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  1. Stannis

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    I think all in-game sicknesses should be removed. If you want to be sick, people would and can roleplay the effects of being sick. Nothing like trying to roleplay and randomly vomiting or laughing in your case.
  2. Stannis


    Kamenici were not there in force, we had 3 people. GD, D7, Jackals and 24th on the other hand, whom we believe to be working together whenever they get the chance to fight against us, had however many numbers, and we weren't taking the risk. I can totally understand how you can only see one side, but you should at least wait for the staff verdict or getting more info on the report before ridiculing people with it as your basis of argument.
  3. Stannis


    If you are implying this: Is, punching someone several times, threatening to end somebodies life several times, inciting others to punch someone, Insulting people and being a general pain in the ass to everyone there considered just standing in line? When somebody threatens your life, it is classed as a hostile act, considering the victim to the 'JFK' said he was going to kill the person who he was talking to as soon as we left the area, we had to take action before they did. Maybe its because you don't necessarily hostile RP often, or you are ignorant to how certain groups and people act in these scenarios - but you need to understand that our actions were warranted.
  4. Stannis


    Name names, name groups, stop making "hostile RP sucks" threads and actually point out what people are doing wrong.
  5. F chernarus when all of awimbas orphans grow up:
  • Stannis

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    -And instead of explaining this IC they completely disregarded any communications between our groups and decided to void it completely. The free medics were given many ultimatums: 1. Deliver a medic to Chernogorsk to provide temporary aid and to return home. 2. Find a thief, which allowed the group to take part in several options: a) Hand over a accused theif b) Hand over nobody and defend themselves c) Hand over someone random d) Try to bargain another ultimatum e) Ask other groups for assistance f) Speak to us in any way shape or form - but what they did instead? Completely ignore any form of roleplay that occurred and pretend nothing happened. It is not easy playing a neutral group, and it seems like you're implying that I'm saying that. Like said above, if you want to run a settlement either have the skill and number to defend it, or be very diplomatic and ceding to offers and ultimatums. Sure, the group had other demands, but what's stopping them from sending a single doctor to Chernogorsk for a few hours? If your settlement or group is classified as neutral but is unable to bend for other groups on the server or defend itself, it no longer becomes neutral or no longer exists. You need to expect demands when running a high-profile neutral group, and if you lack the diplomatic or fighting power required to fight back against ultimatums and demands then your group wont last long. Free medics were given the option to resolve issues diplomatically, but when you get brickwalled it is very difficult to do anything but throw negotiations out of the window.
  • Stannis

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    Free medics, the recent iteration, weren’t constantly attacked for nothing. They were given ultimatums and refused to change whatsoever and expected no retaliation. The demands weren’t even that drastic, one of which was asking for a single doctor to relocate to another town temporarily. They can’t play the victim card of being forced out of the game by hostile groups if they are unwilling to facilitate for basic demands or ultimatums. If you truly want to be a neutral faction, you need to be diplomatic and willing to bend your group/settlement goals and ideas in order to not be on the receiving end of hostile groups.
  • Stannis

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

  • Stannis

    Fallout Thread

    this is now a driver nephi thread^
  • Stannis

    Create Your Staff Team

  • Stannis

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    hee hoo peanut
  • Stannis

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

  • Stannis

    Last Nights Ensuing Chaos - Battle of the 12 Armies

    I hope ur not referring to kamenici because we definitely were not there
  • Stannis

    Lang Leve het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

  • Stannis

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    Hello @Roland, It appears that you haven't updated your group goals since November 10, 2014 and @Conor hasn't been in-game for 285 days now, so please contact him regarding his activity.
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