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  1. groovy cali

    The Meatball Glitch

    No it’s very much s thing, you gotta press; up down up down left right A B start But no memes there is certain combination you need to do to ball yourself that I don’t want to share but it seems as almost if it’s something to do with the animation scripts on a player model but I’m no dev
  2. groovy cali

    New Official Group Rule Suggestion

    A simple solution to this pandering problem I suppose. Just don’t run into a firefight and let th me chaos bloom. forced clothes or armbands is wack, using the confusion to one’s advantage is a huge tool in some fights and a great way for people to get RDM’d if they think running around with guns out in a fight is a good idea
  3. We out here yahoo hunting [WIP]
  4. groovy cali

    Help me understand kill rights please

    To add onto my point, a single punch shouldn’t be considered valid kill rights for your friend, and honestly not to you either. Now if he comes down swinging and stun locking you with punch after punch ya sure, but a single hit = getting gunned down? Jokes mate
  5. groovy cali

    Help me understand kill rights please

    As rolle just said, it doesn’t matter, hope you have a competent GM handling the report, and hope they see it in your favor, because If both of those aren’t going for you, enjoy the vacation. See, people can and will abuse any chance they get to shoot you, even if it remotely sniffs or kill rights, they can and will use them. Hence why hostile RP is primarily reserved for bigger groups of people who can PvP their way out of any situation- hence my previous statement. Hope this clears it up!
  6. groovy cali

    Regarding the server split

    I think one of the better idea's to enforce something like this would be to remove base building entirely. But without that, there's no way to enforce the 'bases for approved only' unless we just make PCB's and remove building entirely. regardless, +1 to merging servers and using s2 as overfill
  7. groovy cali

    Unconscious before death.

    After playing on vanilla servers compared to this server, it already feels as if the ‘shock’(the part that makes you uncon) is way higher than the damage(the part that kills), than most servers. As if billets are already doing more of that uncon shock level. That mixed with the desync of the server is why it takes 20 some bullets to spray someone down. -1, Having to worry about double tapping is a negative. If I’m fighting someone and they don’t comply, I’m not going to let them get up to talk shit as a hostage. Or me pop someone and move on only to have them wake back up after 30 seconds, pick their gun back up, /yeet some morphine and kill me. Shock value already outweighs damage it feels, the way it is now is fine
  8. groovy cali

    Non-lethal Bullets/Weapons

    Unless you’re mag dumping 20-30 bullets as is its non lethal lol. Use .308 guns do ‘lethal rounds’ and anything else for ‘beanbag bullets’ edit: seeing some of the suggestions, why not just add a taser back in for non lethal?
  9. groovy cali

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    The drug used to prevent opiod(heroin) overdoses gives u an adrenaline rush lol what?
  10. groovy cali

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    no keep it in so when i decide to make my twitch con chernarus group it's roleplay accurate :d
  11. groovy cali


    This, it /does/ work, but it doesn't work. It's clunky, snaps when u don't want to, and aiming down sights is damn near impossible with it. It's easier without it
  12. groovy cali


    As someone who has a hard on for trackIr, I've been playing this game for 1 year and my track ir5 has had 0 luck working with DayzSA. It not just rots in my closet collecting dust If you find a way, lmk, but I don't think they're compatible (even tho its compatible with arma)
  13. groovy cali

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    Thank you community member @groovy willsky for getting this page closed but before staff gets to it let me simply it for both sides. On the “””victim””” end, so what everyone in this thread wants you to do and bend over, kiss ass, and you’ll be fine, i’m Sure it’s good fun roleplay. On the aggressor sides, it’s not hard to not attack a camp everyday and focus on the PVP aspect of it, as the rule states!
  14. groovy cali

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    Thank you Gm @Voodoo, as you can see here, it was a solid 30 minutes since last shots were fired on our behalf. I was, to my memory, the last CDF personelle to engage with the hostiles. Now I cannot log from the server after 30 minutes due to combat logging that is true, but after scanning the rules section a few times, I have yet to find the rule stating you cannot switch servers. It has came to my assumption that all the people who we were fighting were either killed or moved off since we ran across open fields limping to get back to our base. After 30 minutes, we finally make it back home to the Hospital. The entire point of the run from Myshkino -> Berezino was to get to the hospital. The only issue was it was on S1, and after checking OOCly to make sure we haven't gotten shot at in a while, the few of us that remain decide it's time to switch servers and go to the server where our base was at the time. You state that I 'switched servers to avoid kill rights' as if we were still an active firefight. Had I of known it was a fight, of course I would of stayed on the server. My only issue with this report being reopened is the fact that we are overlooking the part of where we have people rejoining this 3+ hour long firefight. As you see @Real VegasRP rejoin the fight after dying at the initial attack(06:50:09) in these logs here: and him rejoining at ~08:30:00 to get back into the same situation where he died again. After having 3+ fresh spawns run into us at Novy where we were engaged a 3rd time during our journey, and seeing said fresh spawns running up the hill towards the shooters seen on Stannis' map, I can only assume there was more than on instance of them breaking NLR. How are we to blame for 'abusing mechanics' when the hostile persons somehow knew of the server change anyway? How they know is still a big question mark, but the fact still remains that @ZorullRP switched servers to use his attacking rights on someone who was not part of the initiation( @Phoenyxx ). With the 1h timer of attacker rights, ontop of the fact the only people initiated on by Pamyati seen in Stannis' video at 00:50 was the Mafia and CDF, the Wolf Packe was already over 100m away when they initiated, so the excuse of how they got attackers rights on them is sure to come, but doubtfully relevant. The fight lasted 5 minutes shy of 3 hours, CDF alone killed 14+ people not including how every many kills the Mafia/Wolfe Pack got on their journey. You already see that they are willing, and we're actively breaking rule 3.4, the NLR rule. So how are we to expect, after 3 hours, and a hell of a lot of bodies later, that we are /still/ being hunted down after all that time. So we assumed after 30 minutes of noone shooting, since it's past the combat logging time, that we were fine. Nowhere in the rules do I see a 'cannot switch servers' rule, nor have I ever seen a report where someone has gotten banned for it. We thought the fight was over, as I already stated, if we knew we were still in an active firefight, with someone coming in 30 minutes after the last shot to shoot someone in the head sitting on a bench, then I would of just stayed on the server and fought back as we had for the LAST 3 hours. If you can show a me a precedent, or a rule that specify's that switching servers is 'abuse of mechanics', then please do point me in the direction. But we were simply following the combat logging rules, and switched over to S1 where our base was. There was no foul play attempted on our behalf. We simply wanted to sit down and roleplay with our new neighbor who just moved in. Why my neck is even on the line here is asinine, the accused are the one's breaking NLR, switching servers, and killing someone sitting on the ground roleplaying an injury. We are here to have fun, be fair, and roleplay. My roleplay was sufficed to nothing but 'okay run here' and 'pew pew pew' for 3 solid hours because people wanted to prioritize the pvp over the RP in this situation. Instead of sitting and roleplaying out injuries after a grueling run and fight, we were instead greated with a JFK and someone sprinting into the darkness. If we want to play technical on what can and cannot happen based on rule's, then we can go even more into it. Look at the last shot on me at Myshkino(the initial fight, ~06:50:00 ingame time), then look at the first hit on me after this fight. Probably over an hour, thus having Pamyati lose their attackers rights.
  15. groovy cali

    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    I can give a proper answer once logs are properly pulled. It was a good 30 minutes since last shots fired, so logging off isnt against the rules, so why would changing servers be?
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