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  1. 1 hour ago, RebelRP said:

    Sad to see you go man, hopefully you will be back one day. You're one of the people who truly helped me when first coming here and helping me grasp the rules etc. I've seen you help many new players and this is why I salute you. Now go fuck off and play with your fishes ?

    Vi hörs på snap

    Have a good one man. Happy that I was able to help! ?

    De gör vi. 

  2. 39 minutes ago, Chewy said:

    Can I have your orange spot?

    Vi ses.

    Ask Rolle, I'm sure they might need some extra help. ?

    22 minutes ago, Farmer-BorisRP said:

    Bye atleast now whitenames will not hear the propaganda 

    Haha true, make sure to spread some good Swedish proganda?

    9 minutes ago, DerrickStorm said:

    Goodbye buddy, was fun meeting you in game during last weeks of 0.62. o7

    It was nice! Make sure that you continue your playstreak, now you will have the number one spot. ?

  3. I love you all guys and everyone that has been part of the this group in the past!

    We have done some amazing things on the server but as I no longer will be a member of this community I can no longer manage the group. If anyone is interested in taking over the group send me a PM.


    Please archive the group!

  4. Hello guys!

    It’s been a shit load of fun but it’s time for me to leave. I have meet some wonderful people here in this community which have ended up becoming friends that I today consider some of my closest ones. This is something which wouldn't be possible without this community. I won’t tag anyone as you all know you who you are.

    For anyone that wonders why I’m leaving there are multiple reasons, but the main one is because I no longer enjoy playing on the server. I remember the times when I would rush home from work just so I could jump on the server (fucking nerd). I have been trying my best to immerse myself again but it simply isn’t possible anymore. I used to blame a specific group people for all the servers problems but after thinking about it for the last month I have realised that the main fault lies on my side.

    I would like to wish both the staff team and the rest of the community the best of luck, there are some awesome people in this place.

    Thank you all for this amazing time!

  5. MY POV 

    Me, @JakeRP and @ReaperRP head towards stary to enjoy some RP. We get to the city and decide to interact with everyone, after a while a fight breaks out between me and two other guys which ends with me getting knocked out (fist fights) . Me and @JakeRP decides to head in to the church to pray. @ReaperRP And multiple other civilians get initiated upon so we take defensive position to engage the enemies once they enter, we engage and kill a few of them. This drags on and Anarchy's hostages get shot at multiple times even though they were clearly none combatants. One hostage get killed so the rest decide to take cover, so they also don't get gunned down. On the video I'm the man sitting on left side engaging from behind what looks like a grave. One civilians gets shot but survives it. Eventually the hostages are released and the fight continues until I get gunned down when I run out of ammo. In the end I think I kill around 7 people. 

    I have no clue who the man is on the right side which takes up arms and helps us.  

    I unfortunately have no video evidence.


  6. On 9/19/2018 at 7:07 PM, Sleepyhead said:

    Hiya! Just a little activity check.

    For the most part, you guys are looking pretty good in regards to activity. However, there are still a few members listed below that haven't been online in over 3 weeks. They'll need to be removed from the roster until they're able to get in game & be active again.

      Reveal hidden contents

    Keione, Nep, Ok_Sierra, Melkerornberg, Shanoby, Yogug, TheLegend & Orphan

    On top of that, it seems as though all of your IC goals are either forever ongoing, completed or failed. You'll need to update the thread with new goals since they've all been accounted for.

    Good luck!

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

    I will try and update the goals this weeks and fix the roster.

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