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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    @Zanaan please archive this group, we have become extremely inactive recently and we’re currently taking a break. Thanks.
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    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    I agree with you completely, you sexy beast.
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    That's not a pistol Maurice!

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    That's not a pistol Maurice!

    From the album: The Highwaymen

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    The Highwaymen

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    More colours for the Jumpsuit Jacket

    Would it be possible to add some more colours for the jumpsuit jacket? I personally really like this jacket and I see no one else wearing it. Would be nice to have a black one and some other colours as well instead of red, blue, green and grey. Can we get some love for the clothes that no one wears?
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    Adding back the Izh43 Shotgun

    Great weapon, personally I'd wait until the devs actually implement it properly. The modded weapons look like clay tbh.
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    We need the Jason mask in the item shop. Big time.

    Yeah title says it all, can we get this added?
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    The Cult of Mann Media Thread

    Thanks, @DrMax
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    Let's improve communication.

    Good idea, this would only improve things.
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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Thank you my guy
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    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

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    DayZRP 19.4.2

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    The Ritual of Enlightenment

    From the album: The Cult of Mann

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    A False Idol

    From the album: The Cult of Mann

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    The Cult of Mann

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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Thanks, @Zanaan! Big thank you to @YO_MIKE for taking point on the lore, your influence on this group has been massive. Thanks to the rest of the guys as well. Also, thank you to everyone who commented, we worked extremely hard on this for the past month and a half and your support is appreciated.
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    The Cult of Mann Media Thread

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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Appreciate it dude This is good cult yes. Thanks broski.
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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    You played it out really well, each one of us really enjoyed it. Thank you This means a lot. Thanks man
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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    Thank you for all your kind comments
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Iceinfly thanks for letting us show you our leader, that was some really cool RP and we enjoyed it a lot.
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    The Cult of Mann (IC Recruitment only!)

