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  1. Kevin was a man who was trying to work a normal job after his stressful experience in Afghanistan on his fourth tour. He made a good group of friends while he was in the Army, and when one named Jim offered him a job to work as a contractor for the NATO Forces, he happily accepted. The job was easy going enough and Kevin enjoyed the time with his good friend Jim, however the outbreak brought all that to a halt and Kevin was unable to escape the country due to problems with his company ID. Jim stayed with Kevin and tried to work out a plan to escape Chernarus, and while they tried to develop a plan to escape Jim saw how hard life was for the people and wanted to help. Jim later died to an unseen medical condition, but as a final wish because it surely seemed that they would not be getting out anytime soon Jim asked Kevin to do what he can to help these people and improve the situation as best he can, and Kevin is determined to keep the promise he made.