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  1. My character, a young man, Jordan Harbourne, aspiring music enthusiast, a city boy with not much life experience outside his part time job at a fast food chain and his Sound Engineering course at college. Separated from his parents after what started off as a visit to his grandparents in chernarus he is left alone in the madness and chaos that is the world of Day, he thought it would be good to finally get some time away from the stresses of life in the big city, spend some quality time with family, experiencing the natural beauty of nature that the city lacked, it was a trip to look forward too,one he always thought he would remember, nobody could have seen how hard any of it would be to forget though. Not knowing the land, the language or the situation he is lost, alone and confused as he tries to find some glimpse of his family and a way home. At its root my story is one of a boy forced to become a man in the hardest of times, doing whatever he can to survive while still trying to help who he can as he believes there is safety in numbers, he never was good at being alone. Little does he know, when it comes to chernarus nowadays there's no way in and definitely no.way.out.
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