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  1. Dante's life growing up turned him into an on independent man. His father taught him how to be an amazing hunter. Every time his father went out to hunt he brought him along, he picked it up quickly and was an expert with a bow. Once he graduated high he enlisted into the Marine Corps. He became an even tougher and man because of it. While he was in the infantry he became a great shot with a rifle as well. He wanted to progress in his career and decided to join MARSOC the special forces of the Marines. During his several tours and training he learned many survival skills. Unfortunately he also went through many trials. Dante's father had passed away from cancer while he was deployed to Afghanistan and on that same deployment he saw his best friend get blown up by an IED. His friend died in his hands as he rushed to save him, but he was too late. Dante never got married because he was too dedicated to his job and knew no one would be able to handle it. His final mission was to Chernarus. He was sent there to assist in the fight against the infection. His squad was tasked to set up in a defensive posture just outside of Elektrozavodsk. after a few days of fighting the virus off his position was overran and he was the only survivor. By the time he headed back to his base to report what had happened everyone was either already dead or gone. Ever since then Dante has been doing whatever he can to survive this long lonely road.