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  1. Here's how it works; You have a pre-set idea of what you want your character to be (AK wielding hardass) 13 people from lore faction come and tell you "no, you sir, are not an AK wielding hardass" and confiscate military weaponry 2 weeks into an apocalypse. Now we're the assholes that ruined your character story. Preposition of disbelief is something something DayZRP'ers don't quite grasp. Cutting of bodies because of a shit in-game mechanic? Welp, better bring that up in roleplay. Constant respawning of loot and respawning of zombies? Welp, seems the military really aren't doing their job. Alwell, free AK. There are rosters of 30-40 men that are suppose to act as an entire military force in a 30km oblast. "well theres no military at _____ so lets just offline raid them". "Oh they don't have anyone at this military base let's go loot it my fellow american on vacation in war-torn russian military zone." The mentality won't change. After 3 years of a dry lore, being put into a fresh new one - people are already going back to their old ways. And then complain about why it's stale.
  2. be me RF soldier i clear a town of zombies 15 minutes later they respawn it's a game. Sorry you feel our intervention is limited, but really, in the words of Rolle "It's a game, [loot] respawns". Until we can get a 'this town has been cleared and zombies won't spawn for X hours', we can't really do a whole lot in that regards.
  3. fellas you ever get that "damn thats someone's daughter." thought afteward? also +1 unless very obvious rulebreak i typically don't report/wait a day to clear my mind.
  4. :l *when you see a Russian, this music just plays - getting louder upon their approach*
  5. A military-ran compound with government backing.. who is currently fighting a terrorist organization.. 2 weeks into an apocalypse. Literally have planted bombs blowing up radio arrays, walls/etc. Just let them keep their guns, don't pat them down, don't ask for ID, just let them come in and sit around a campfire in our compound. Got it, we'll take it in for consideration.
  6. ... the RAC is the auxiliary force. Chernarus IS Russia. The map you play on.. IS Russia... Reading the lore would help you get a better understanding as to the actions between RF and RAC. As per your accusations of the RF, the only thing that you stated in OP that is true is; "RF are assholes". Shit happens in game, and the dynamic shifts. Just being reactive to what we experience ingame is the way we're handling things now. We tried to host a RP hub and people just got upset we didn't allow them to keep their guns while in the camp and eventually just left. Have our loot yoinked every night. Vehicles bye-bye if we leave them be for more than an hour. Yeah, needless to say; running a camp/base is on the shit side in our experience. Everytime I look at the forums its just people wanting to bitch about how we operate. Guess people really do miss the old of just military = rob people. Maybe soon enough we'll change, who knows.
  7. Sorry we're a bit busy trying to run a hub to freely wander the map :\
  8. down with the grapes! Banana's will rise to power! ??
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: What was stated was not really flame. I was posting my opinion on the matter. I believed I was wrong, and people were going against rule 2(play fair). I was upset about a situation and did infact call people scum, but that is hardly flame. It wasn't targeted, it wasn't an @ anyone. It was simply a broad statement that I believe people who take advantage of offline raiding are infact scummy. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: How is saying "you're scum" any more worse than saying they're "lame and shitty"?... A comment made literally a few hours after mine, that has not received any points. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed. What could you have done better?: Not posted on the topic while on tilt about a situation. i,e don't convey my emotions on the forums.
  10. Like I said I don’t really care about /our/ gear getting stolen. Its the fact the shit that was stolen is literally the turned over gear from civilians in storage since we have the ‘no weapons inside the water quarantine zone’ enforcement. Now we have to deal with constant bitching from people ‘what do you mean you lost my _____? Aren’t you the military you let people just break in-....’ Headaches to come zzz
  11. Well now that I'm up at 2 in the morning having to log onto the server because I got word that people are breaking into our base and stealing loot/vehicles while we were all asleep, yeah. I'm for it. Why would the military base be unmanned? Well it shouldn't. But sadly the roster and I have a job and a life to live and cannot actually roleplay our characters 24/7. Sadly that's not a deterrent for people wanting to take easy loot while we are asleep. Not even /our/ loot. I wouldn't be butthurt if it was the groups loot being stolen. Nope, they're stealing other civilian's gear, and ruining our spreadsheets by stealing gear from the civilian storage. Literally just fucking anyone who had loot stored in there and now we ICly have to explain "oh ya everyone was asleep and we got raided sorry your mosin/etc. is gone" because that makes sense. -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS PART OF THE POST- /rant and voted
  12. Let's set a lore in America, then complain about the fact there is no Russian's in it. The lore is limiting in a sense that everyone who plays is in on the story drive together. You have people in the lore factions, and soon enough more groups will pop up after they are allowed to(in like 2/3 weeks) that do everything they can to push forth this dissolve of society. >b-b-but america is good guy they would stop a country from having a peaceful referendum in a shit hole country thousands of miles away! In reality, no they won't. CLF/NAPA were deemed terrorist after the red square bombing. America supporting terrorist? Never! Haha they would never do that! It's bad for image!(right?..) The lore is new, fresh, pushes a drive for people to play those civilian roles. It gives journalist a reason to be there, give's reason for Russian's and Chernarussian's to coexist in the region without ye 'ole "fuck u russian pew pew pew". Allows many, MANY avenues of character's, who for the most part would be fitted to be a Russian/Chernarussian(same thing lol). I'm an American paramedic in real life. I don't play an American paramedic in game. Why? Because it's ROLEplay. I play a ROLE, a CHARACTER. I put on a shitty accent, pretend to know how Russian military works, and do my research to the best of my ability in order to portray what I think this character, in this made up universe, in this made up country would do under these made up circumstances. -1, the lore is great, it's new, it's very fun. Thank you lore team.
  13. me westerner me initiate on 3 russian soldiers me die
  14. It’s not no value for life if you survive. see, unlike GTA rp, we don’t need an overburden of rules to decide what is ‘acceptable RP’ and what is not. The rules we have now are plenty. -1
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