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  1. Stannis

    A Communist in the Mist [Open Frequency]

    *Rostislav spoke on the same frequency, quite a while after the original broadcast.* "Hej! You New Moon fellas attacked our compound again today, you going to give us a reason as to why?"
  2. Stannis

    S1 | Stary Sobor | KoS | 2019-01-20, 13:40-45 CET

    I was in Stary yar where I was met by two individuals who initiated on me on the basis of "this is our territory," at this point I tell @TIMELAPSE that there are two individuals in orange armbands initiating on me. One of the guys gets in my face with a weapon, and while his friend is distracted I take the opportunity to knock him out. I successfully knock him out and begin beating him to death with an axe. As I attempt to finish him, his friend fires a shot at me and misses. I maneuver around whatever cover I've got and eventually get shot by his friend. At this point I mute up and loot Zelenegorsk on a new life.
  3. Stannis

    Stannis' Amnesty

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I personally do not think that the final verdict that pushed me over the edge into being banned was justified, although the lead-up to my final warning and the ban can be recognized as fair reasoning. I was initially banned for posting evidence in an report thread, but was met with invalid post because I was not called in. Due to me being on final warning at the time of the post, I was permanently banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Instead, I believe the result of me getting banned and this amnesty was caused by my previous warning point experiences: My first warning points were due to me posting somewhere that I didn't know I was allowed to post, I was unsure of the forum rules and I made my mistake early. My second set of warning points were caused due to me posting minion memes on a minion meme thread, I was not dealt with as harsh as others. My third set of warning points were given after saying "Nbadworder" in a private channel with what I assumed was with close friends, although to my surprise Tayrn was in the channel and immediately permanently banned me from the teamspeak without question. I appealed this and was met with 5 points, only for Rolle to upgrade it to 10 "winner points." - I assume the reasoning behind my final warning and ban, The anarchy thread had been unarchived, and I was fairly excited to see their return, I replied with a set of emojis and was met with an unnecessary post. At this point I was pretty upset, I replied with the following because I was fired up in the moment and tried to make a joke out of it: At this point I was put onto final warning for mocking staff and ignoring previous warnings by staff. Unfortunately I posted evidence without being called into a report and this pushed my final warning into a permanent ban. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be taken off amnesty, and to become a normal user once again. (and status updates back please ) What could you have done better?: I could've done a lot better in the past, to be fair I was distraught about my friends removal from the community regarding the minion posting, and at that point I had no real care for my image or the community. In my period between being banned and amnesty, I experienced certain other servers where I realized that DayZRP itself was actually a far better place than I thought. I regret most of my actions, and I wish I acted more civil in all aspects. I'm also going to use this part of the appeal as an opportunity to show what I have done better in an attempt to make the community better: I have played non-stop since my re-integration into the community, obtaining the title of dedicated player due to my activity. I currently run a key group within the large scale group conflicts within the community. I have worked alongside @Major to assist in pushing his lore into the server, specifically BPR related lore. I have also helped in pushing in-game stories and lore beyond what I ever imagined I could do prior to my ban. I have built accord with several community members who I showed toxic attitudes to in the past, hopefully rebuilding relationships with them. I was interviewed for Interview with a Community Member. I have also been mentioned in the Whose roleplay did you enjoy today? thread 14 times by name, and approximately 18 times through direct group association. Despite all this, I see myself as more of a member of this community than ever. I have more respect for this community, what it is and the people inside of it.
  4. Stannis

    Map Extension

    This video is pretty good: They also made a huge map for what could be possible for the rest of Chernarus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xM41lgRhleRGx5SDh3S3pfMzg/view But far too big I think, wouldn't really work well.
  5. Stannis

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open] [Active]

