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  1. What do you collect?

  2. Svoboda Brigada

    Big update 0.3 Welcome @Spanners, @Jinx, @Sylver, @Pope, @Combine, @Nozzy1110 and @Wyoming(maybe) to the brigada! Added OOC @'s to each of the players on the roster Platoon sizes increased to assist with influx of new people Removed ranks from State Security platoon
  3. Jobs and professions?

    plan a: half way though my officer selection for the ADF, go down to canberra to officer selection board in a few months plan b :bachelors degree in psychology, hopefully going on to do my doctorates in 3 years
  4. Post your favorite show :)

    stop serious tho: enjoyed black mirror, babylon berlin and altered carbon
  5. Post your favorite show :)

  6. Svoboda Brigada

    -also snipped-
  7. no active character

    Hey, idk if im even allowed to reply here but its late for staff and i assume u want a quick answer. Make sure that you set your characters name as "Tobias Evers" in the circled area: also be sure to post questions in the question thread found @https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/27-questions/
  8. Erik's Media Miscellaneous

    same conflict
  9. Svoboda Brigada

    Big(small) update 0.2 Added new people to roster Created new platoon and State Security Detachment Thank you for the PvP today at the checkpoint @anarchyboys, was great fun!
  10. Svoboda Official Propaganda Thread

    humble beginnings, boys
  11. Stannis


  12. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    tv show died @ S5, E10. books r better
  13. Svoboda Brigada

    Big update 0.1 Fixed lore to better match the server, with assistance from Major. Fixed roster and ranks. Updated character roster. Changed group goals to match new lore. Changed application format to be less cheeky.
  14. S1 - Tent Griefer Suspect 16/04/2018 5 - 5:30

    my pov: was in 3rd party communication with him, he said he come across somebody who put down enough tents to prevent people from getting into them(aka making a big hexagon of military tents) OOC was quiet for a bit and he then said he managed to get into the tent circle to see if he could take any food/spare weapons. He mutes his sound and then a few minutes later unmutes talking about how he met a guy & that the said guy had crashed due to a ping issue. He also said over OOC chat that he'd placed down the tents again, after being told by myself and several in this 3rd party communication to be careful what he does with persistent items in-game and to avoid despawning things.
  15. Svoboda Brigada

    Just re-checked the current day-count and realized 400+ is a bit of a stretch, took 50 days off all goals. Will discuss short-term goals with current roster members and try to come up with some more, thanks! yeah we're definitely gonna have to get him to change that, lmao.