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    The Railroad

    Glad to be under the code.
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    This is where I post my sometimes almost nice and mostly irelevant pictures. Enjoy it, I will!
  3. Auke Schling is a young men who grew up on an german island. All there was were the little shop and the bar where the elders drank on a daily base. As the only child to grew up on this island he had a pretty boring and lonesome years. He was getting out of control for some reason, went agressive out or a sudden, refusing any kind of positive interaction with other. Due to these events his parents gave into away into a place for young people with difficult personalities. There he spend 4 years before they decided that it was safe now to let him take part in the society again. And he did take part. With just a little bit of money in his pockets and a small flat in a rather not so desireable city it did not take long until he found himself to meet the kind of people that show you the easy, not so legal ways of making money and survive on the streets. He made a living from violently taking coin and other worthful things from other, like to play around even when he had to time to do so. He quickly found himself in some kind of network of fellow crimesmen which happened to be looking for a guy to come for a big job in Chernarus. They said there was alot of money involed and the story seemed to be legit. So he went there and things went wrong. They had to flee in a locals car, whom was shot by Auke. He took the wheels and had to long chase with the police forces before he crashed he car. As he only survivor of the accident he was taken to prison. He were to sit up a sentence of 5 years. In prison he met Jack Carver whom he kinda liked because of his pragmatic ways, Auke himself being quite the egoist. After a few years there where jet in the sky and bombs fell down up north on the mainland. Something was happening and he were about to espace with a few inmates, just to run into the beginning of hell.
  4. My name is Einhardt von Holstein, I'm 24 years old by now and I've grown up in the northern part of germany in a old mansion which was owned by my family for almost 200 years, dating back when a last name like we have would put you upon the common people, which I certainly not am. As soon as I was old enough to go to school I've been send to some of the most well reknown elite schools of the country to get the country to learn from the best teachers this place had to offer. Growing up into my teens I learned my passion for hunting. I started to go out with companions to hunt down deers, bears and all kind of animals that were around and we were able to get a shot on. I took great pleasure in pulling the trigger, ending the life of my prey and even greater pleasure from the process of skinning and eating what I hunted down myself. The very most of my friends were from rich families which gave us the opportunity to travel to far away places and hunt more exotic animals. Me and a bunch of other well situated huntsman took a flight to Takistan to start a hunting tour from there. Once we had our fun in this country we went further on to Chernarus, decided to go for Canis lupus lupus, the middle russian forest wolf. The most imposing species that still existed. We were out there somewhere in the deep forests of the region, tracking down a pack of them. It took us weeks to get even a eye on those magificent creatures, weeks to long, since we didn't know what horrible events took place in the civilization during our stay in the woods. One day my fellow had vanished and I was on my own from this point. Life has changed, in more than just one sence, since it seemed to last even over death and decay. I barely left the woods since then.
  5. Hey there people of the glorious state of Chernarus. I'm looking forward seeing you guys in the fields of green under the clouds of grey and share some stories. I hope my whitelist attempt get's accepted since I heard alot of good things about this place. Have a screenshot as kind of a sign of my fondness. <3
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