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  1. Sm1ley

    Our people, our lands, our country.

    *Arlow holds onto his radio after hearing a chain of messages, he presses the push to talk* "I am pleased to see there is comrades that are working for the same cause in this country." *Arlow takes a break and then presses the button once again* "So I want to work with you in South Zagoria, I have a few comrades, waiting to help out the cause if you know what i mean Mr. Fedorov. Slava Chedaki!"
  2. Sm1ley

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    Courier bag is like a messenger bag which you usually find in civillian houses in very small towns. The hunting bag is basically a backpack that is more slack, hunter style, you find it in hunter towers, and in all the little huts in the summer camps scattered around the map.
  3. Sm1ley

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    I always use Bomber jacket with tracksuit pants and flatcap or beanie. Or a full tracksuit. Courier bag, improvised bag or hunting bag is a must. I never wear military other than a vest and boots.
  4. Arlow was born in Slums of Moskva and grew up in a poor family leaving him to starve most of his days, when Connor grew older he started doing criminal activities. Connor met up with friends for business and they went to South Zagoria, Chernarus to do business with the Chernarussian mobsters, that's when it broke out and left Arlow alone with his friend Alek Jakobsky in Stary Sobor. Connor learned how to survive and he was mostly not scared or atleast not on the outside, he was a ''badass'', But he was scared shitless. He slowly adapted to his fears, now Connor and Alek is starting their own little gang.
  5. Sm1ley

    Interview With A Community Member: JimRP

  6. Sm1ley

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Very nice work with the group and it's cool but you know,
  7. Sm1ley


    Ey EY Ey, i was the owner of the town you sold your meat in i think. Darnell Cartier the Boxer lmao. I think you are the person if i'm not mistaken.
  8. Sm1ley


    Lack of Interest from you, not from the other active members, someone else could have ran the server. Also to add playerbase in scum is still very much like DayZ. But hey, your server your choice.
  9. Sm1ley


    I used to be a member of ScumRP, where and why did it go? It was a side project but it never died, even had it's own community. Closer to the end the average player count everyday was like 30-40/60 and full on the weekends. I would apparently be back in the future but the SCUMRP.com domain is even for sale.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I don't feel it's fair for me to get a ban, shouldn't i gain "defense" rights when my friend that i recently roleplayed with is getting beat down and caught in the action of getting axe'd to death? I take a shot at the defender that we initiated on because he's in the middle of killing my friend, and then i run up to him and initiate. Shouldn't i get permission to shoot him to death? If i waited longer and took the time to initate before the first shot, my friend would have been dead. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Not really, I just feel it's unjust because my friend was in the action of getting killed and i can't act as quickly as possible to save him just because we are not in a "Approved" group together. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To appeal my ban or atleast reduce it because i was excited to play on the friday but i would have to wait until saturday and DayZRP is the only thing i play at the moment. What could you have done better?: Maybe been more clear and "ambigous" and initated at the same time as my friend in the first place before he was getting beat to death. I believe @Zanaan is the banning admin.
  11. In the video you are clearly not valueing your life, you went up close to him, and you started beating him while having a gun in your face. And i had defense rights on my friend because you also clearly beat him down and not valueing your life either. I'm not gonna put more time here if not asked by a staff member.
  12. We both had initiated on you, thats just a fat lie, we both held you at gunpoint when my friend said the words. @Stannis It’s still NVFL if you randomly attack someone with your fists while at gunpoint.
  13. No i do not, but he kinda admitted to it in his last post and you can see in his picture brawling my friend. I got messages from Timelapse in discord stating that Stannis was talking in Third Party and muted himself when he died.
  14. I request to have this report exclude Timelapse because i talked to him privately and i don't think he's in the wrong anymore but Stannis on the other hand i want to report for NVFL and BadRP over all, NVFL for attacking a fully geared guy with his fists while at gunpoint and then BadRP also for speaking in third party when he has a radio, if i would have heard him speaking with a friend i would not even still been at location. But he spoke in Third party to avoid making a sound ingame. He didn't value his life attacking 2 people with his fists while at gunpoint and died. @DrMax
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