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  1. California

    Halo For Newcomers

    halo 3 custom games > halo reach custom games as for just straight up matchmaking you right between gun balance, controls, feel, maps, and game modes. 100% hands down reach
  2. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Literally as soon as we got done executing your guy, we ran down to the camp where jackals had people hostage. 20 minutes pass between executing your guy, and then you fighting us. Still waiting for logs from my AWM kill @Samti. as soon as that fight ends, you roll up, then use your kill rights you received from the first fight, making it a continuation of the situation, this all those who died in the first fight would be breaking NLR. I believe all the evidence and discussion is over, we can wait for staff to resolve this.
  3. California

    Halo For Newcomers

    Best halo’s in order -halo 2(nostalgia only) -halo 3 -halo reach - halo 3 ORST -halo CE -halo 4 -halo 5 Anything by 343 is dog shit and you can’t prove me otherwise
  4. California

    Drop Bear Media

    Hope you enjoyed the rp. Don’t always gotta rob someone of their shit to be hostile
  5. California

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    How to run a successful camp of survivors; -don’t post any pictures from ingame on the forums -don’t post on the radio thread on the forums -don’t put your settlement location anywhere on the forums. -don’t tell anyone you don’t already trust about the location -make it in the farthest reaches of the map, or middle of the woods. congrats, you just found out how to run a successful camp!
  6. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Perhaps this can clarify the situation for all parties. Brandon says 'I used the kill rights from the first situation', then after using said kill rights, they initiate. Already having carried on the fight from the initial ambush where 4/5 of them died. So to get this straight. From all the PoV's I've read, they're claiming this to be a separate situation, yes? But then, if it is a separate situation, how is it Brandon gets kill rights from the first situation? Perhaps because it is a continuation of the first ambush? You use your kill rights in retaliation to our ambush(21:00 server time) during the start of the second firefight that took place at the camp(~22:00 server time). The entire firefight literally starts because Brandon shot Jannik through a wall w/o initiation, which is fine, because they had kill rights from the first fight we had. But since he did so, it is now a continuation of the first firefight, so the 4/5 men who died in said firefight, coming back to join in on the retaliation are breaking NLR since it's literally a continuation of the fight. It is the /same situation/.
  7. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Thank you. You used your KoS rights from your first scenario, thus making the first scenario carry onto this second firefight. You can't use kill rights from a situation, then say 'its not the same situation tho'. Your boys who died in first fight, who then joined in on second fight broke NLR due to you using the rights from the first fight. Had you of initiated /then/ shot, it could technically be a different situation, but since you used your kill rights from earlier, you now make the second firefight the same situation as the initial ambush.
  8. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Rustin Jones
  9. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    About a minute or two before me dying in these logs I shoot someone with an AWM, who could that be? @Phoenix
  10. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Okay.. So Jackals initiate on us, we kill them all and are recuperating inside the camp. Literally >1 minute after we get done with the Jackals fight, a horde of green armbands surround the compound. All I hear is 'oh what do we have here?' before I run towards the back of the camp, then like 5 seconds later, Jannik get's gunned down. No initiation. You are 100% right. They did infact have kill rights on us from the AMBUSH that happened earlier(see firefight #1 logs). They had kill rights for 2 hours, yes, and the GD are free to use them against us, that is correct. But when you DIE in the first fight, then come back to use rights of that fight in a second fight, that is NLR. 'Not get involved again with the situation lead to your death'. Right, so just because it was an 1 and 20 minutes after the first fight does not mean 'oh but the 2 hour kill rights still apply to me and my group'. The boys who died in the initial ambush a mere 200M away from the camp should not of been anywhere near the second fight if your intentions were to just use the rights you had gathered an hour and 20 minutes prior. To clarify You get ambushed in first fight marked with red circle on OP. you have kill rights for 2 hours. We move off, take the hostage, execute him. You still have kill rights, another 2 hours due to us killing him in an execution. We run down back to the camp, where Jackals have the place hostage. They initiate on us, we kill them. You lot come BACK to the camp and proceed to use KILL RIGHTS earned from the FIRST FIGHT.
  11. California

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    had you of reinitiated prior to shooting @Jannik yes, it would of been. But since one of your lads decided to shoot first rather than initiate, thus using the rights from the earlier fight, it is the same situation. one of your boys shot jannik through the metal shack on the NE side of the compound, then initiations were dropped after we began firing back. it's the same situation.
  12. California


    when it took staff 24 days to handle one of our reports in the past


    and its been 5 days with one up w/o even logs



    1. Phoenix


      They are currently being worked on and I deeply apologize for the delay in posting them. There've been some unexpected set backs.

    2. California


      its a shit post dont feel attacked ❤️

    3. Phoenix


      It's all good my guy. I am personally taking care of getting these damn logs up today. It shouldn't have taken this long.

    4. Mademoiselle


      <_< I’m watching you. I will powergame Blue kicking Aleksei’s ass. 

    5. California




      is dead


    6. Mademoiselle








  13. California

    Spicing up Roleplay?

    so what im hearing roland is.. namalsk server soon™ ?
  14. California


    like 20% done but heres a lil' sneaky peaky

  15. California

    Amnesty Who?

    the debate here isn't why let in these people back into the community but rather why let them in for what they did at a higher price then deny others for much more minor things.
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