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  1. o7 Sylva

    ForumRP over in-game rp.

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  3. *You hear a heavy paced Chernarussian accent and heavy breathing mixed with the rattling of loose equipment and gunfire over the frequency* Hello....!? Hovno... All Svoboda members in Zelenogorsk and Miroslavl, we have been ambushed by the Anarchists, heavy losses, Kapitan Hosek is dead! We were just driving and they came out of nowhere! I even saw rocket launchers being fired! *You hear a thunder gunshots crack over the frequency* I-I don’t have much time left, my leg is hit! Somebody please come and help us! Make sure Chernarus and God are proud of us! Chernarus has given and taken from us, the communists may rule South Zargoria but God will never let Chernarus fall to the godless communists! This is to all my Chernarussian brothers and sisters.... please don't let our deaths be in vain, we died doing our duty... protecting our people. *There is a mix of shouting and heavy gunshots again cracking over the frequency, the radio screeching as it collapses into the foliage below. The gruesome blood-curdling scream of the Chernarussian behind the frequency almost matches the ear-wrenching screeches of the radio distortion.* Ah! I'm hit! I'm hit! Dimon!! *The frequency is silent for a while, nothing but the gargling and snorts of the Chernarussian drowning in his own crimson blood mixed with a few groans and moans. Soon after, voices are heard in the distance before once again a volley of shots are heard over the radio, this time far louder than before, an eerie silence corrupts the frequency* The transmission stops.
  4. good luck, you'll definitely need it in this community.
  5. RIP Stannis, there goes the only HostileRP group.


    1. BorisRP



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      Nice knowing you Anarchy boys, gonna miss you's.

    3. BorisRP


      o7 you were our enemies and extremly chill o7

  6. @Ming @Cpt Enjoyed the roleplay today, really fun and enjoyable, hope to see more of your characters!!!! and the BanRP was really realistic.
  7. Clarence

    Beans/Reputation reset?

    Pretty dumb in my opinion, it's kinda like censoring.
  8. Clarence

    Big delay in-game

    FeelsAustraliaMan, same thing happening to me. US Server would be way better for us Aussies and Kiwis.
  9. You're my favorite and best loremaster.
  10. It's just graphics that say ic goals, lore, etc.
  11. Clarence

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    *A soft-spoken Chernarussian accent pierces the frequency* Too late, the men have left on their own accord and expect to be there in the next 24 hours with equipment, ammo, and weapons. *There is a brief pause before you hear the same man again* We'll make sure they do their job and keep our people safe, Slava Chernarus.