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  1. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    Just to make it easier for people reviewing: 4:03 onwards is clear enough proof of the guy being treated beyond nice.
  2. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    We initiated on Pasha Novak. When we arrived at the prison building, a hostage was given to us by the Armenians who did initiate on him. We never initiated on him individually. If you want to play rules, there is no reason for you to have hostilities on us. But that's not the case, we're not going to play rules because that's not what this game is about, nor should we waste time on the forums trying to twist and bend rules. You quote a rule but fail to actually back up the reasoning behind it, and or reference any other relevant rules. Let me explain: In a fundamental situation where Zamal is being held hostage in a building, is subject to current Hostile RP - and there are a group of players present defending him from you and your group, trying to retrieve him; Defense rights are relevant and make sense. You have the ability within rules to attack the hostiles who hold your friend hostage. In our current situation, we had your friend with our hostages, yes this counts as a hostile action. Although - we realized that Zamal was not a member of district, and wanted to let him go, we couldn't as the entire building was under seige. We kill the District members holding down the building and apologize , compensate for gear and more, and let him go on good terms - even offering him a radio frequency if he needs any help in the future. Defense rights would be relevant if there is an active threat against you, your group, and or the person taken captive. You and your group have used the server rules to completely throw any form of roleplay and character development out of the window in order to "squad wipe" some people who catered to, protected and saved your friend from the Armenians + district alike. Not only did our treatment of Zamal open several gateways of possible passive roleplay between our groups, it also allowed for a form of interaction and development between characters on an individual level e.g Jiri and Zamal. Despite all this, you and your group decided that "squad wiping" 3 people was more important, and pointing and right clicking has a better form of development than actually talking to people. To put this in simple form: You used the server rules to prioritize the PvP aspect of the game. Just as you have, I will quote the rules: Let me explain why I cropped these rules, and how they are relevant: The 3.3 rule is broken, as instead of properly initiating a form of hostile roleplay, and or even trying to make contact with us, you and your group instead decided to shoot. You completely disregard how we treated your group member, but instead focus on the fact that we have, and it offers you the ability to KOS us. You break 2.3 by focusing on the PvP aspect of the game, instead of roleplaying and actually taking into consideration what roleplay occurred, how we treated the hostage, or even bothering to talk to us(despite us running, you didn't even bother asking us to stop). As for 4.4 you and your group have used your defensive kill rights in a situation where it doesn't make sense to use them whatsoever. We released your hostage in a better condition that he walked in. Although you and the group had defensive rights, this doesn't give you or the group explicit permission to use them, but instead you really wanted to get that "squad wipe" and you decided PvP over RP.
  3. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    Dynamic kill-rights, specifically defensive rights can be shared with everyone that you recently role played with as well as all your group members. We didn't initiate on your friend, the Armenians did. That would be the technical, rule twisting logic that you are implying on your KOS rights. Yeah we had your friend inside of the prison building, but he worked with us and was technically not under a hostage situation, he was sat in the corner being protected during a firefight as far as rules are concerned. But there is no realistic reason as to why you should shoot at us for trying to walk away. We release your friend 20 minutes prior, what it seems like is after being released he's unmuted his comms and said "YO WE GOT KOS RIGHTS LETS GO KILL PEOPLE." The whole situation disregards any roleplay that occurred, you've used KOS rights in a situation where it really wasn't necessary or good for roleplay. Instead of saying "Hey, stop!" and or trying to speak to us on friendly terms due to treating your friend fairly - you pressed the right mouse button.
  4. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    Zamal was initated on by the Armenians, if you want to twist rules like you are with the KOS rights, you do not have rights on us as we did not initiate on him. You did have rights on the Armenians who were no longer in the area. Zamal was also released and given food/weapons to compensate for him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was treated fairly and respectfully in-game and even decided to help us against district. Using this is ruleplay, and the way you dealt with it is badRP. You had no rights against us as we technically did not initiate on your friend, we were simply given him and he sat in a corner. That's ruleplay. Yeah, you were involved in a situation where a friendly group of ours initiated on you - but shooting at people because the rules give you rights is not roleplay.
  5. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    We released your associate who was captured by the Armenians, we also provided him with gear and equipment from the corpses of the district who we previously fought, and he also worked with us in an attempt to confuse the district attackers. In a case where you can try to bend and twist rules, we did not initiate on your ally, he was told to remain in the building by the Armenians and did so. He was released on good terms, and using this as a kill-right is what I'd class as ruleplay. I don't understand how you could be actively at war with us, as I am pretty sure our groups haven''t met IC, meaning there must be some form of OOC influence I have been informed that ex-free medics have joined your group. As for anyone that is friendly with the Mexicans, I doubt that is justification to shoot people. The roleplay consisted of "Hey you are commie bastards!" to a response of "Yeah, we are - so what?" and "We're leaving anyway." Instead of 'Hey, stop!' you shot us. One of our members surrendered because you had shot him while running, myself and @Vulf were remaining in the woods and weren't able to react due to game breaking bugs. Someone running away from you within VOIP distance doesn't seem like justification to shoot someone. You never asked me to stop, you never initiated. I did not remain silent throughout the scenario, I have already stated that my voice does not record when I talk in-game. You were the person I spoke to, do not lie about what happened in-game. I think this important to clarify in a separate message. My in-game push to talk button is not the same as my record push to talk. When I speak in-character it is not recorded.
  6. Stannis