    The Cult of Mann “That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.” History Mann (Maun) is believed to be an ancient pagan god whose influence was at its height between 275 CE and 315 CE in Europe. Not much is known of Mann, or the people that worshiped the deity, and what we do know is inconclusive. Historians speculate that the origins of Mann came from the areas surrounding the Black Sea. Historians have found several references to a body of water in translated scrolls which they believe to be the Black Sea. The deity was thought to be worshipped by people who were exiled or convicted of heinous acts because symbols representing the god were often carved into stones in the deepest cells in some of Europe's oldest cities. After 323 CE all references to the open worship of Mann ceased to exist, this is thought to be a direct result of the adoption and rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Due to the Romans unfavorable views of pagan gods, all texts and art involving the worship of Mann were likely destroyed. If the theory that Mann was favored by criminals and exiles was true this would explain why we know so little about this god compared to similar deities and would give a strong motive to Christian fundamentalists at the time to destroy anything pertaining to the dark beliefs. Origins It all started with five university students sitting in the library wondering what to do for the holidays. They began searching the library for books to read whilst on their lunch break. They stumbled upon a dusty book at the very back of the library called Wrath of Worship. The book was incredibly old and was a 1910 era partial translation of various religious scrolls and artworks from 313 CE. The leather bound book was heavy and had an exhausted feel to it almost like it had been sitting on that shelf for decades... untouched. When Alexander picked it up his fingers made impressions into the thick layer of dust. The students skimmed the pages and admired the dark ink laid into the crinkled torn pages. The book's age did not appear to come from poor handling or storage, but use. The book appeared to have been read countless times, but the books tattered appearance did not affect its contents. Somehow each word and work of art seemed to pop off the page, the deep black ink looking brand new, it almost looked like someone printed the script onto ancient paper. The students flipped through it, skipping to the elaborate pictures which appeared strewn throughout the book. The incredibly intricate images depicted everything from battles, to what appeared to be some sort of animal sacrifice. As they continued to skip from page to page the book grew thinner until they hit the last picture on the second to last page. This rough image depicted what appeared to be a modern city with buildings stretching high into the sky, which was very strange considering this book was printed in 1910 not to mention a translation of something from 313 CE. The students were forced to overlook this discrepancy when they noticed what the focus of the image actually was. When they looked closer, people with expressions of horror were running out of these massive buildings into what looked like a pond, only it wasn’t a pond. Then it was clear, intermingled in the stampede of terror were empty-eyed savages laying waste to the terrified mob. The savages dragged their victims to the ground using their teeth to mutilate the people, men, women, and children drowning in an orgy of their own blood. The students appalled and confused started reading the passage ensuing the image that had just been witnessed. Desperate for answers the students read aloud the last page of the book: “The bells tolled, and crows flocked in their murders, those scattered clouds of retreating blacks specks, as the heavens began to scream in deafening silence at the approach of that terrible thing I dare not name. The sky was torn like paper before its descent, the mountains crumbled into valleys, the rivers became parched, the seas drained, and soon all began to twist into what it had not been, what it never should have been. As our insignificant world wept at the extinguishing of life, at the inevitable end of all things, I stared up at this being, this power beyond my conception, it’s features beyond my mind's capability to comprehend, I laughed. I laughed as I came to realize a mere fraction of how tiny we were to him, to him I will not name. We were not ants, nor even the smallest of molecules to its great and terrible majesty. Our destruction was not it’s will, nor even a passing thought. We had merely been unfortunate enough to have been placed in the path of its aimless devastation through the great void of space as it mused over concepts beyond our understanding.” The men caught aghast by the alarming passage and accompanying image decided to start from the beginning to understand what this book was truly about, this book was not a collection of art and scripture...it was something far darker. Scrambling through the book the students read as fast as they could trying to understand, but the partial translation was a hindrance to their pursuit. They searched for the book title online yielding them nothing, the same happened with the language, and the publishers. All they could tell was that this book was filled with religious rituals and sacrifices that were supposed to grant the performer some sort of dark power. The group decided to investigate over the next couple of days in order to attempt to translate the unintelligible portions of the book or find someone who could. After a few days of research, and putting out descriptions of the book and language online the students finally found someone who claimed to be able to translate it. Deciding as a group that the immensity of the mysterious nature of the book was worth their holiday the men packed up, and got on a flight to meet the translator. The Vision Chernarus. The men landed in the northeast side of Chernarus early in the morning and were scheduled to meet the translator later in the day just south of a town named Gorka. Yuri the translator was an odd fellow and claimed to have learned the basics of the language by comparing various books his grandfather left him after his death. Yuri said that the language was called R'lyehian, and was used by a secret society in order to communicate without risk of being discovered or their messages being captured and read. When we showed Yuri the book he seemed to flinch as we handed the book to him. Apparently, some of the books in his possession referenced the book in front of us in a very dark and evil manner. The men were extremely jet-lagged from the flight, they left Yuri with the book and found a hostel to rest up in for the night. The next day the group of men met up with Yuri in Gorka. Yuri seemed to be in a trance, he was shaking and looked like he hadn’t slept at all. Yuri began to rant about gods and rituals in a deranged manner. He dropped the book along with the translated papers and departed from the group. The confused men looked over the translations for a while considering if this was all worth it. After examining the section that