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  1. well you won't get kos'd. so having the option to go chat w/ someone u see ingame is always there. pro gamer tip when it comes to dayz roleplay; -trust noone never know who might be a snake in the grass or trying to backstab you. you gotta think, it's an apocalypse, why would you just trust some random stranger who offered you a can of beans? just make a character and play that character. not how would /you/ react but how would your /character/ react.
  2. I agree. I for one am more willing to appose immersive additions on this role play server because it makes it harder for me to win at role play. Regardless, I’d be hard pressed to call this a ‘medical’ mod. Broken limbs were cool back in mod. Like, getting shot in the legs crippled you entirely and forced you to use a morphine stick or a splint before you’d be able to as much as walk again(forced you prone and to crawl). +1 to broken bones(both arms and legs) -1 to all else due to the fact this should be role played by the players and not mandated by a mechanic. If people choose to not role play such things then it’s on them. If you want to go the extra mile and role play out these things, more power to you.
  3. if anyone wants pointers on how to erp effectively lmk. i'd be more than willing to help write a guide in something i specialize in
  4. chernarus is still #1 slava chernarus but yeah- noone wants to play on it with the new dlc map sadly, so the fact of it is, the whole idea of 'fresh' is going to get some heads turned at the very least. only potential issue, with such a small map, if it /does/ get a 60/60 or whatever server cap is, that shit gunna be cramped to all hell. also, has it been tested for any bugs? is it suitable to fit a large population of RPers without game breaking bugs?
  5. Whichever length it takes for me to win. Right? Point of roleplaying is to win?.. no?.. But it depends. Short term can lead to this long/medium term roleplay. If you’re not playing to push forward a story or a narrative why are you on a roleplay server? There should be something more than a short experience from getting your shit taken in a robbery. It should always be something roleplay invested in one- or both of the parties involved in every situation played out. Even if a robbery is just for gear, the roleplay provided should be something where you can push forward a story if the other party so chooses to progress it. If you’re at the mindset of ‘I’m just gunna Rob this dude and give him enough roleplay so he doesn’t report me and dip’ then you’re the problem. Push stories. Make friends. Make enemies. Set a reputation.
  6. I see literally no reason not to implement such thing... kinda nulls out the randomness and can fuck the loot of everyone uses the cherno spawn since it’s easiest to get to the NW that way.
  7. Just a thread to showcase some rappers I enjoy from the state with the best rap in the USA Ace Hood Bass Santana Craig Xen Denzel Curry Fat Nick Ghostemane Kid Trunks Kodak Black Pouya Ski Mask the Slump God Smokepurpp $NOT Wifisfuneral XXXTentacionXXX
  8. You have no idea how much the gorillas miss our orangutan Patrick Cheers man, always welcome to come play w/ us again.
  9. So my lawyer got in contact with @Roland's lawyer and we've come to an agreement. All that the public need's to know is the thread will continue to be up with some **'s at the bottom of the contract. Mr Roland. A pleasure. Slava Chernarus.
  10. Well, some goals added, tossed a bit in to the story. Fixed the roster, updated it, and worked on some of the .png's on the thread. Gunna need to figure out the logistics of it with the big man following. See what we can do. @Roland
  11. Will be updating roster, story, and goals in the next day or so!
  12. The wolfpack base is fucking nuts ngl. A police station, hospital, tisy building, prison building(literally the alamo), supermarket, etc. It's literally a small town with a giant wall around it. Idk chief. If it aint monkey-stackable, it ain't for the server. Nothing bigger than double-stack in-game built walls IMO. None of this 30 meter tall walls surrounding a literal city. As per smaller, post-apocalyptic looking bases? All for it, would be cool to have some map-set items in the game. Not entire buildings, but rag-tag scrapped together walls or something to definitely set boundaries and sort would be nice. +1 if done well, need to set some requirements to the bases prior too. Like a log cabin built around would be nice, a whole city in an open field with a wall that reminds me of that scene from World War Z? Naw.
  13. Not really, no. Are cat ears a good thing for the server? God, not a chance. It's awful. Am I happy that I have a pair? 100% In the bigger picture, why the fuck are cat ears in a second-world, post apocalyptic, post soviet country? And what Zero said, bigger picture. There's punk rock t-shirts, edgy star-wars looking poncho head wraps, latex leggings, American cartoon based T-shirts... I guess you just have to put the disbelief factor into it to make it fit, I suppose. Guess we can just sum it up as an American middle school field trip crashed in cherno and all their luggage got scattered about? I honestly don't know what to say. +1 for removing cat ears and other "funny" type items on a hardcore, serious, post-apocalyptic roleplaying server.
  14. Ban hostileRP entirely it ruins the server. Naw but for real, hostile RP is only fun if it is interesting for both parties. Straight up banditry followed by a strip search where people stand silent and just dig through your shit with minimal RP is bad. People outright just robbing you just to talk shit(and take your gear) is bad. Banditry with a throughout reason behind it and a rhythm to the madness with engagement from both ends. Whether it be a questioning, a threat, etc. is fine as long as both parties enjoy the roleplay of it. The issue lies in the people who value their “fathers M4” and other precious gear over the roleplay being given as well as the people who drop sex 10 wepz and just strip search for gear are the two parts of the spectrum that give hostileRP a bad name. TL;DR Provide roleplay when you rob someone and enjoy the roleplay given. If there is no to little roleplay given, report it.
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