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  1. Originally from Canada Victor Jay set out to Chernarus to find his missing brother Micheal, who had gone MIA just after the outbreak. Once Victor had arrived he soon came to realize he had made a mistake. Now stranded in Chernarus without an idea of where Micheal could be he makes his way north; knowing both Micheal and himself were avid hunters back home and the best chance to find a fresh source of meat would be up there. On his travels Victor manages to find a radio, encountering a few voices before the battery dies completely; perhaps there was hope his brother was still out there. His first encounter with the infected was a fright no doubt and almost cost him his life, soon realizing he would need basic supplies and weaponry if Victor was going to have any attempt at finding Micheal alive. He now wanders Chernarus, calling out over the radio with a fresh set of batteries every now and then to see if he can hear a familiar voice, so far nothing; however he will not waver until he and his brother are reunited. Learning a few tips and tricks along the way from observing infected, like a hunter would observe wildlife for behavioral patterns, he manages to avoid counters with the infected for the most part.