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  1. Born in Australia in 1987 A strong passion for game keeping or better known as professional hunting. During his childhood; His father and he, would often take hikes or drives into the Australian bush “The OutBack” to pursue the sport they both enjoyed. From a young age Winter loved being in the outdoors with his father by his side. At the age of 20; Winter followed his fathers hobby and made it into a successful career. He took part and took home competition’s way above his league. He had space in his heart for this sport, as he was naturally talented. As the years went by and the trophies and prize money followed him home after almost every event, He wanted to see where his passion could take him or who he could meet though the sport. Eventually after some thinking he made contact with some ChenarusGameKeeping a group of young and elderly Hunters who had a passion just as strong as Winter’s. During the year of 2009 shortly after the civil war had concluded. He took a leap and couldn’t wait for his adventure and within the week of having communications; He had left Australia and all his prize possessions to travel the world a little, to experience life other than home. Before he knew it, he was in the beautiful yet cold lands of Chenarus. The Game Keeping team he had met up with after arriving. Had given him information about places to eat, vacancies that were suitable and more importantly the best and the legal places he could hunt to endeavour what he came for. Winter had been out hunting one evening, when he could hear a unsettling screaming from within the forest. Waiting patiently in a small man-made bunker. He was approached from behind who which he thought was just another Keeper coming to join him for the day. The man stumbled and limped into the bunker when Winter felt a cold deformed hand grab his shoulder in an aggressive manner, turning towards the man and seeing his face. Gasping in shock! This mans face had been ripped down the left side and was attempting to lock winters neck between its teeth!