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  1. Thanks guys for the warm welcome back! I can't wait to start roleplaying again
  2. Glad to be back guys ! Does someone want to catch me up to date with the recent happenings in the community ?
  3. Almond

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Please reset my GUID... Thanks xoxo //Voodoo: PM Sent
  4. Almond

    Contest: Community Whateveryouwanttocallit

    Instead of just one community manager that writes all the articles, the community manager should create the paper and maybe add in an article every once in a while. The articles should mostly be community submissions, or maybe even a special news team that writes all of the stories. It might take some of the work load off of the community manager, plus I'm sure there are other people out there like me who love journalism, but don't have the photoshop skills to be a community manager.
  5. Almond

    If you could have 1 personal skin what would it be?

    ho ho ho motherfuckers *unloads rounds into trading post*
  6. His dad was hanged because he was a Serial killer... Is that what you are asking? Nono... Your character has suffered so much... Im surprised he has not attempted suicide yet... What is pushing him along in this world and gives him a reason to live? I dont see it. Hmm I might add something in along those lines. Sounds like it might add to the story well!
  7. His dad was hanged because he was a Serial killer... Is that what you are asking?
  8. I was born in Elektro into a family of sinners. My father, a Serial Killer who I never had the chance to meet because he was hanged before I was born. My mother, who was convicted of the murders of three children who were found dead on a park swing set impaled with crosses. I grew up with my uncle. He despised every pour on my skin, every hair on my body, every crack and crevice. I would go days, even weeks without food or water in that putrid basement. When he was feeling generous he would throw a lone bone down the staircase, then he'd quickly lock the door again so I couldn't escape. The only water I got was from when the pipes leaked. I could hear the water start running, so I would rush to the leak and sit under it. Mouth open, waiting for droplets to begin seeping through the ceiling. The only light that got in was from the crack on the wall and whenever it rained, my floor starting flooding. It was lonely. I tried my best to keep my sanity, but it was hard. I spent countless hours playing with a doll my mother gave me when I was younger. He would mock me for it, but I had nothing else to do. The more I sat there in that cold, dark fucking room, the more my hatred for that evil fucking bastard grew. I began grinding the bones he send me against the rocky floor. The bones got so sharp that just lightly touching the tip would make you bleed relentlessly. I loved the taste of blood. I sat by the door for two days and two nights. It finally happened on the third day. He unlocked the door. I hid behind it as he slowly opened it. He peered down the staircase, and took a few steps. He was looking for me. What if he thought I was dead? What if he was concerned? What if he wanted to let me go? What if he was here to free me from this prison? No. He had another bone in his hand. Just waiting to throw it down to me again. He could care less if I was dead, in fact I'm not sure why he hadn't killed me this entire time. I waited there patiently. He threw it down and headed back up. I held the sharp bone tight, and flung past the door. I struck ten times, gashing into his throat each time. The fucker was dead. I cut open his stomach and his blood began spilling out. I licked it clean. I was sentenced to life in jail, but only spent 10 years in Komarovo Corrections Center. I saw the outbreak unfold from the view of my cell. It was only a couple of weeks ago when I started venturing outside of my cell. The entire time, I have been free to leave... I just chose not to. I did not know any other life than living in confinement up until that point. That was when I saw a group of survivors. To be continued...
  9. I love this idea of stewardesses! would love to see it in action
  10. I usually take better guns just to trade them later on
  11. I use the Opera We Browser. It connects to the internet through a different, usually unblocked way. It's free to get so I highly recommend it.
  12. Thank you tons Mads! You are a legend!