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  1. i listened to logic for the first time in like 2 years and wew lad I’m glad that my music taste has changed 

  2. But the fog is different for each players.. like the LEVEL of fog is client based it seems. Like what I can see 15m, my friend can only see 5m standing next to me. Shit broken game. but with night. It’s dark. For everyone. No gamma goggles. You use torches, flashlights, or night vision scopes. the darkness is lit as shit, and I wish we had more of it.
  3. Head gear (on head, not face) such as hats, beanies, etc... they block bullet damage... like i’ve Been shot in the face, no headgear. Die instantly. Same thing, but with headgear? 3-5 shots to the face
  4. I’m on mobile and can’t see or I’m retarded. Either way I’m safe
  5. If all parties are okay with allowing a rulebreak that furthers RP is there really an issue? Rules state ‘with roleplay as the primary focus’ and if it gives the parties involved roleplay, and all are okay.. then sure, why not.
  6. [bump] Can we please get a staff/owner consideration of this? Night time would be p. lit.
  7. I am sad. Was one of my favorite group to bump into ?
  8. thank you now we have a new meme in kamenici. 'hey bro lemme stop real quick to eat' lol wp
  9. They grow up so fast 

    1. RandyRP


      They do don’t they. But not fast enough to boot them out

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