    S1: KOS, BadRP in Bashnya - 16/12/2018 01:10

    Server and location: Server 1, Bashnya. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-12-16, 01:13 Your in game name: Names of allies involved: @Vulf, @Ducky, @Cipher Name of suspect/s: Unsure, saviors. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Audio messes up in second part of recording. My recording push to talk is V, I use mouse four for discord comms so some of my voice did not pick up. Detailed description of the events: After finishing some hostile RP with District, we hang around the area for about 15-20 minutes cleaning up bodies, talking to any scavengers who we come across, offering anybody the equipment inside. We plan to pack up and leave after handing out our last lot of ammunition to some random scavenger only to be met by some bloke wearing full red. We say he can take what he wants, and decide to pack up and leave. On our way out I am encountered by somebody asking if my character is a communist, I say yes and get spooked by a group of people running up. At this point my friends are in the treeline so I began to run with them, taking shots. The rest is in the report video. EDIT: Adding more info/fixing
  7. Stannis

    Timmy Time Fan Thread

  8. Stannis

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    I agree, only in the case that a hostile attempt to rescue the hostage is made. Usually an immediate demand our group make against hostages is: "If any of your friends try to rescue and or harm any of our men, you will be shot." Whether we actually go through with it or not relies on which rules are applicable. I also believe that a hostages life should be allowed to be put at risk, only if the hostages life is being used in order to protect the hostage taker. It's a lose/lose when it comes to hostages most of the time. Either you NVFL for not using the tools at hand, or you get NVHL for not valuing the individual you have captured. At the end of the day, what counts is the roleplay you give the hostage. Some of the rules do restrict what would occur in a realistic hostage situation, others protect the roleplay and gameplay mechanics of the server.
  9. Stannis

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    good luck cossacks!
  10. Stannis

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    smart I like this idea, seems like it'd be easier for devs too.
  11. Stannis

    Change Clothing Inventory system

    no point, really. If you want to wear civilian clothes, you can easily survive on just 4 slots. No point in restricting and limiting people into wearing certain clothes. The better shit you find, the more stuff you can carry. If you want to wear civilian stuff, you can, and a lot of people do. Functionality vs looking cool doesn't matter because you can easily function on little to no inventory slots.
  12. Stannis

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    Maybe indestructible only to zombies. Or at least decrease how much damage zombies do to gear, as for player and other environment damage it should remain the same.
  13. Stannis

    How to save the community

    this is not okay
  14. Stannis

    Free Territory Media

    wheres the fun in that fixed, translations are probably really broken, but it should be fine
  15. Stannis

    Free Territory Media

    Road Rangers, Chernogorsk. Luck of the Irish, Stary Sobor. Death to kidnappers, Outskirts of Green Mountain. Army scum, Nespenov Castle. CDF Retreat. Bankers vs. Our men. EAT SHIT, Vybor military area. NATO Get out, Vybor military area. Balota. Deaf guy & Shiba.