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  1. Welcome @OK_Sierra to the group! Don't disappoint me...
  2. Svenne

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    I don't know you very well but i have seen that you have been a great mod. Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. *Johan presses down his PTT on his radio* ''This lieutenant Lindberg trying to reach lieutenant Eschenback'' ''if you can hear this message move the meeting location to grid 80 60'' ''out' *Johan releases his PTT*
  4. Welcome @Nep to the group! You will placed on a trial period, don't disappoint us!
  5. Looking forward seeing you in the group again!
  6. *Johan hears his radio and pushes down his PTT* ''Hello lieutenant Eschenbach, my name is lieutenant Lindberg and I would be willing to meet with you also.'' ''break'' ''I will meet you at grid zero four zero, zero three seven tomorrow at dawn'' ''out'' *Johan releases his PTT*
  7. Svenne

    What would you like to see in the server.

    Keep the rules, server just needs more players.
  8. I'd say no. It forces people to actually take a month vacation which I think is a good thing.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure either remove them or get them more active! Sad fucking times... You better come back once 0.63 drops ? We will find all the fuktiga mejmejs once you come back!
  10. Svenne

    Anchors Away!

    Fuck man I'm going to miss you papa ? Good luck in the navy, don't drown or get eaten by sharks. I hope you come home soon again! ? Lastly...
  11. Svenne

    A little late .. oops

    Welcome back! ?
  12. Svenne


    Hello Franko, I myself use the Astro a40 TR and they are amazing in my mind. They are both comfortable and achieve good mic and audio quilty. I would highly recommend them!
  13. Svenne

    • Svenne
    • Flapjack

    Welcome to the club! 

  14. @derNils Thanks for being such a awesome bartender, you having bloody amazing music taste! @Sophie Harold is very sad now ? @Reaper @jacob67121 Thanks for trying to help Harold back to Norway.
  15. I like it, good luck guys!
  16. Svenne


  17. Svenne

    Going gentle into that good night

    Thanks for all the good work!
  18. Better dead than red! Good luck guys, I'm looking forward to interacting with you guys.
  19. Welcome @TheLegend & @Orphan to the group! Don't disappoint me...
  20. You're not complete incorrect, the group has taken a bit of a wrong turn lately but we are working on fixing it! Thank you for the feedback.
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