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  1. College student who during his 2nd year of college went on a overseas class trip to Austria immediately before the outbreak began. During the early days of the outbreak I watched news events covering the military operations in Chernarus and read internet forums reporting a strange disease in the area. Once the outbreak began to overrun the city I was staying in I decided that mine and my friends survival depended on us getting to an isolated location, during our escape of the city me and two members of my group were bitten . After few days I was the only one of those who had been bitten that was still alive and not turned. After a month of walking and scrounging for supplies I was the only surviving member of my group. I began to think about the best way to survive in my current situation and finally came up with the plan to go to Chernarus with the reasoning that it was the first area to be infected (more untouched supplies such as food) and had a large military presence (large amounts of military grade weaponry).
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