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  1. Sm1ley

    GP5 Masks

    I would rather have the normal gasmask.
  2. Sm1ley

    The great Youtube Crash

    DayZ devs broke into Google HQ?
  3. I’m am roleplaying a hood rat from california with barely any patience or impulse control, duh. But those actions i did was all in character. This is my last unnecessary reply as i do not wanna flood this report for the admins. I wanna keep this report straight to the point. I did a mistake and i’ll serve my punishment if necessary. Also looking from your video POV, it doesn’t look like the RP was terrible. I was just tabbing out a tad too much and i apologize for that, i can imagine it being immersion breaking and i’m sorry for that. This behaviour will not be repeated.
  4. I need to answer this, there was two guys that were cocky in character so we were going to rob them, and when i said the code word a couple of times, growl changed his mind and said no. I looted the body because that’s my character and that’s how he reacts. If he sees a dead body, what is going thru his mind is basically ’’This guy is dead, he won’t be needing these items anymore’’ i found m4 ammo that i was gonna give to Growl. But i just wanted to clear that up, it’s IC. Has nothing with my playstyle to do. The only mistake i did here was with the tabbing and radio thing and also overall nonsense, i was tired and it was late.
  5. Okay, i understand that and it’s acceptable for you to think that. I have posted my POV and admitted my fault, i shared my side of the story. I’m not gonna post here anymore unless asked by an administrator, i know i made a mistake and i apologize so if a punishment is necessary, i will serve this punishment.
  6. I never thought of that and i couldn’t do that in that moment, i had no channel muted i just had my discord muted, as i said that was my mistake and it was not intentional and the tabbing was unnecessary, also the past situation we had was not metagame. I told him before that i was closing in on stary clinic and i suddenly stopped responding to him so i guess he got suspicious but that is not within this situation, i just reffered to our last experience how we met. Now let’s keep this on topic about this situation. Also what am i supposed to say, usually information comes from torture, my character is usually not talking all the time, the radio thing was a mistake and the tabbing was to check if you responded and i shouldn’t have done that. I was never metagaming in the situation.
  7. I cut out some conversation we had, this is just a part of the conversation that led me to ”join” them OOCly, we had a situation before were they had me hostage and i ended up getting the upperhand, taking them out. They made new characters and we played together until they made me another hostage situation.
  8. Okay so here is my POV, i have some time to write before i’m going to sleep. It starts out with these guys asking me OOCly in discord if i want to join their ”group” and they make new characters and shit so i basically said yes and said i’ll join them. I meet them in Novy with a buddy. We go for a while looking for people to talk to or rob, after non of that happens we hear shots north of stary shortly after we arrive in stary. We go to check the shots out and find a dead body, i loot the body without remorse for ammo and supplies because what would the items on that person be good for the dead guy anyway. We start heading out of Stary and hear shots too do we go for the shots, as we do can’t locate the shooter we continue traveling. After a while in the woods, they pull their guns on me and pushes me a bunch of demands including drop your weapon, radio etc etc. They take my radio with a text action but i had 2 radios. I didn’t know if it was against the rules to keep the other so i kept the other but never used it. We travel around the woods for a while doing some stops, i type to thegrowl in discord because i didn’t know if it was against the rules that they did this, i thought it was OOC revenge, i RP fear and such but i tabbed out a lot to see if growl answered me. I even asked growl ingame text ooc to check discord but he ignored it. But all the tabbing was to check for a answer because i use do not disturb in discord as i’m part of many servers. I did wrong by tabbing out so much and i accept any punishment necessary. We keep traveling and take a few stops for different needs for example a drink, we get to a cabin were they torture me a bit both mentally and physically, my character vomits out of fear. They knock me out in here and leave me. I wouldn’t say i was RPing bad, i was just tabbing out a tad too much and also the radio thing was a misunderstanding as i didn’t know it was against the rules to keep one if you had 2 shoved deep in a big backpack.
  9. If you guys need more detail than that, i will get that tommorow. I just got off for tonight and i’m on my phone. Answer to Jamie: We had a situation before this one. TheGrowl and Benjaminn had taken me and a girl hostage, i got the upperhand and they died. I survived and the girl survived, they asked me if i wanted to join a group with them. They made new characters and we talked in Discord Voip. I ran with them for a while and they thought my actions were wrongdoings in their characters eyes and decided to rob and torture me. I told TheGrowl in Discord that this was against the rules because i thought it was, i thought it was OOC salt and revenge for our previous situation. I notified him several times ingame text OOC to check Discord but he ignored it. I continuously tabbed to check if he responded and that is something i shouldn’t have done, i regret my mistake that i did here.
  10. I mean everything he said happened, i’m not gonna change the story, but i don’t think tabbing out was a big issue but it maybe was, i do not have any video evidence and i have nothing to prove here. When you do get the video from TheGrowl, use that. Basically i met with them and they thought my actions was wrongdoings do i didn’t fit with them in characterly, they took me to a forest, going deeper and deeper in, they tortured me and stuff like that but i was also messaging Growl in discord asking him a thing, i kept tabbing out to see if he answered me. If it’s BadRP than i will ofcourse take my punishment.
  11. I get it and i’m new to the community so i didn’t know.
  12. I'm always in Stary, Novy or Vybor.