband guy pulls up and pings me a few times before he's also killed. We start to clear the perimeter and I run up the road that leads to the radio tower and spot a bloke logging out on the ground I proceeded to /timestamp it, we shrug it off and continue to clear around making sure there isn't any stragglers about another minute or two after the guy logged he logs back in and knocks out @cultist, we push up and finish off the guy who logged. We heal up a bit and start to head towards the town but another purple armband pulls up and kills @groovy vulf, we kill him, grab guns and head towards the town.
  6. The RP I experienced today from this group was great, the tension and RP presented in berozino was superb, looking forward to see what this group provides
  7. i call for the revival of this thread and all commonwealthers to assemble
  8. i am the C and i approve of this mod
  9. very good drawings young azu when can we expect the fanfic drawing between dusan sousek and mikhail barta?
  10. good luck quacky know this is in good hands
  11. Felix was born in the late depressing post-soviet 90's to a somewhat working wage family deep in the heart of urban Chernogorsk. He grew up like any other Chernarussian kid did at the time, leading an early life of mischief and thievery. As time went on and 2009 rolled around, Felix and his family fled to Miroslavl for the civil war, staying there until the war finished. Under Lopotev's new regime Felix found it hard and rough to cope with his many misfortunes, blaming his failures in life on the regime change. When Lopotev was assassinated and Russia annexed Chernarus Felix found it much easier under Russian rule, having nothing against Russia or being a new Russian citizen but still pertaining to his life of thievery and theft. When the infection hit Felix stayed in South Zargoria with his friend Eduard whilst his family fled to Miroslavl to wait out the infection.
  12. Eljas Talvela was born into a Finnish emigrated family in Karelia, a province/oblast of the Russian Federation. Eljas was the oldest of his three siblings, he set himself as the standard to be the bigger brother and held himself responsible for their well-being and actions, as for most of the time his parents were working and his father in Moscow for a lot of the time. His childhood was the same as any other child living in Russia, other than he mostly spoke Finnish around school and outside of it, reasons being the large minority of Finns/Karelians in the oblast. After finishing his primary school education and entering high school, he found himself a job at a local fast food restaurant, working hours after school and on the weekends. Earning himself some much needed cash for his siblings and himself. He entered the Russian Cadet Corps around the same time ultimately quitting his job as he couldn’t do both the Cadets and work a job. Learning the basics of the Russian Ground Forces, being taught how to assemble and disassemble a Kalashnikov, military formations, discipline and other various Russian military techniques/ethics. Around the time of the Annexation of Crimea and the Syrian Intervention he had completed his cadet training, finished his high school education and seeing the opportunity from the rising tensions between NATO and Russia, Eljas signed up for the Russian Ground Forces in 2017 at the ripe age of 19. He had completed basic training at the start of 2018, he pursued to further his expertise and career, Eljas decided to join the Military Police and completed training a few months later. He was deployed to the Southern Military District as a part of the Military Police wing. After a few months of doing nothing other than drinking alcohol and gambling with his mates, he was transferred to the 320th Motor Rifle Battalion which was sent to garrison South Zargoria of the Chernarussian Oblast (recently annexed courtesy of Mother Russia) after recent insurgency and other various civil unrest. Assigned to a Rifle Company in Zelenogorsk then later stationed at the Pavlovo Military Complex. Eljas was called to arms to his local garrison after rapid civil unrest and reports of an infection began to spread amongst the local Chernarussian populace. Doing what he could in the early days of the infection, most military placements and institutions were overrun in the South Zargoria region by the infected, all elements of the 320th Motor Rifle Battalion were called to rendezvous at Novodmitrovsk.
  13. loyalty to the clonk

    all hail lord clonk



    please let my family go

  14. Commonwealth gang represent
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