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  1. Rosiak

    Hostile Air Waves

    Maybe you don't reply and just wait and see if you run into the person who threatened you InGame and then you can be like "Hey wait a minute, you threatened me on the radio." Sounds like you're asking as if you HAVE to respond which really isn't the case.
  2. Rosiak

    [FM] Free Medics

    "In this post-apocalyptic world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
  3. Rosiak

    War Goals/Attritation

    Ah jes, I agree that would be preferable.
  4. Rosiak

    War Goals/Attritation

    Make a respawn debuff appeal feature? I imagine it would be easy enough to pull up logs of an infected one-shotting you or a player slugging a full mag into one and then dying. As for how this affects people who aren't currently involved in the ongoing war(s), I don't quite see how that is the point. The discussion was brought up due to there being a long war going on that some participants feel is getting stale. I am throwing in my 2 cents because I generally get a feeling that most hostile/PvP players do not value their lives as much because getting killed is a minor inconvenience when their group can help them gear back up within the NLR timeframe. I also think a system that puts a handicap on you would enrich roleplay for everyone, not just big groups playing at war. I think there should be a risk of potentially being punished for starting a fight, because that is a realistic risk. WoundedRP™ WOOH \o/
  5. Rosiak

    War Goals/Attritation

    I wasn't even going to try to suggest introducing PvP perma-death because I have a feeling a lot of people in this community would be against that, but adding to your terrific idea perhaps it would be possible to have some sort of "Wounded" state that characters enter after falling in battle which basically combat locks them for a certain duration? That way conflict literally becomes a war of attrition. Sure, you risk smaller groups being absolutely flatlined by bigger groups, but even combat locked you could still RP fleeing or hiding out from your enemy while licking your wounds, plus it removes the risk of small upstart groups just constantly poking the bigger bears because they know they can just respawn and repeat when they get gassed. Smaller groups would also feel a bigger sense of accomplishment from banding together to take out larger groups, because if they succeed, the larger group would actually be forced to go into hiding for a while. As Cipher says, add some IC consequence.
  6. Rosiak

    Player recognition system

    Where is the IC focused roleplay part in walking up to someone you have met before, plenty of times even, and not immediately recognising them because they have the same face / gear as everyone else? I have roleplayed in a myriad of RPGs where player names either float above people's heads or are highlighted for you when you mouse over them. I would take that over having to akwardly ask in OOC "//uhm sorry who are you again..? x)" or having to wait for them to talk/speak, any day. I get that people want the uncertainty of who's who in PvP, or don't want their hyper realistic immershun broken, so perhaps instead of a group system, something akin to the latter of my aforementioned examples and what @Bruhstice mentioned above?: A system where, if you're within a certain range of someone (say 10 meters) and you move your crosshair (ours is invisible, I know, but still) over them, it briefly shows their name? It would basically work like your character is focusing on the person in question to ascertain who they are and the text is their brain telling them "yeah that's brian".
  7. Rosiak

    Question Time With Beni [Base Building]

    Apologies, @Beni! Didn't mean to assume ^^ Just curious of any arguments there might be for limiting base building
  8. Rosiak

    Question Time With Beni [Base Building]

    If people, regardless of numbers, want to put in the time and effort to building something then why not let them? Are you worried about lag? Because you would have to put in a tremendous amount of effort into walling off an entire town or closing all the gaps in a military base. I could see rules for only raiding group bases or bases that don't utilise existing structures (like walls in cities/bases) when x amount of defenders are present being a good idea and on the other side of that you could have that it is allowed to hack down player made walls obstructing access to compounds unless the owners are around to stop you. But I don't understand why you would want to deny Joe Lonewolf the opportunity to fence off his garden in the woods.
  9. Rosiak

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    A wee slip-up in the OP there ^^ This looks really cool and interesting, good luck!
  10. Rosiak

    End loot saturation!

    I just wish people would stop trying to make "hubs". Every other week the head of some group makes a Dayz Radio thread about their newly found NATION STATE in some backwaters town in zombie-infested Chernarus and invites everyone to come along for a good time. How about groups of 5-15 people making their own small settlements? Like you're suggesting, Traveler, with loot customisation people could set up near an area with X type of loot and try to make a business out of selling it to other groups visiting. Or those groups visiting could rob them. A lot of people seem to have this idea that the way to get good RP is by actively seeking out other people and the more the merrier.
  11. Rosiak

    Amnesty Grace

    I am just saying that if keeping your gun down, at least until someone raises theirs at you, doesn't cater to your playstyle maybe you need to re-assess your playstyle in order to protect your investment - at least for the time being You chose to pay the Amnesty fee and accept the terms of the amnesty given to you. It just feels like wanting your cake and eating it too for members who are on Amnesty to now decry that it is stressful and difficult and their terms should be alleviated...
  12. Rosiak

    Amnesty Grace

    I have literally never raised my gun at another player in game, nor have I gotten in to a heated argument on the forums, it can't be that hard... Like Cid said above, you're talking about giving another chance to people who are already on another chance. If you get in trouble, be humble and be quick with contacting the offended party and the admin team to try and sort it out. As Sleepyhead mentioned, they can be lenient; they aren't machines waiting for you to make an honest mistake.
  13. Rosiak

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I have absolutely zero issue with any sort of streamer with any amount of followers who come around or return to check out the server, as long as they are treated on equal footing with every other member of the community. What I have an absolute issue with is this... For any member of staff to ignore rulebreaks and bad behaviour because someone may or may not be bringing a lot of attention to the server shows a disgusting degree of favoritism. Place was doing just fine before last night.
  14. Not long after, a shelter south of Shakhovka has had the following supplies left on a bench: 1 can of spaghetti 1 can opener 1 PET bottle of water There is no note to accompany the supplies.
  15. Friendly Neighbourhood Ranger The hiking trail shelter south-southwest of Vyshnoye has been restocked with the following items: 1 can of beans 1 tin of sardines 1 NotaCola soft drink 1 hunting knife 1 compass The note accompanying the supplies reads as follows: " That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die. -The Ranger"