    Welcome back and good luck again lads.
  6. Stannis

    Free Territory Media

    @lowca_ludek love you
  7. wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing
  8. Host do domu, hůl do ruky. If a guest comes to your home, grab a stick. Growing up in the busy business area of Kirovograd, Karel was no doubt a rich kid at birth. His parents were well off, but disconnected from the child when it came to emotional attachment. Being educated to a high degree, even being forwarded onto a boys-only private school in the Miroslav region Karel was ignorant to the true hardships of life and at times, very aristocratic and snobby to those who hadn't had as decent of an upbringing as him. During his time in the private-school system he was educated in a patriotic manner, reading works that praise the Chernarussian government, and more specifically Chernarussian blood and people. At a young age, he banded with younger students within the school to prey upon younger, Russian students in the system - often the school prefix's would turn a blind eye. Thanks to the schooling system, lack of parent image and peer pressure from fellow students, Karel became a staunch nationalist, but not a nationalist in terms that his country is the greatest - he became a nationalist on the basis that Chernarussian blood is what puts himself and his countrymen above those that are not. Karel was by no means a tough guy, oven relying on his comrades to be the muscle. Although he was smart, often planning PR campaigns and or tactical maneuvers against counter protesters, and specifically the rising "Working Man's Alliance" which was based in Solnichniy originally. Karel dedicated himself to the NAPA party, and other Right-Wing organisations as more of a logistical and political role. The party funded his move to South Zagoria in an attempt to counter Lopetev and his Working Mens Alliance, at first things went well until the movement grew into the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, also known as Chedaki. In 2009, Karel attempted to flee to the western region of South Zagoria, but was captured by the Chedaki forces based in Chernogorsk. The thugs of the Chedaki did not know of Karels alignment and decided to keep him detained with the rest of the civilians rather than put against a tree and shot. Upon the death of the Chernarussian prime-minister in Chernogorsk, Karel and other civilian prisoners were transported out of the city towards Vybor to avoid the inevitable attack by NATO, and the US. On the trip up north, the Chedaki column that was transporting the prisoners and Chedaki units was strafed by NATO airforce, killing civilians and Chedaki alike. It wasn't until after the Civil War, he heard his parents had been executed by the local Chedaki movement in the area. Karel made it out alive, and fled to Vyshnoye where he lived out the rest of the Civil War. After the Civil War ended, Karel took it upon himself to become a writer for "Nation Today" A staunchly nationalist newspaper where he often wrote collums that were extremely anti-foreigner and or anti-US due to his experiences in life. It wasn't until the infection that Karel took up arms for the first time in another band of nationalists.
  9. Stannis

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    dobry den
  10. Stannis

    Free Territory

    kirov is dead @Xavier new temporary faction lead until power-struggle IC is complete
  11. Stannis

    Howl's of Zvir Mountain

    The three, battle-hardened individuals sat among the rocks of Zvir mountain - each side of the spectrum from the civil war. Patrols of masked Russian hating stone-men rotated around the central fire, keeping an eye out for any hostiles. Leading the conversation, clad in black what most would assume as a CDF official, his only alias "Commander." Sat upon the rock to his rear, a grizzled man donning what appears to be NAPA equipment dating back to the civil war. In the spotlight of the conversation was Kirov, a younger individual, sat behind foggy spectacles, some would judge him as being inferior to the two, but just as hardened from the harsh winter guerrilla warfare against other foe. He was given an ultimatum: Come to Miroslavl as a political prisoner, or be left in the snow to rot. Under pressure, and attempting to delay the inevitable Kirov did what he did best, he spoke. The 'Commander' was easily distracted to say the least, Kirov's edging questions allowed for the 'Commander' to go on tangents, easily provoked by Kirov's curiosity. But this wasn't enough, the final ultimatum creeping up at the end of every sentence. Kirov didn't want to die, but he also didn't want to surrender. The ultimate decision boiled over in his head, his eventual answer about to be told. "Hey! We believe you have something that belongs to us!" Yelled a grizzly old voice from the woods, clearly enhanced by the megaphone in hand. To Kirov's surprise it was Comrade Aleksander - all men around Kirov immediately mobilized into action, darting off into the woods except a few individuals. One of these individuals, the hardened NAPA commando pointed his Kalashnikov at Kirov, demanding that he be used as a shield for the inevitable spray of lead that would maneuver it's way between the two rocks. Kirov took a knee in front of the NAPA veteran, characteristically cracking a joke with his historical rival. He let out a final sigh before the back of his head exploded from deliberate 7.62×39 round.
  12. Stannis

    Frantic message from Belozersk - A Babuska's Cry

    Oddly, comrade Roma responds with a few incoherent grumbles - fumbling is heard before the same old Comrade Kirov speaks. Who's doing what? How did this shit kick off? I have lots of questions but not enough time to ask. Do we need to do anything in South Zagoria?
  13. Stannis

    Free Territory Media

  14. Stannis

    Brandon Young's Stattrak Counter

    1:13 i let u win
  15. Stannis

    Interview With A Community Member | Stannis

    what a cool guy