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  1. Clarence

    Free Territory

    Big F for Kirov gonna miss him
  2. groovy tonyRP



  3. Clarence

    S1: BadRP / KOS in Vybor's military base

    POV: I heard shots at Vybor MC I run over while Ming and Stannis setup in some positions, I talk to the three blokes gathered in a circle. I run around a corner drop the initiation, all three of them end up running in different directions, Stannis kills one fleeing towards Vybor and Ming kills the second one hiding in a container. We are looking for the third guy and Ming calls out a guy near VMC hill with a shotgun, they get into a firefight exchanging shots, which I'm pretty sure is OP, we finish looking around for anyone else and head towards Vybor.
  4. Clarence

    One Hell of a view

  5. Clarence

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Loving the interaction and roleplay given from this group, some of the best hostilerpers on the server. Great allies and friends wouldn't want anyone else.
  6. Clarence

    S1-Abuse of game bug- Stary Sobor-12/4/18-04:30

    POV: I wasn't apart of the initial initiation but I came over when I heard a bunch of gunshots and we joined in to help our Armenian allies. The state of the game is very buggy known to all, he was fine on my end but I don't believe it was intentional to get a upper-hand in a hostile situation but I believe he didn't realise or if he did realise I don't think he wanted to log out to cancel the roleplay he was having. But other than that I will continue the story, we head over to the initiation with our Armenian allies. We escort them to a barn and question/interrogate them for information, our Armenian allies told them to go out and collect drugs for them, we didn't really ask for anything from the hostages other than who they were, where they are from and who they were affiliated with. The Armenians finished up there hostile roleplay and let the hostages on their way and we left like a couple minutes earlier and headed towards Vybor.
  7. Clarence

    Back again

    ** The hasty ambitious Russian begins to talk on the frequency Hey, Mr.Omega guy I believe we just met outside of Vybor. You seem like a nice guy да. Hope you enjoy your time back in Chernarus a lot has changed since you last left. Your medical expertise could come into excellent use in these times. Hope to see you around чувак.
  8. Clarence

    Free Territory

    Yeah we put a lot of effort into our rp and the enjoyment of others, happy you enjoyed it.
  9. Clarence

    Free Territory

    The entire situation was messy but you died to one of our allies
  10. Clarence

    Scar's shit edits

    ACOG god
  11. Clarence


    Interesting to see what happens between our groups.
  12. Clarence

    Free Territory Media

  13. Clarence

    Bring back the player list

    It would be pretty nice to see the player list again +1