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  1. I see you lurking there, Dutchboii

  2. Johnatan West, Origionally born within the kingdom of the Netherlands and as such spend the majority of his life within as an inhabitant of the nation, born into a middleclass militairistic family he grew up in a verry militairistic way, however he himself was not verry keen on this way of life, irregardless of this he got into service at a young age as a commisioned officer within the Infantry. After several years of service and a deployment in the middle east, it was time to trow in the towel and move towards a quieter life, he decided to emigrate to south africa and set up a company there, quickly adopting the nationality, after successfully building up his company he looked into expanding his business to lesser developed parts of the world, the somewhat more wealthy parts of africa and the region of South zagoria, however after a recent bussiness trip into the region the bussiness man got himself stuck in the nation.
  3. Levi Ackerman

    • Levi Ackerman
    • Ghost of Levi

    Ah! Another Levi!

    1. Levi Ackerman

      Levi Ackerman

      But this one came first RIP


    2. Ghost of Levi

      Ghost of Levi

      only by 4 years, just a slight difference

    3. Boris-kun


      ? may he rest

  4. well, this makes the, howmany-th attempt. Nonetheless im curious to see how this works out. GL guys.
  5. *After listening In for a While Levi Grabs his radio and presses the Push to talk* Man-Oh-Man-Oh-Man, What is this Decease ridden radio frequency I Just ran accross. It's always so ironic, the radio's stay dead for most of the day, but if someone says the magical words. "United Nations" *He says in a mocking tone* It seems that just then, the entire world has a radio and even the brain dead start talking. Quite.... Funny.... I never knew the Undead had the ability to speak.... *He releases the Push to talk on his radio for some time then continues speaking* Well then... Now Mr. Xavier, If possible I'd Like to meet with you in person, I have a couple of questions and you indeed sparked my interest, but for the sake of us both, lets speak on a secured frequency shall we? If you do not trust me, that would be more then understandable but I shant share any personal details over the radio, Please do concider my offfer. *He relseases the Push to talk and mumbles something to himself*
  6. Ghost of Levi

    'Trade Routes' Event Series

    Twas lots of fun, thanks for that. But ofcourse we cant have fun becouse there has to be a "that guy"
  7. At least the Oirschotse heide looks nice, eh who am I kidding it looks exactly the same as in Assen, Tanktracks and pinetrees.... I gotta agree with you on this one.
  8. You fix your bluescreen yet? cuz if you did, hell yeah. Oirschot, Limburgse Jagers. Try to is probibly the propper terminoligy here
  9. As some of you may know, monday I'll be starting basic at the infantry over here in lil Netherlands and if all goes well that'l be my job for the next 2,5 years. In terms of RP I'll be away for at least the next 2 weeks and then I'll probibly drop by every weekend or so, I might buy a laptop for on base but ill have to see about that, for now all ya'll take care and keep them salt mines open.
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