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  1. groovy cali

    groovy cali

    can any german friends on this community give me insight on just how hard this fucker actually is?

    is this a ruse or is this man actually fucking hard as hell


    1. Mademoiselle


    2. Malet


      First Detox with 14. Kicked out from his mom at the same age. 13 registered crimes, been in prison 3,5 years (Drugs, assault, etc.) - last time october 2017. Seems like a pretty fucked up dude if you ask me.

      His name in english would be "Ghetto Stuff Uncensored" and seeing in what parts of Hamburg he is roaming around, that seems pretty accurate.

      The weapons are bullshit though. Most likely gas pistols etc.

    3. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      anyone who wears a giant mercedez benz chain i a fucking man imo

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