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  1. CaliforniaRP

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    not only did dayz start on arma, arma has a lot more modding potential. dont have civ clothing? mod it in dont have female models? mod it in dont have _______? mod it in its not like shitty ass SA where we get like 3 different tools (spawn, tele, etc.) for our admins as 'admin tools'. literally the only limit to what we can do for moddings is up to the imagination. If you think it, there's probably a mod for that. idk, i say we wait for the 'epic full releize' on the 13'th and see just how shit 'dayz sa' is since well- its no longer beta, right???
  2. CaliforniaRP

    Zelenamoriya | Green Sea Cossacks (Applications Welcome)

    good luck bro
  3. CaliforniaRP

    Require recording during hostile situations

    well fps drops are not exaggerated, the game is already really shitty and poorly optimized- especially during situations that would warrant a need for videos. but as per the entire topic, i am 110% against it. why should those who want to hostile rp be ostracized and, even potentially straight up not allowed to be hostile because they are unable to record? i mean i can record- but all u get is my fatass breathing in the mic and my sick ass vape rips, no game audio or nothing(idk why). -1
  4. CaliforniaRP

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    there's plenty of mod groups that concur to your point- if they were so great, people will remember. that's pretty irregardless of the lore wipe, the RP currently does feel a bit stale- but then again I havent played more than 10 hours since .63, so maybe im just a naive piece of shit, who knows. but honestly- changing the lore drastically would be- cool. but would have to be done carefully, and should of been planned out months ago- not 4 weeks before when we expect to do it(unless we get LM's again who can focus a lot of time doing it), but with what we have, and the assets present? idk.
  5. Spoiler








    thinking about getting the pandem body kit on my golf r, thots?

    1. Ming


      pandem body kit on golf r looks fucking sexy

    2. CaliforniaRP


      thank you for the advice my good friend @Ming


  6. CaliforniaRP

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    "taking snaps" "prone check" "check pulse! check pulse!" "im dead" "i traded"
  7. Well not the mosin itself, but you wont catch me dead using one w/o a sight- when I can just get an AKM and be more compatable in battle than an unscoped mosin.
  8. if u can just remodel the scope to have a rail on it then yes -1 to the 'get two pieces', no point in making a civi gun(a fucking mosin at that) harder to find and use than an M4 in a soviet bloc country.
  9. CaliforniaRP

    Free Territory

    ya i dumped like 50/75 rounds down range hip-firing but my superior 'sd' strats are no longer a thing thus i am but a shitter kisses
  10. CaliforniaRP

    Free Territory

    y'all know i got big loves for you lot was fun doing the pew-pew in vybor, too bad im absolute dog shit at .63 combat hehe
  11. +1 if it doesnt destroy the server
  12. CaliforniaRP

    PsiSyndicate needs your help!

    okay.... ... ... ... .... .. .. this is epic reminds me of this video i watched
  13. CaliforniaRP

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    1) exotic 2) puncture 3)g19 + groovy tony, black raincoat death squad 4) louie 5) eagle havent pvp'd since .62 so thats all i got in my own experiences best fist fighter @MurasakibaraRP
  14. CaliforniaRP

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    oleg yolkov - iff not the first time i'd been in a 20 v 60 event hehexd