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  1. Joseph was born in the Midwest of the United States. His father being in the United States Military meant that he hardly saw much of him and his mother had died at birth, leaving him with his baby sitter who raised him since he was 5. He did not actually see his father until his funeral when he was 8. Seeing now that both his parents were deceased, he sought out to better himself from the soft spoken, shy, and anti-social individual he became and forget his past life. To start a new. Once Joseph was old enough to leave confines of his baby sitter, he decided to venture to Chernarus at the ripe age of 18 where he would begin to show interest in a mysterious woman from Kamensk. This woman going only by the nickname Niki gave little information about herself but had defiantly shown interest Joseph. After dating for 5 years, on July 8th, after the town of Kamesk was competently evacuated, she seeming cuts all communication with Joseph. Days and nights pass as Joseph begins to worry with growing conflict and the evacuation on her town, he musters up the strength to go to the cut abandon town of Kamesk where he sees an ungodly sight. Infected. Now in the midst of a zombie outbreak, Joseph can only think of one person, Niki.
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