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  1. Staging on for the final time on exercise in Germany Mitchell heard a strange noise from the darkness. A startled dear came out followed by a hoard of crazed people, these were not normal people and Mitchell felt he had no choice but to open fire. After firing plenty of rounds into them to no avail he hot tailed it trying to awake the rest of the lads. There was not enough warning as they were savaged by the horde. This was Mitch's first encounter with the zombies. From Germany he headed East, passing through many different countries looking for a safe zone to no avail. He did find a friend Steve in Turkey but after a long month trying to defend a gated community the wells finally ran dry and on the escape Steve was infected. That was a hard kill for Mitch. From there he headed west passing a few lonely survivors who all have heard rumours of a place thriving with survivors to the East. On his was he met a trader who says he has been to Cheneraus and traded with a lot of people there. It is rich for loot and food however some of the locals arent so friendly and he should be on his guard. After the tragic death of his friend Steve Mitchell vowed to protect the weak and innocent and to try and assist in stabilising an already fradgile community. He has now entered Cheneraus in a last ditch hope to find any survivors or a safeguarded community.
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