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  1. @Zanaan please archive this group, we have become extremely inactive recently and we’re currently taking a break. Thanks.
  2. I agree with you completely, you sexy beast.
  3. Would it be possible to add some more colours for the jumpsuit jacket? I personally really like this jacket and I see no one else wearing it. Would be nice to have a black one and some other colours as well instead of red, blue, green and grey. Can we get some love for the clothes that no one wears?
  4. Great weapon, personally I'd wait until the devs actually implement it properly. The modded weapons look like clay tbh.
  5. Yeah title says it all, can we get this added?
  6. Yes sir Mr.Councilman , Ill get you that coffee right away sir.

    1. sh4wzy


      Chop chop!

    2. YO_MIKE



  7. Good idea, this would only improve things.
  8. sh4wzy

    The Cult of Mann

  9. Thanks, @Zanaan! Big thank you to @YO_MIKE for taking point on the lore, your influence on this group has been massive. Thanks to the rest of the guys as well. Also, thank you to everyone who commented, we worked extremely hard on this for the past month and a half and your support is appreciated.
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