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  1. Preston Marlowe was born on May 29, 1989. Before his life in the army as a soldier of the 222nd Army Battalion, Preston grew up always wanting to be a soldier due to his family's heritage. Once he enlisted, he was shipped to Europe where he was stationed in Łódź, Poland. Expecting to get right in to the action on the front lines, Marlowe became very disappointed as his unit did not receive orders and he was forced to pass time by playing cards and watching the war on the news. Rumors start to spread about the 222nd's B-Company. Nicknamed "Bad Company" by the grunts, the unit is said to be a conglomerate of all the misfit soldiers that can't fit in another unit due to their actions. Eventually, Preston got to know some of the helicopter pilots. Due to his father being a pilot in Vietnam, one of the pilots kept trying to get Preston to try flying their UH-60 Black Hawk. Upon landing the helicopter, he ends up hitting a General's limousine with the rotor. It cracks the vehicle's windshield and lacerates the vehicle's hood, as he landed too close to the right side of the helipad. Preston is taken into custody by the military police for his infraction. Feeling he would get off with a warning, Preston is instead transferred to B-Company for his insubordination, put on a Black Hawk, and sent to the front lines with the rest of his new unit.
  2. Stewart 'Stewie' Neeson was born on March 9, 1999. He grew up in Miami, Florida. At a young age, his parents left him and his brother, and they were forced to survive homeless. When they turned 18 they got good jobs, and decided to go to Chernogorsk on a vacation. They arrived at the wrong time however, as the epidemic had began to break out, and the bombing began. Stewart and his brother were trapped, and now are forced to survive in Chernogorsk. It is always him and his brother first, everything else is second.
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