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  1. Sad to hear that, I hope you get better soon!
  2. *Johan hears his radio and pushes down his PTT* ''This is lieutenant Lindberg, I would be willing to have a meeting with you'' ''break'' ''Meet at grid 047 067 at 1700 tomorrow, come alone.'' *Johan releases his PTT*
  3. Svenne

    The Hanseatic Conglomerate: [Recruitment Open]

    If you look past you not having any graphics it looks good. Best of luck!
  4. Svenne

    I'm Back

    Welcome back! ?
  5. Svenne

    Sanctuary (Recruiting)

    Just want leave some feedback regarding your guys group. Our groups have been and in the future most likely will continue to have conflicts between each other, but that dosen't have to be a bad thing. So far all interaction between our two groups have been quite intresting and there isn't much criticim I can give you guys other than that you should get a bit more active.
  6. Good luck out there, I hope to see you back soon!
  7. Welcome, I hope you will enjoy your stay!
  8. Svenne

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    • Dakotaen

    Welcome to the club danskjävel! 

    1. Dakotaen


      Thank you kindly, you dutty dutty Swede. ?

    2. Svenne
  9. Welcome @Keione to the group!
  10. Svenne

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  11. Thank you for everything you have done for the group! It's been organic RP and I'm sure you will both meet and interact more with us in the future. ?
  12. Sure, as long as you can handle your alcohol ?
  13. Det kallas ju bästkusten av en anledning! ?
  14. Sucks, I'm sure we will do it in the future again! ?
  15. Svenne

    I'm back.

    Oh fuck, I should logg off...
  16. Svenne

    I'm back.

    I mean welcome back ? I hope you enjoy your stay!
  17. Svenne

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  18. Svenne

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  19. Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!
  20. Svenne

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    Sad to see you leave, good luck!
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