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  1. Ok. I get it, i will wait. I hope after 1 year i can come back and play with the community.. Until then.. Can you please delete the other account? Or @Sleepyhead can? Thanks both of you for you help! Much appreciated!
  2. The problem is that I don't want to use the old account because of the ban mate.. (Not the VAC one, the ban on the account itself about the fraud) There is no chance of moving to the new account? I'll even donate if I have to. Please. Anyway, my other account which I already created is: OmerMakk, if you can delete it, I'll be glad.
  3. So, i will have to stay with the banned one?
  4. But if i want to use another account and not the banned one? can't you just delete him? I will reapply and do all the whitelisting all over again.
  5. God damn it.. I already opened one, what should i do? How to submit a ticket? and it says i'm blacklisted because of VAC, even tho i didn't used any cheats..
  6. I will open a new account.. Thats better than waiting, i enjoyed the whitelisting
  7. I was whitelisted, i even played on the server.. I will aubmit a ticket.
  8. Hey guys So i got a new Steam account because of a ban. [because of a fraud, bought a gift from a site and it got refunded, yep it sucks] So my question is, there is a way i can move my whitelisting here to a new account instead of doing the whole whitelisting thing all over again? Thanks
  9. Omer is 20 years old, Born in Israel, He was a traveler in Chernarus when the infection started. He was a soldier in the IDF at the age of 18, for 1 and half years. He is a good guy with good background, without criminal records, but everything can change in this world, "you can stay good just as you now, or you can turn hostile just to survive". Hes around 170 cm, and around 85 kg, He's trying to survive in the world of Chernarus, in the infected world, where he's trying to make new friends, but has a hard time doing so, because he is shy and quiet, and always helping people even if he have nothing for him, he will always help the poor ones, even if it means he have to give from his own.