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  1. desperate times call for desperate measures
  2. Clarence Archer

    Clarence born into a rich upper-class family inside of the heart of Melbourne, his father a local business man and his mother, a household wife. Clarence would be brought up in a strict conservative household being taught 3 rules, family, faith and plan (Gods plan), going to Anglican Diocese of Melbourne every Sunday as a young child. Clarence had a lot of faith in God and Christ, resorting to praying when a difficult situation is occuring and resorting to writing in a Diary. When Clarence became of age and graduated he didn't really have a job, part-time working at his fathers business, earning some money and saving up. After 2 years of saving his money from his part-time job, he would purchase a plane ticket to visit his grandparents in Chernarus as he has a lot of mothers family originating from the Caucasus' and the Chernarussian area. Hearing about the civil war 7 years prior, he needed to know if his grandparents were alright as the region was still suffering from border conflict and the rebuilding was slow, knowing the dangers he would take visiting such a dangerous, the 3 rules kept on going over his mind, family, faith and plan, he needed to protect his extended family from the dangers of the country. Arriving in Chernarus in December of 2016, he only brought a small amount of things as his grandparents lived in a small village outside of Svetlojarsk, having a bible and diary with him most of the time. Finally arriving he would live out peacefully with his grandparents for some more months until the border conflict started with Russia again. :: Diary Entry :: April, 2017: I recently heard about the Extremist attack on the newly wedded couple, I'm on edge, I've made sure my grandparents don't leave the house, I gather food and groceries now. May 5th, 2017: Martial law was just declared over the state and I'm freaking out, will I be robbed? Will my grandparents be attacked while I'm gone? I don't know hopefully this all blows over soon. July 7th, 2017: A lot of the Military are being mobilized, building checkpoints, blocking off areas and rationing. I saw a BMP drive past with soldiers shouting, I heard gunshots and screaming. July 8th, 2017: I'm completely broke, I've got no money, no cellphone, the town's public phone's are dead so I can't contact my family, I'm beginning to get scared, praying everyday. July 10th, 2017: My grandparents were taken by the Military to a secluded Military camp somewhere near Elektrozavodsk, I was just in town speaking to 'Anno' when I got back they were gone. July 15th, 2017: I can't find my grandparents, I've met up with 'Anno' his family are all sick with the unknown virus and were locked inside the hospital, the Military put a quarantine zone around the hospital. - Diary entry seems to be empty - - Attempts were made to write but it's all scribbled -
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Whitelist Page. Why the verdict is not fair: I asked a support team to cancel my whitelist application to redo the entire thing. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The fact I asked support to cancel it and didn't get an answer was pretty bad, I had written down my backstory on a google.doc, I had asked a friend to view their backstory for inspiration see if our characters could inter-twine and become mates/friends in role play, I had copied my story from the doc but accidentally also copied my mates and I posted it and didn't notice till I viewed it later, I sent support a message but I was ignored or just didn't get a reply, I'm not dumb enough to copy word for word from my mates story, this is a pure accident, I really want to experience role play on DayZ inside a good community. (removed link to story) <------ my story What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unblacklist and a actual attempt inside the community. What could you have done better?: Not copy it by accident.