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  1. Randy White was a quiet man back in his hometown of Pittsburgh. He would wake up, go to work, go home, and go to sleep. It was a lowly life. That is when he got the thought to travel. Travel to places that he had never been to in order to fulfill a much better and high quality life. After months of planning and saving up money, Randy's first stop to visit the world was France. He stayed for one month to visit all the sites he could. He thought that the countryside was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. He need more of a lavish landscape with flowing hills and valleys. The next stop he decided was the black mountains north of south Zagoria. Once he got to the country, he notice that things were very different from anywhere else he had been. There were much more military in the airport and surrounding area than he expected. As he began to explore, he realized that things were not as normal as he thought. The military were on high alert and there were even more coming to guard the surrounding area. Randy asked some of the locals what had happened in very broken chernorussian and they said there was an infection that had broke out. This made Randy worry very much that he would not be able to get home. He tried to get back on the plane to some other place but all flights had been put down. As the months past in the new chaotic world that Randy found himself in, Randy would meet several friends who would keep everyone safe from the infection. They would learn to survive off the land and Randy would learn to trust others so that the group would have the best chance of survival.