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  1. Sm1ley

    Message to all Foreigners - [Open Frequency]

    *Connor responds on his radio* "Y'all are braindead man, get off our dicks man. *Connor Reloads his pump action shotgun* If i come across this Chernaru..-.. Shian or whatever, i'ma just blow his head off, i'm tired of their shit man." "We would already have left if we could, this country is shit anyways" *Connor let's go of his PTT*
  2. Sm1ley

    New Mod Collections Poll

    Blyat, we need Chernarussian Collection.
  3. Sm1ley

    Fully automatic weapons should be less common

    I don’t think a lot of people mind loosing their shit from a wipe. Bohemia barely pushes any updates so it doesn’t matter. I believe the thought of adding more content overweighs the bad in it.
  4. Sm1ley

    Fully automatic weapons should be less common

    Shotguns are in, just not spawning. Just add at the ammo and shotgun to spawn and it's good for now.
  5. Download Discord Client if you haven't already and i can guide you, i believe you have to kill your player because it's not changing name ingame.
  6. Okay cool, got your game working? Also join the Discord and you'll get help quicker.
  7. Is your DayZ ingame name, Roach? I keep seeing someone called Roach getting kicked all the time.
  8. Sm1ley

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Life of boris hoodie
  9. Sm1ley

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    Bring back the Czech Gasmask!!!
  10. This thread can be closed btw.
  11. Sm1ley

    GP5 Masks

    I would rather have the normal gasmask.
  12. Sm1ley

    The great Youtube Crash

    DayZ devs broke into Google HQ?
  13. I’m am roleplaying a hood rat from california with barely any patience or impulse control, duh. But those actions i did was all in character. This is my last unnecessary reply as i do not wanna flood this report for the admins. I wanna keep this report straight to the point. I did a mistake and i’ll serve my punishment if necessary. Also looking from your video POV, it doesn’t look like the RP was terrible. I was just tabbing out a tad too much and i apologize for that, i can imagine it being immersion breaking and i’m sorry for that. This behaviour will not be repeated.
  14. I need to answer this, there was two guys that were cocky in character so we were going to rob them, and when i said the code word a couple of times, growl changed his mind and said no. I looted the body because that’s my character and that’s how he reacts. If he sees a dead body, what is going thru his mind is basically ’’This guy is dead, he won’t be needing these items anymore’’ i found m4 ammo that i was gonna give to Growl. But i just wanted to clear that up, it’s IC. Has nothing with my playstyle to do. The only mistake i did here was with the tabbing and radio thing and also overall nonsense, i was tired and it was late.
  15. Okay, i understand that and it’s acceptable for you to think that. I have posted my POV and admitted my fault, i shared my side of the story. I’m not gonna post here anymore unless asked by an administrator, i know i made a mistake and i apologize so if a punishment is necessary, i will serve this punishment.