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  1. groovy cali

    groovy cali

    Can we get off of winter Chernarus yet

    1. Spartan


      RoRo said at the end of this month

    2. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      Thank Christ 

    3. Malet


      I like the snow tbh

    4. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      It was cool for a bit, I miss the warm colors of Chernarus. Maybe make it exceptionally rainy for ‘spring’?

    5. Malet


      Or turn the bloom effect up 200% :trolle:

    6. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      Idk, no clothes provide weather protection.. raincoat on? Get wet sun.


      but naw let’s play night and turn gamma goggles on so everything looks like an old movie lol

    7. Malet


      Is there even a gamma setting still IG?

    8. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      Nope just brightness lol

    9. Malet


      Step 1: Find megaphone
      Step 2: Hide in darkness and scare the shit out of people.
      Step 3: Profit(?)

    10. groovy cali

      groovy cali

      Step 3: no logs no proof

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