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  1. -User was cautioned for this post-
  2. ok, i'm stupid, i wrote the surname on alias
  3. Gior is an italian knifemaker, survival enthusiast and a beginner hunter. A chernarussian hunting supplies company contacted him cause wanted to buy the original designs of the italian knifemaker, and invited him to a trip all-inclusive to chernarus. He was a bit scared to go in a country that had just suffered from a war, but it was a great occasion for him to become a professional knifemaker. The company brought him to an hunting trip in the chernarussian forest to talk about business while having fun. Gior isn't an expert hunter, but knows how to stay safe in the wild side, and despite that, has an instinctive good aim. Unfortunately, his fears about the war takes place once the Severograd military base was attacked by the russian forces. The company did take care of him, and when the situation worsen they tried to escape on the road of kamenkha. They get attacked by infected from the forest, and Gior was the only one that succeeded to defense himself and hide inside the woods. It was impossible to get out chernarus, and the only thing that he could do, was survive, and try to get back home, if that home still exist.
  4. thank you, i changed the name, i put the same name as the character created, but it still doens't work, what's the problem?
  5. at first i didn't know that the character needed a full name, so i give him only the name, then i remake the character cause i can't change only the name, but now i keep get kicked from the server cause the character isn't the same, how i fix it? the full name doesn't fit in the character name in game
  6. Hi there! I'm gabrulo, a 28 y.o. italian gamer that discovered online gaming just 3 years ago, and found in dayz one of the best experience ever had on a game. I'm (trying to) joyning this comunity cause i want to feel the same emotions i feeled in the first hours of dayz, and since the game developers seems to have some trouble to give the game the rules it needs, i'm sure i'll find here what i'm looking for. See you in game! (I hope!)
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