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  1. Alex...Alexander Kirloch just 20 years old young man who just finished High School for Medical Professions. He is nice,merciful,frightened,adaptive kind of person. On the school Alex found a love, she was everything what he want from girl, he was happy and spend all time with her. He fall in love for next 3 years. But after what 3 years passed she disappear from him with no reason, he was confused sad and angry on the whole world after what he finished the school he got the e-mail from the local hospital of Berezino it was something like invitation to see his lost love. He don´t think about it too much he want to meet her so Alex take his first ride to Chernarus, when Alex ride with bus through the cities and villages he knew this can´t be normal also he noticed he is the only man in the bus instead of bus driver. After what Alex made it to do Hospital of Berezino he get little bit scared because of people who just lying on the ground with pain and some weird ulcers on face, after what he circling around for 1 hour he finally found his love lying on the medical bed. She don´t look much better then the people on the hall but Alex stay in that room with her and wanna know what happened, after little conversation between them she apologized to him with with tears in the eyes for every pain what she do to him, little moment ago she just passed out Alex was shocked and run for help but after what he get back to hall he saw something more terrifying what he cannot imagine. "Zombies" just brutally eat the staff of hospital and make very loud screams, Alex just rush forward to the main doors, after what he get to front of hospital he saw Berezino in chaos more "Zombies" on the streets was heading to him. But he got lucky because some 3 local refugees found him and offer him the help, they don´t seem armed very well but in that chaos he don´t have time to think so Alex just join the refugees. Alex saw some refugees heading the coastal road but he was too scared to say something to his group and they just continue running through the Berezino...little moment ago they got attacked by "Zombies". Luckily Alex was the one who don´t get bitten by zombies, he saw forest front of him so he must leave his squad sadly, and he just start running to the forest. And there his "Way of Survivor" begin.
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