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  1. Petr Kovac was born in the countryside of South Zagoria, and had lived there for his entire life before the outbreak had began as family ties kept him close. He had taken up a job as a bartender in a bar at Severograd because he was too lazy to go to higher education and had to take care of his frail grandmother. Late into the night of July 10th, a barfight erupted when a patron attempted to swindle a bar-fly. Enraged, the woman slapped him, which was caused him to punch her. The biker gang sitting next to him did not quite like the idea of hitting a woman, and began beating the shit out of him. All out fighting began, and just as the next-door church was closing up a man yelled "God-Dammit!" causing immense insult to the preachers who overheard this blasphemous outcry. Angry men of the lord descended upon them, attacking bar patrons with bibles and crosses. Just as a preacher yelled "I cannot fathom anything more unholy than this place right now!" several bloodied men in hospital gowns burst through the doors and windows and began attacking people, biting at their arms and necks. It was at this point Petr was convinced things were too hot to hang around, so he slipped out the back and went home to take care of his grandma. When he arrived home, he could not find her, and that's when he came to the startling realization that his senile grandmother must have wandered outside of the home. He gathered his things and left to find her, but when he went for his car, he discovered that gypsies had stolen his wheels and stereo, and he couldn't drive without some jammin' tunes and hot wheels. He knew of one place his senile grandmother may go, her birthplace of Pulkovo, and he set out with that place in his sights completely oblivious to the apocalypse happening right at that moment.
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