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  1. Nikki grew on the streets of Newcastle. In the early 2000s, Newcastle was considered a racist place with a huge portion of the community supporting the EDL. Nikkis farther was an EDL member and often went to the Rallys. Naturally, Nikki picked up his father's political thoughts and started to support the EDL Regime. When Nikki was 14 his Dad was involved in a mass shooting where a Syrian Immigrant went to the local pub and started to open fire in an Anti-EDL Protest. Ever since this day, Nikki developed a hate for foreigners. At the age of 19, Nikki decided to become a full-time EDL Supporter and go to rallies across the country and they would even venture into other countries to spread their political beliefs. Nikki got a letter through his door one day saying that some of the members are going to a place called chernarus to spread and radicalize some of the locals when they got there they spent most of the time in the Local bar drinking Carlings all night. Nikki passed out at around 1 am and when he woke up everything was empty, the bar had been ransacked and the streets were barren.