Yuri had already translated, it seems that the first section of the book was about a ritual which was supposed to enlighten the performer. The performer of the ritual was instructed to collect various mushrooms, herbs, and spices to make some sort of potion. They would then draw a symbol on their forehead using the strange substance before drinking it under a full moon. After looking over the ingredients of the potion Braxton was confident that all the necessary plants were native to Chernarus, however, the mushrooms it required were psilocybin and called for an extremely high dose. The men began to think that the high dose of psilocybin was the cause for all the strange writing and rituals in the book, perhaps they thought that they were communicating to the gods while on the psilocybin mushrooms. The men still didn’t understand why everything seemed so dark and hidden. Why was Yuri so afraid of what he saw in the book? The men were wondering if it was some type of local superstition, and strongly considered conducting the ritual, it was called the Ritual of Enlightenment after all. A full moon was due that and night, the group of men decided they were going to complete the ritual. The translated papers gave locations of the ingredients needed, the men started to follow the translations and gathered the ingredients, with Braxton’s help the men found what they were looking for. It quickly fell into darkness as the men traveled into a clearing in the woods, no artificial light could be seen, the moonlight was the only thing illuminating their path. With all the ingredients gathered and following the instructions on the translated papers, the group began to boil a herbal tea over a slow fire. The tea began to boil giving off a strong scent of the psilocybin mushrooms. The men began to sit in a circle, as they all drew the symbol on their foreheads. They then took a sip of the tea, one after the other until the pot was entirely empty. As the strange globulous concoction past my lips, the clearing and the forest around me began to darken. I looked up to the sky seeing the full moon above us, something was wrong. I turned to look for my friends but they were gone, I began to call their names but no sounds would escape my mouth. The ground fell from under me as the earth swallowed me whole, falling further and further from the dim light the moon bestowed upon me. Black. I was falling endlessly into the abyss, darkness in every direction as the last hope of moonlight was swallowed whole by the darkness. I suddenly heard a voice that seemed to halt the wind rushing past my ears as my decent ceased. The booming hoarse voice spoke in a blood-chilling tone speaking in a language that was incomprehensible at first but somehow the words that were spoken started to make sense. What felt like a flood of knowledge and visions filled my head when he appeared. I could see people running, dying, killing, and cities burning, a vision of the end of the world. It somehow all made sense the pictures in the book were displayed in real time in front of me, I was witnessing the horror first hand. There was suddenly a figure suspended in front of me, although it had the anatomy of a human it seemed like something far more powerful. It was blindfolded sitting with its legs folded and arms raised in front of its head. As it stared at me intense agony exploded from within me. Although it was blindfolded the intensity of it’s stare was too much to bare, I tried with all my might to break it’s gaze but it had my entire being locked in its clutches. Out of nowhere, I felt the ground hit me from behind and again I could see the moon above me. I frantically looked around for my companions. They were all sitting up and looking around at the same time confused. As we related our experience we all recounted the same events in the same order, we all experienced the exact same trip and came out of it at the same time. We started to think it was all just a side effect of the drug until we looked at the book again, we could read it untranslated. We could all read R'lyehian, we continued to read into the book as we returned to our car. The contents of the book were beyond what we had imagined, it was completely devoted to the worship of Mann who was depicted in the book. It was the same being that had caused us so much agony during the ritual, it was his voice that we heard speak in the horrid chanting of R'lyehian, his message so unimaginable it couldn’t be recounted. As we were leaving the forest we could see a large glow on the horizon towards Gorka. As we approached the city it was just like what Mann had predicted. Death, destruction, the end of the world. Tenets of Mann - Life must be given to be taken away - Cast down the false idols of man - Prepare thy body for what is known and thy mind for the unknown - Let no slight go unpunished - Free the disbelievers from their ignorance - Let not the moral judgments of man limit your will or that of Mann IC Goals - Indoctrinate the people of Chernarus [INDEFINITE] - Collect supplies for rituals [INDEFINITE] - Conduct regular rituals and ceremonies [INDEFINITE] - Free the disbelievers from their ignorance [INDEFINITE] - Put the wishes of Mann before all else [INDEFINITE] - Establish a fixed place of worship [Day 640] - Gather the believers of Mann to have a special ceremony [Day 655] - Inform major groups about the existence of Mann [0/18] [Day 665] - Investigate the other Religous/Cultish groups [Day 672] - Make preparations for the final stages of the apocalypse [Day 700] - Show people the gift of Mann [4/50] - Destroy false idols [3/19] OOC Goals - Provide a unique roleplay experience - Provide high-quality roleplay for everyone involved - Perform multidimensional roleplay which DOES NOT rely on hostility and PVP Roster The Prophet: @YO_MIKE - Alexander Cole Disciples: @sh4wzy - Braxton McCarthy @nisbo - Joshua Gibson The Hands of Mann: @pk_cooler - Charles Clarke @Jamm - Phillip Morrison Children of Mann: @Krisp - WIP The Judged: (Unofficial) Recruitment - Recruitment is currently IC only, no applications accepted DISCLAIMER: (Exclusively IC) Upon joining due to specific roleplay aspects of this group your character's actions and behavior will be permanently changed to fit the narrative of the group Credits go to @YO_MIKE and @sh4wzy for writing the Lore. Thanks to @Drake for editing the logo. We're open to feedback so let us know what you think.
  24. Braxton McCarthy was born on the 17th of September 1993, an orphan that lived in a foster home located in a rural isolated area in the United Kingdom. Instead of being homeschooled Braxton attended a nearby university. He majored Biology and was fascinated by the subject. After attending university for quite some time Braxton began making a few close friends. WIP
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    Ban Rape RP

    Snowflake RP’r? If I don’t feel comfortable in a situation I have every right to express that in OOC. I couldn’t care less about being a ‘snowflake’. Then maybe people should read the rules and gather a better understanding beforehand that’s their problem. -1
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