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  1. groovy cali

    groovy cali

    whats a good recording software


    when i use plays, i get this



    when i use OBS, i get this


    is it my settings? i get real bad frame lag whenever i use either 😞

    1. Malet


      You got an Nvidia?

    2. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      imma try out shadow play, think i got my audio issue fixed

    3. Kattica


      To be honest... I use streamlabs OBS. Instead of streaming, I just press the record button. I've never had a problem with it. 

    4. Malet


      Shadowplay works fine for me, especially since you can either start recording manually or also save with one click up to the last 20 minutes of what happened. Very useful for reports and PvP.

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