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  1. twitch.tv/teckley vod titled Louis | DayZRP | Brighter Tomorrows .... it started about 7hr 53min in.
  2. This is the vod from my perspective. EDIT: click the twitch icon in the bottom right of the preview if the vod doesn't play
  3. My character was robbed in a very short interaction about an hour or so before this incident. The robbery was really quick and seemed like the guy might've just wanted to make a quick score and dip. Later on, we hear that a little girl named Mary say she saw a guy with a black bag and no shirt mugging someone and we went to investigate. Someone clipped the guy wiht a bullet and a few of us approached and started to question him. So Mary, Another guy (Connor?) and myself are standing around this guy, who is claiming to have nothing to do with the muggings. We apologize and then Mary confirms that it's the guy she saw, so we ask him to come into town for questioning. "Connor" gets sniped right in front of me and the guy we're talking to (with zero hesitation) just starts looting his body and becoming non-compliant as Mary and I repeatedly tell him to step away from the body and go with us or we're going to have to shoot. That's about the time I got sniped as well. EDIT: I was wearing a blue suit jacket and blue flat cap with a white bullet proof vest and holding a VSS
  4. Louis Greenstein. Louis is a 68 year old, jewish, retired boxer from the bronx. He had a very successful boxing career and always possessed that razzle, dazzle personality. Louis A normally upbeat, old man that was stopped dead in his tracks. Louis and his wife; Gloria Greenstein, were headed on vacation in Mongolia sometime around 2017. Chaos, turbulence and havoc ensued as their plane ride would inevitably be cut short. The plane quickly descended into the water and Louis woke up later on the shore next to Gloria. As he tried to resuscitate her, she attacked him. Flailing, scratching and biting at him, Louis was eventually forced to lock her in a shed, watching over her for weeks while scavenging supplies. Inevitably... he had to do what was right for her. Louis is a grizzled old man, exploring the lands and just trying to survive. He's in a bad place, he's weak and emotionally vulnerable. He's aging physically and has not yet found any other survivors or purpose. Louis is wandering and lost, hoping to either be found or find himself again. He is quick on his feet, generally there's a lot more going on in his head than he lets on. He tends to find crafty and innovative ways out of sticky situations.
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