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  1. Sad to see you leave! Looking forward seeing you back once the uppdate drops.
  2. Svenne

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    Can you become Shanoby 2.0? ?

    1. Lemons



    2. Svenne


      We miss him and you're the only Estonian I know on the forums ?

    3. Lemons



    4. FalkRP



  3. Svenne

    Later gators!

    Sad to see leave man! I hope Kenneth comes back soon ?
  4. Sad to see you leave! I hope you come back soon.
  5. Svenne


    Congratulations! ?
  6. Svenne

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    Only two more weeks... You can do it! ?

  7. *Johan hears the radio again and starts laughing. After he has controlled his laughter his presses down his PTT* ''Are you calling us cannibals? Isn't that fucking ironic when that is the meat that we took from one of your friends'' ''Winning 1 fight out of 3, than you sure are you winning. Have good day little boy'' *Johan relaeses his PTT*
  8. *Johan hears what sounds like a little boy on the radio and presses down the PTT* ''Hello there litttle boy, maybe you should go back to your mother or father because you sound way to young to be fighting'' ''If you ever need help just let us know'' *Johan releases his PTT*
  9. Välkommen till gruppen @DeaconRP!
  10. Svenne

    Well... time to go finally.

    We will always miss you! I have only been around for 6 months but I have seen the same type of change in other communities. I'm not willing to give up just yet but will see how long that lasts for... I just want to thank you for even in my darkest moment you didn't give up and came back and showed me the right path. I will never forget what you have done for me and Nordic Battlegroup! o7
  11. Welcome @yasen400 to the group! Don't disappoint me...
  12. Svenne


    Everything looks awesome, but please make the font a bit bigger ?
  13. Svenne

    *also wipes dust off an old account*

    Welcome back!
  14. Hello Ingvalid! One of the reason why you can't connect your account could be because you haven't set your steam account to public. If it still doesn't work then try contact support on DayZRP discord. Have nice day!
  15. Svenne

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    Så när kommer du göra en Svensk soldat eller en fiskare från goa Göteborg? ?????????????

    1. DeaconRP


      swisha 100kr bror, ja ordnar det.

  16. Svenne

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 song
  17. Welcome back! looking foward to meeting your new charachter. ?
  18. Svenne


    It was a missclick.... Don't bully me ?
  19. Welcome back @Nelson! ?
  20. @jacob67121 is currently sleeping and will post his POV later.
  21. My POV: My character had been wandering around in the city relaxing and socialising with everyone else. Nothing special had happened. Once we were outside the city we saw a truck drive past and at first I wanted to talk to him but it drove of so I just decided not chase it any further. After the truck drove off I just went back to town. After the truck left nothing worth mentioning happened. Just to clarify I was playing on my new character which had no connection which Nordic Battlegroup. I didn’t pay much attention to the truck and wasn’t aware OOC and IC that someone had attempted to shoot at the truck until later when I saw the report and spoke to @DatTurtle over TS. These are all the individuals which I think was in the video: @Svenne @Harrison15B @jacob67121 @Kitsunicans @DeaconLN I have been watching the video and just to make it easier I have tried my best identifying everyone. ( Picture taken around 1:48) 1:52 @Svenne (Me) fires a shot with his mosin against a infected 1:53 From what I can see @DeaconLN shoots one shot with a suppressed AKM against another infected. (Picture taken at 2:14) 2:11 Shoots from unknown person at unknown target 2:15 From the looks of it you can see in the video that @Harrison15B takes aim and takes a shot, but I could be wrong. You can see in the video also that @Kitsunicans has turned his back against the car when the shot is fired. I'll happily respond to anyone who has a question!
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