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  1. And before you know it, it is right behind you. As you run to cover u see...
  2. Give him epinephrine and then rob and execute him What would u do if you got kidnapped by a group of little kids about 8-12 years old?
  3. love the idea will bring soo much good rp is unreal +999999 seems like it might be easy to add too as other servers like taki life already have it def looking forward to it.
  4. Please add all of these!!! so awesome...
  5. I have added a poll on this thread hopefully i did it right
  6. that would work aswell but as it is a player placed item anyone else that would try to use booth would use it and the player that placed it would prob have a problem with that..
  7. good idea!! would be the same as a crate haha but just a tent thanks!!
  8. hey so today me and my friends went to sell some stuff at TP we had looted a bunch and took up one of the booths we then placed our items on ground for people to see and to make it easy to trade, it looked awesome and i loved how people could see our wares with ease. but one of the things that sucked is that the game would make multible piles so it was hard to do, currently placeing items on ground to sell is just not very secure stuff can dissapear and glitch out, also when we went to pack up and all of us were grabbing loot from the pile stuff started to dupe and so we got scarred and left it due to fear of being banned or in trouble. my suggestion is putting crates by the booths altough that would be cool there would need to be rules put in place about ownership of booth and clearing the booth after use so people would not steal stuff that might be left over maybe a TP CR to overlook and mantain these booths i dont see how this could be too much of a problem as long as these booths are treated as formal trading booths rather than random booths with crates that any person can takeover without permission. Im sure any other problems can be worked out to make it work. Simple tents or empty ammo caches could work or if you wanted to make it really awesome something more RP like a basket full of fruit like we have now but you are able to go into it like a ammo cache... if this can not be done perhaps fixing this duping glitch and have the ground act as the booth this would be good due to the fact if someone steals something you can see it dissapear before your eyes. overall i think this would be a awesome addition to the market because currently it is quite confusing to trade. thanks for reading!! here is a picture of todays booth it was a awesome experience. http://tinypic.com/r/vfy4cl/8 PS. if you like the idea please post!
  9. so i got excited about this lol got in the server and first five seconds of being in there people held me up and killed me for no reason lol so much for rp anyway i dont think ill play entill you can enforce rules, too much ****s lol lost my m4 pistol tons of food and soo much more. not whining i know thats how dayz is which is why i thought a dayz rp SA server would be different guess not lol
  10. Welcome hope to see you in-game soon
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