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  1. Stannis

    [Invalid kill - Firefight x4, Attempted Invalid Kill Appeal - 6 days

    -user was banned for this post-
  2. Stannis

    Beans/Reputation reset?

    Same It's from the final warning, Rolle or whoever was just late in actually removing our beans.
  3. Stannis

    Big delay in-game

    I'm getting a solid 4 second delay in pretty much any action. Only recently it's become a big issue, previously there was a maximum of about 2 second delay when internet was bad. I understand that I'm in Australia, but only recently has this delay come into effect. I was able to play previously without the delay. Examples: Does anybody know how I could fix this?
  4. Stannis

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    *A somewhat drunken, slurred Chernarussian preaches over the radio.* There's been enough horror and terror. There is no more forgiveness. Our wounded nation is tired and cannot rise, after many battles against Russians, drugs and modern American barbarianism that nurtures degeneracy, how long must we suffer lies as they kill our troops at the border and lie about the genocide of Chernarussian people. Slava Chernarus, Chernarus for the Chernarussians! Chernarussians will defend Chernarus until judgment day, National Party banners will fly to proclaim victory, Belozersk is Chernarus! For our dignity, For our honor, No more aliens, We won't give up what is ours. *Thud, the broadcast comes to a halt.*
  5. Stannis

    Svoboda Movement

    added a inactive sort of area where people can still actively contribute to the lore, and use radio when on the forums, but won't be as active in-game. added KIA/MIA list for characters that have been PK'd.
  6. Stannis

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    *A local accent blazons over the frequency.* An attachment of local militia is on their way to assist from South Zagoria.
  7. Stannis

    Rust Thread?

    gottem used to play rust a lot back in the day: o wait
  8. Stannis

    Fitness and Work Out Thread

    hi signing up for army officer in 2 months so i do fitness things if ur gonna work out full time go to gym every day and make it a routine, get a personal trainer for ur first month of working out so that u can gauge what u need to do and how u need to diet. let ur personal trainer dictate what u do based on ur time, diet and current fitness. do not do yoga if ur trying to lose weight or tone up
  9. die bolton scum1!
  • Stannis

    Stannis Appreciation Thread

    ---------hijacking thread--------------------- (Stanis)ław August Poniatowski appreciation thread underrated
  • Stannis

    Stannis Appreciation Thread

    yeah see what u did there lol
  • Stannis

    Borat Appreciation thread

    i love borat,,,,,,, o wait
  • Stannis

    Svoboda Movement

    ^ Unfortunately, regardless of if this group warning allows us to continue to hostile RP, this warning has made several of our members upset, and afraid of continuing with hostile RP. In a situation where nobody but your enemy and their affiliates are in one area, and you're in kahoots with the person running the event to perhaps make some interesting roleplay, almost seems like the perfect situation for an attack without breaking the rules. We took this opportunity to push our name onto the IC books of many characters, whilst also showing a little bit of force. After the voice initiation I was personally told by @Louie that our initiations weren't clear enough, and that the flashbangs and smokes may not have been obvious enough, so I reminded those in the active fire-fight to re-initiate via text. Despite this, the staff team have seemed to ignore, and or not use logs and due to the actions of 2 members holding back waves of unsure targets running at them with guns, they've been hit with invalid kills and bans. I'm planning to talk with staff and anybody else who has concerns about the group. Send me a PM if you have any issues at all. Our group will continue to Hostile RP as much as possible, but the essence of this server seems to prevent people from doing so.
  • Stannis

    Fallout 76 Thread

    lets hope they undo all the changes they made in fallout 4!
  • Stannis

    Rping as different religions?

    I play an eastern orthodox character whilst being non-religious irl, It's usually best to do some prior research before playing said religion, for me and the svoboda boys we have @Your Lil Brother Tommy who's originally from ruski land and knows a bit about the eastern orthodox religion.
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