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  1. I'm not a mathematician, buuut... Hah, interesting idea, good luck!
  2. Hello I am also from Denmark welcome! psst, there are quite a lot of Swedes and Norwegians here, just fyi watch ur back
  3. Rosiak


    In the way that some people might not be able to afford it and others may be able to afford it. The point isn't the amount, it's the principle of risking that someone with a genuine change of heart and personality might not wish to pay or might not be able to pay and as such the community misses out on their return, whereas someone with the means to pay while not being earnest in their desire to change might risk damaging the community if they are able to return. So, I would suggest levelling the playing field for either hypothetical person. Also 25 is enough that I wouldn't be able to afford it right now. Piss-poor student and all!
  4. Rosiak


    Although I understand the sentiment behind it, I strongly disagree with the idea of having to pay "collateral". Adding a financial variable to possible applicants unevens the playing field.
  5. On the top bar of this website, look under Information > Rules. Scroll to the bottom and click Accept. Should do the trick
  6. You are essentially suggesting people should be allowed to buy themselves out of a ban?
  7. Just curious since I haven't been on the server long and recently returned from a break to snoop around again before .63 hits stable. While I have always appreciated that I can log on DayzRP and move around without the constant fear of another player shooting me in the head from their camping position 500 meters away, I am kinda bummed out that we've never gotten to see any bandit NPCs roaming about that you could at least expect some action from. That, however, got me thinking if there has ever been a dedicated bandit "NPC" player faction on the server or if there could ever be one? I'm thinking something like an official lore faction that members can apply to, with certain requirements like you have to have been whitelisted and actively played for so and so amount of months before being considered. This faction could then have carte blanche on initiating, even just for supplies, and could even have special permission to initiate conflict through warning shots to alert people of their presence and give them a chance to run or get to cover to prepare to defend themselves. They could wear very specific gear, like red rain coats and cowboy hats, to ensure people are as aware as possible InGame that they have run into bandits. They could even be expected to fight with a certain amount of leeway, to give the players they engage in PvP a fighting chance and to have some fun with it! Now I know accidents can happen and members of this faction would of course have to be responsible about making mistakes and be prepared to help and reimburse people if something goes wrong. To that end an added requirement could be for bandits to always record when they play. When it comes to people not being interested at all in the chance of running into random initiations and warning shots, bandit schedules and areas of operations (bandit zones?) could be broadcast so people know where to go or where to avoid. Thoughts?
  8. Rosiak

    Short and sweet

    I think what constitutes amazingly well thought out and executed RP scenarios for you is wildly different for most others, but alright. Good shout, though, OP. I think overall we're headed in a right direction and I am pleased with the way people are able to discuss these changes without mods closing it down left and right.
  9. I'm confused. I wholeheartedly agree with your points about hostility, conflict, and 3-dimensional villainous characters who go beyond "I am evil therefore I am" cookie cutter concepts, but at the same time there's apparently this underlying lamentation of how The Killers were archived? I never encountered The Killers, but it was my impression from their own videos that they were just that; cookie cutter villains for villainy's sake who laughed like school girls while cutting pieces off of their prisoners with no other justification than the fact that their characters were "psychopaths". A fact that made me utterly disinterested in roleplaying with them anyway. Or is your point simply that people need to both think about putting some more effort into being baddies and that the community (or rather its moderators) need to not be so dismissive when people make mistakes? I'm not afraid of losing my character. I think the kind of setting DayZ takes place in encourages that you treat it with a certain respect as to how dangerous it is. But I am not interested in losing my character to an botched Infected attack, accidental food poisoning, or having him be severily fucked up, scalped, hanged, sliced up and so on because that'll somehow add to a villainous character's infamy and "spread fear across the land".
  10. Rosiak

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    With regards to mis-ID's, I guess people are just going to have to come up with smarter plans beyond "Let's go to that city they're in and fuck shit up" if they want to avoid pissing off a bunch of other people and earning even more enemies
  11. I mean that kinda goes without saying, but thanks for the reminder? If you want to get into the semantics of it all, I could argue that it might go against the NVFL rule or be considered ruleplay to ignore the horde of infected just cuz I know the bandits have to protect me from it. My point was that it sounds like a precarious situation and I don't think I would have known what to do, either. Or just go with what @SomeWeirdAssGuy says.
  12. Our characters don't know the rule about protecting hostages, though. Deciding not to put your hands up because a horde of infected was after them is also roleplay. I probably wouldn't have complied either and then have hit the ground and done my best to explain to them that it's kind of a problematic situation to put me in. Unless of course they put a bullet in your head immediately - people around here seem extremely trigger-happy once an ounce of a reason to shoot you is given after initiation.
  13. Rosiak

    Stary Sobor

    [Daniel presses down the button again as well.] "Eh, hard to say. A couple of hours?" [He releases the button.]
  14. Rosiak

    Stary Sobor

    [Daniel finally gets a hold of a working radio and sits down to broadcast.] "This is Daniel again. I will be making my way back to your area with a mutual friend I met at church, soon. We hope to see you there."
  15. I gotta give props to @Pontiff, @The Ford, and @darczon69 for taking their newest recruit out on a little adventure earlier this evening. It might not have been much, but it was a lot of fun for a guy who's spent the last week running around by himself. Especially the showdown in Elektro between Daniel and Artemis vs. a whole lot of infected - felt like an action encounter in Last of Us or something!